There is a tendency for those graduating from their childhood religions and elementary disciplinary systems to grab onto or "convert to", to "blend in" another named system or way. We must resist this temptation. The Way is to recover our individual Sovereignty and Liberty Beyond The Boundaries of any human System. There are many named ways, and the Way that can be named is not the Way. God is Spirit, and the Way is Spirit. It is infinite, Absolute, eternal, and cannot be boxed in, named, or contained. It can only be rightly related to in Spirit and Truth, which are far Deeper than words. From this place of Liberty we can voluntarily choose to cross back into the religions of our youth. We can enjoy their structures. We can even raise our youth in them. However at each and every step, we must remember and remind our children that our named religions are merely human constructions, merely elementary disciplinary systems created to help humanity progress towards personal, direct, experiential Right Relationship with God.

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