4.2 Embracing the Vision, Principles and Values of the Game

An essential aspect of participating in The Great Game of Lionsberg is embracing its vision, principles, and Values, which serve as the foundation for all gameplay and decision-making. These guiding elements unite players in their shared pursuit of a better world, fostering a sense of purpose, belonging, and collective responsibility.

  1. Understanding the Vision: The Great Game of Lionsberg is grounded in a powerful vision of a just, regenerative, and thriving world, where individuals and communities can reach their full potential and flourish in harmony with one another, the environment, and our Source. Players must understand and internalize this vision, allowing it to guide their actions and choices within the game.

  2. Adopting the Principles: The Great Game of Lionsberg is guided by a set of core principles that inform its overall approach, including collaboration, shared responsibility, decentralization, and continuous learning. Players must commit to adopting these principles in their gameplay, ensuring that their actions align with the game's overarching objectives and values.

  3. Living the Values: The Great Game of Lionsberg is rooted in a set of fundamental values that underpin its goals and aspirations, such as Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, and Wisdom. Players must strive to embody these values in their daily lives and interactions, fostering a culture of compassion, empathy, and respect for all living beings.

  4. Progressing Towards Unity Through Love: Players in The Great Game of Lionsberg recognize that diverse unity is an essential component of building a better world. Embracing Love as a guiding force, they work to overcome divisions and forge strong relationships with others, creating an inclusive, supportive, and diverse global community.

  5. Resurrecting Shared Vision and Values: In The Great Game of Lionsberg, players understand the importance of reviving and nurturing a shared vision and set of values within their communities, families, and organizations. By fostering a sense of collective purpose and identity, players can unite and inspire others to join the quest for a better world.

  6. Decentralizing Responsibility and Authority: The Great Game of Lionsberg emphasizes the need to distribute responsibility and authority across its players, recognizing that each individual has unique strengths, insights, and contributions to offer. This approach fosters a sense of empowerment and ownership among players, enabling them to take an active role in shaping the game's outcomes. It also ensures that collective progress is based on the distributed collective wisdom and intelligence of all players in all times and places.

By embracing the vision, principles, and values of The Great Game of Lionsberg, players become part of a vibrant and purpose-driven community, dedicated to transforming the world for the better and helping one another on the Quest towards the New World. These guiding elements serve as a compass, helping players to navigate their journey and make meaningful contributions to the shared goals and aspirations of the game.

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