15.2 Playing the Game at the Universal Level

Playing The Great Game of Lionsberg at the Universal Level involves engaging with the spiritual and universal aspects of the game, transcending the boundaries of the earthly realm, and reconnecting with the Creator and all of Creation. Players at this level are called to deepen their spiritual development, uphold universal principles and values, and cultivate a consciousness that recognizes the interconnectedness and unity of all existence.

Key aspects of playing the game at the Universal Level include:

  1. Personal Spiritual Practices: Players engage in regular spiritual practices, such as meditation, prayer, and contemplation, that foster a deeper connection to the Creator and all of Creation. These practices help players cultivate inner qualities like love, compassion, humility, and wisdom, which support their pursuit of the New World.

  2. Exploration of Wisdom Traditions: Players actively seek to learn from the wisdom traditions of diverse cultures, discovering the universal truths and principles revealed across the millennia that guide our journey towards our Destiny. This exploration fosters respect, understanding, and appreciation for the diverse expressions of spirituality across Time and Space, while revealing the underlying Logos that all Wisdom shares in common.

  3. Universal Citizenship: Players develop a sense of universal citizenship, acknowledging their shared responsibility towards the Creator and all of Creation as members of one community of existence. This mindset encourages players to think and act in ways that honor and support the well-being of the entire cosmic system across all Time and Space, transcending the limitations of temporal and local earthly perspectives and priorities.

  4. Interplanetary and Cosmic Connection: Players remain open to the possibility of becoming an interplanetary species, connecting and collaborating with other forms of life in the universe, as well as learning from and contributing to the broader cosmic community. This openness encourages curiosity, respect, and a spirit of adventure and cooperation across the vast expanses of the cosmos.

  5. Integrating Universal Principles into All Levels of Gameplay: Players at the Universal Level strive to integrate the universal principles and values they've learned into all other levels of gameplay, from the individual to the global level. This integration fosters a culture of spiritual growth, ethical action, and unity across all dimensions of The Great Game of Lionsberg.

Playing The Great Game of Lionsberg at the Universal Level offers players an opportunity to deepen their spiritual development and understanding of the interconnectedness of all existence. By embracing this level of gameplay, players can contribute to the co-creation of a New World that honors and supports the well-being of All of Creation flowing from One Source, transcending the perceived boundaries of the earthly realm and fostering unity, love, and harmony throughout the cosmos.

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