32.2 The ways in which individuals and communities can get involved and support the New Vision and Plan

Individuals and communities can actively participate in the rising movement and support the New Vision and Plan in a diverse variety of ways. Here are some key actions to consider:

  1. Education and Awareness: Begin by educating yourself and others about the Meta Crisis, the New Vision, and the Plan. Share resources, engage in conversations, and promote understanding within your community.

  2. Local Action: Identify local issues related to the Meta Crisis and work together with your community to address them. Start grassroots initiatives that align with the New Vision and Plan, such as community gardens, citizen groups, community beautification projects, renewable energy projects, initiatives to lift up the poor and vulnerable, or social justice campaigns.

  3. Policy Advocacy: Engage with local, national, and international policymakers, advocating for changes that support the New Vision and Plan. Attend town hall meetings, write letters to elected officials, or join advocacy groups focused on systemic change.

  4. Volunteer and Support: Offer your time, skills, and resources to organizations and initiatives working towards the New Vision and Plan. Volunteer, donate, or support projects that align with your values and the movement's goals.

  5. Collaboration and Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals, organizations, and communities to share ideas, resources, and best practices. Build a support network that fosters collaboration and amplifies the impact of your efforts.

  6. Lifestyle Changes: Reflect on your personal habits and consumption patterns, and make changes to align with a more sustainable and regenerative way of life. Consider reducing waste, redirecting spending towards ethical and aligned businesses, and making socially and environmentally conscious choices.

  7. Community Building: Foster a sense of unity and shared purpose within your community by organizing events, workshops, and gatherings that focus on the Meta Crisis and the New Vision and Plan. Create spaces for dialogue, learning, and action.

  8. Innovation and Creativity: Embrace and support innovative ideas, technologies, and solutions that address the Meta Crisis. Encourage creative problem-solving and experimentation within your community.

  9. Storytelling and Celebrating Success: Share stories of positive change and celebrate the successes of individuals and communities working towards the New Vision and Plan. Inspire others by showcasing the transformative impact of collective action.

  10. Global Solidarity: Recognize that the Meta Crisis affects us all and that solutions must be globally inclusive. Build connections with communities around the world, promoting shared learning and mutual support.

  11. Support Jordan and Lionsberg: Support Jordan and Lionsberg in their campaigns and activities to build awareness, infrastructure, and support for the local, national, and global implementation of the New Vision and Plan.

By getting involved and supporting Jordan, Lionsberg, and the New Vision and Plan, individuals and communities can contribute to the rising movement and help create a better future for humanity and all life on Earth.

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