Wisdom, Principles, and Values - the Universal and Eternal Truths Applicable in any Time and Space

Can be abstracted out of the specific words, culture, and context, and applied via Wisdom and the Spirit of God to our Time and Space.

As we navigate the labyrinthine paths of word tools, culture, and context, we are invariably led along the Golden Threads to the bedrock of Wisdom, Principles, and Values—the universal and eternal Truths that are applicable across Time and Space—emanating from the Creator, reflecting the Logos, and animated by the Spirit. These foundational elements serve as the common underpinning upon which various cultures and epochs construct their understanding of Ultimate Reality and their relationships with One Another, Nature, and God. They act as the ‘North Star’ for our spiritual and moral compass, offering direction amidst the multitude of word tools and cultural interpretations we encounter on our Quest towards The Goal.

The Wisdom, Principles, and Values are immutable yet endlessly applicable, translating themselves into various forms and expressions depending on the exigencies of the moment and the uniqueness of each culture. They serve as the pillars of the meta-structure, the divine pattern language, which informs and shapes our individual and collective quests for meaning, purpose, and communion with the Divine.

While they are immutable, they are not static; rather, they are dynamic principles that actively engage as an coherent ethos with the temporal and spatial dimensions of human existence. The principles of Truth, Love, and Justice, for example, manifest differently in a tribal society compared to a post-industrial one, yet their core essence remains unchanged.

Moreover, the Wisdom, Principles, and Values do not stand aloof; they require our active participation for their realization. They are not just to be studied or contemplated but lived out in the everyday world as aspects of the Spirit we are embodying. Our actions, informed by these universal and eternal Truths that reflect the Spirit and Logos of God, become acts of Co-Creation with the Divine, integrating the spiritual with the mundane and progressively revealing the Kingdom of God "on Earth as it is in Heaven."

In our quest for spiritual enlightenment and ethical living, these universal and eternal truths serve as both an anchor and a sail—keeping us grounded in what is eternally True, while propelling us forward into the yet-to-be-known, in partnership with the Spirit of God. They guide our discernment and choices, providing a framework that transcends the limitations of word tools and the idiosyncrasies of culture and context, leading us towards a Unity that embraces diversity without diluting the pure Spirit, Essence, and Ideal of the Divine.

Thus, as we engage in the intricate dance of language, culture, and spirituality, Wisdom, Principles, and Values serve as the choreographic guide, ensuring that our diverse steps converge towards a harmonious melody, a song of Divine Love, Knowledge, and Understanding that resounds through the corridors of time and space.

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