16.5.3 Environmental Justice and Reform

The New Vision and Plan recognizes that environmental degradation and destruction have contributed to the Meta Crisis and perpetuated injustice and inequality. Therefore, it prioritizes the protection, preservation, and regeneration of the natural environment and the creation of regenerative systems that respect the eternal interdependence of all life on Earth. This includes addressing fundamental issues and root causes associated with climate change, deforestation, pollution, environmental degradation, the unsustainable exploitation and depletion of natural resources for short-term self-interested gain, as well as the reform of the core socioeconomic systems that impact the environment, such as energy, food systems, transportation, and the built environment.

It also calls for a comprehensive reevaluation of the relationship between humanity and the natural world, and the recognition of the inherent value of all living beings and ecosystems. This includes the adoption of regenerative and circular economic models, the cultivation and conservation of biodiversity, and the implementation of policies that prioritize the well-being of future generations and the eternal regenerative capacity of the planet. Additionally, it includes the recognition of the dignity and rights of all creation alongside the rights and responsibilities of humanity, and the integration of traditional ecological knowledge and indigenous wisdom in decision-making, governance, and multi-generational air, water, and land stewardship.

The Lionsberg System and Approach results in a fundamentally transformed human system, reintegrated and rebalanced with the Living System that must eternally sustain all generations of life.

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