6.3 Family-Level Challenges and Objectives

Families participating in The Great Game of Lionsberg may face various challenges and objectives at the family level. These challenges and objectives aim to strengthen family relationships, nurture personal growth, and contribute to the collective progress towards the New World. Some of the family-level challenges and objectives include:

  1. Strengthening Family Bonds: Develop strong, nurturing relationships among family members, fostering a sense of unity, love, and mutual support. This may involve spending quality time together, engaging in open and honest communication, and resolving conflicts in a constructive manner.

  2. Aligning Family Values and Vision: Work towards aligning the vision and values of each family member with the family's vision and values align, and aligning the family's vision and values with those of The Great Game of Lionsberg, encouraging all family members to actively embody these values in their daily lives.

  3. Nurturing Personal Growth: Encourage and support each family member's personal growth and development, recognizing the unique talents, skills, and aspirations of each individual. This may involve creating opportunities for learning, mentorship, and personal reflection.

  4. Engaging in Meaningful Work: Help family members identify and pursue meaningful work that aligns with the vision and values of the New World, withdrawing their creative capacity from systems or organizations perpetuating the Old World and investing it in systems and organizations co-creating the New World.

  5. Contributing to Community Development: Actively participate in local community projects, events, and initiatives, leveraging the family's unique strengths and resources to contribute to the transformation of their community and the broader society.

  6. Promoting Regenerativity: Adopt regenerative practices within the family's daily life, such as reducing waste, conserving energy, and supporting local, environmentally-friendly businesses, to contribute to the preservation and regeneration of the planet.

  7. Connecting with the Broader Game: Collaborate and learn from other families, groups, and players within The Great Game of Lionsberg, sharing experiences, resources, stories and insights to advance the collective pursuit of the New World.

By addressing these challenges and objectives, families can strengthen their bonds, empower individual members, and actively contribute to the transformative change envisioned by The Great Game of Lionsberg.

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