1. 6 The Burden of Choice

"It All depends upon us you say???"

Yes. It is the heaviest possible responsibility that one could ever be asked to bear.

But do not worry. We will lift it together.

It is heavy indeed, especially since we have been asleep, enslaved and atrophying for so long.

Yet it is also the path to the greatest meaning, purpose, and happiness that one could ever be gifted the experience of. It is the only Way

We will discover that if we lift it together, the yoke becomes easy and the burden becomes light, for the [One] lifts it with us.

We will discover that when we lift it we are elevated and transformed, and that it becomes light, joyful, and natural as a result of who we have become.

It is difficult to voluntarily face into the suffering that comes with lifting heavy things. Yet is not that the Way towards Becoming Who We Are?

Freedom is not free. But it is Good. It is valuable. It is worth its price. Take up the burden of choice. Place your neck under the yoke of freedom, and see that it is Good.

Outside the Boundary, we are Sovereign and Free. We are the ones who get to decide.