Above The Chaos, Emergent Ideas On Emergency Relief

This post is a Work In Progress

Three problems came to my attention this week, that I believe provide a great challenge and test for our ideas and capabilities.

The Total Set of All Available Resources - the [[]]

Shared Services and Infrastructure / Platform

The Total Set of All Individuals, Organizations, Communities and Projects

Core Services, Infrastructure, and Coordination

Approximately 1/10th of the flows should be used to forge the shared services, infrastructure, and coordination that elevates and empowers the total set of all being served.

Micro Finance - Food and other emergency essentials can be acquired far more efficiently

Each individual has a revolving loan fund that grows or shrinks over time in proportion to their faithfulness, integrity, and stewardship capability. j

How it would work

  1. Individuals and foundations grant resources to the Lionsberg Emergency Relief Fund
  2. Lionsberg uses 10% of those resources to empower core infrastructure and services required to operate the program.
  3. Lionsberg uses a percentage of the balance to set up a revolving loan fund that is expected to grow over time
  4. Lionsberg uses a percentage of the balance to set up logistics and supply lines to ensure emergency goods are available for purchase.

By putting the funds directly in the hands of those in need, we can start with the lowest possible amount.

By encouraging them to pool resources, organize, and federate to solve problems and create solutions, we begin to create community and economic ties.

Every individual becomes a valued life-long member / citizen of the Lionsberg community, and thereby gains access to the services, infrastructure, and capabilities Lionsberg is co-creating.

putting $ directly in hands, start with lowest possible amount, while then creating a marketplace of solutions and services they can access if they are helpful.

while relieving political, logistical and supply problems that may be preventing essential goods and services from being available.

Equip and empower with the ability to Organize and Federate to meet needs and solve problems together.


Establish life-long reciprocal relationship between each individual and the Whole.


Equip and empower with resources in the form of something the can grow, rather than be depleted, over time.

Philanthropic Relief

Revolving Loans

  • Revolving Loans -
    • Drive interest rates towards zero over time
    • Grow pool of available funds over time
    • Eliminate investment risk by beginning with philanthropic capital advised through DAF
    • Distribute directly and digitally to cell phone via Empeza or similar

Community Currencies


  • Establish the ways for individuals to form small groups that collectively access and repay funds
  • Establish the ways for small groups to self-organize into higher degrees
  • Establish the ways to create shared infrastructure and local agency, empowerment, and accountability
  • Over time, this forms into a decentralized network of Community finance institutions
  • Community finance institutions can be linked up to larger and larger pools of resources and quality of infrastructure as the network grows.

Supply Side

  • Set up supply lines to provide access to anything necessary for life that is not present or affordable locally
  • Set up supply lines according to Organizations The Lionsberg Way to create decentralization, autonomy, and accountability