30.2 The challenges faced and overcome

The journey towards implementing the New Vision and Plan has not been without its challenges. However, through determination and collaboration, significant progress has been made in overcoming these obstacles.

One of the biggest challenges faced has been resistance to change from those invested in the current systems and structures. Many individuals, businesses, and organizations have been hesitant to embrace the New Vision and Plan due to a lack of understanding of the Meta Crisis and its urgency, as well as concerns about the potential impact on their financial interests and positions of power and privilege. To address this challenge, a concerted effort is being made to raise awareness about the Meta Crisis, and to provide education and resources to help individuals and organizations understand the benefits of the New Vision and Plan and how they can be part of the solution.

Another challenge has been the lack of political will and support for the New Vision and Plan at the local, national, and international levels. Some politicians and policy makers have expressed interest, but been slow to take action and make the necessary changes to support the implementation of the New Vision and Plan. Others have expressed outright hostility towards it, and taken action to harm those involved. To address this challenge, a grassroots movement is being formed to mobilize individuals and communities to demand action and hold politicians and policy makers accountable.

A third challenge has been the lack of funding and resources to support the implementation of the New Vision and Plan. Many of the projects and initiatives that are necessary to achieve the goals of the New Vision and Plan require significant financial investments, and obtaining funding out of the Old System has been a major obstacle. To address this challenge, new financing mechanisms are being developed, such as public-private partnerships, impact investing, crowdfunding, and dashboards and coordination for philanthropic funds to provide the necessary funding for the implementation of the New Vision and Plan.

A fourth challenge has been the lack of coordination and collaboration among the different actors involved in the implementation of the New Vision and Plan. Many individuals, organizations, and communities have been working in silos, without a shared understanding of the overall goals and objectives, and the potential synergies between them. To address this challenge, advanced new technologies for coordination, communication, and empowering and measuring impact have been developed and are being implemented, helping to connect and align the various actors involved in the implementation of the New Vision and Plan.

Lastly, there have been threats and harmful actions against those exposing the deceit and corruption in the Old Systems and advocating for the New, resulting in catastrophic financial and reputation losses, social rejection, strained relationships with family and friends, and even death for members of the rising movement. These tragedies and injustices are not New. They are part of the eternal history of tragedies and injustices to prophetic members of every generation who have stood up in the midst of the injustices of their own time and place and demanded change. One of the greatest injustices of all is the way society perpetually stones the prophets and kills those sent to her, to her own suffering and demise.

Despite these challenges, the rising movement has been able to overcome through a combination of courage, education, mobilization, innovation, collaboration, strength, and power of the Central Animating Spirit that is causing us All to awaken and arise as one. The progress made so far serves as a testament to the power of collective action and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of threats, obstacles, and adversity.

There will be many more challenges and struggles ahead, and we will not all make it together to the other side, but if we are faithful and arise together as one, someday soon we will be together in an entirely regenerated and renewed paradise.

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