Core, Official, and Ancillary Groups

Groups should be subdivided and progressively developed as appropriate from Ancillary, to Official, to Core.

Core Groups

Core Groups are critical for the proper functionality and accountability of the Whole.

Official Groups

Official Groups are those Groups that have developed to an appropriate level of maturity and been officially recognized by the General Assembly as an integral part of the governance and functioning of the Whole.

Ancillary Groups

Ancillary Groups are Groups that operate on the fringes of the network, without official recognition or role in the governance and functioning of the Whole.

Starting and Integrating Groups

Any member of the System can create a Group by Organizing and Federating.

Once created, Groups can be moved from Ancillary to Official, and from Official to Core, by the Evaluation and Certification Circle, with approval from the General Assembly.

Official and Core Groups must have their domains of authority, responsibility, and information and energy flows clearly articulated for accountability and transparency.

Accountability and Transparency

Anyone in the System can request and receive information about the functioning of the circles.

Note: Like all aspects of the System, governance is a Work In Progress. The circles and functions described above will be organically "grown into" as the System matures and co-creates itself.

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