There have been two polar traditions of Law that have developed through the millennia. Common Law systems often view precedent as authoritative and binding, with the rule of law emerging from previous judicial decisions. Common Law is essentially emergent from the bottom up. Civil Law systems set forth codified principles within in a coherent system. Civil Law is essentially systematic and top down. So which is correct? The answer, as usual, is Both And. Emergent Common Law and Systematic Civil Law are antipoles spiraling energetically around the Phi Line of the highest transcendent Natural Law that we are progressively conforming our Selves and our Society towards.

Common Law or Civil Law, taken to their extremes, each result in the unwise tyranny of the ignorant and misinformed decisions or totalitarian constructions of the past. It is the Spirit of Truth and Love, co-operating in Right Relationship to God and the Logos of the Universe, or Natural Law, that liberates us from the tyranny our human-made systems of the past. Wisdom and Discernment look at both the established body of previous interpretations (Common Law) and the present best articulation (Civil Law), and then use Wisdom, Discernment and the Spirit of Truth to render the decision that most closely accords to the Perfect Will and Intention of God.

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