Peter Kaminski

Hello! I am Peter Kaminski. Informally, I call myself Pete.

I have a calling to help people of good intent work together to accomplish what they believe to be important. I value knowledge, wisdom, kindness, harmony, wholeness, and gratitude for all living beings. I believe that helping one helps us all, and hurting one hurts us all.

I hope my work on the projects here: helps others work together better; helps others help themselves to accomplish what they believe to be important; creates more knowledge and especially more connections between people; helps heal the world and its beings; furthers my work with personal and collective information spaces; helps me create more artifacts for teaching others about collaboration; and helps me grow my network of friends and colleagues.

Along with personal and collective information spaces, a couple more personal interests that may align: alternative economies; “the matchmaker problem” (as I call it: how might people who have and need things find each other); preparing the world to work together better locally and globally in a changing climate; and intentional communities, and how they sustain and grow and think and remember.

In my professional life, I am a startup entrepreneur and consultant to businesses and nonprofits/NGOs. I do both software product development/deployment, and coaching on collaboration process. I’ve worked on the Internet since 1992, and with computers since 1977.

In my personal life, I am married to the same wonderful woman for 35+ years. We have two grown kids who were unschooled until university. I enjoy travel, the outdoors, genealogy/family history, photography, music production, and indoor rock climbing.

I’ve lived in the United States, in western Nevada, the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, and Washington DC. We currently reside in San Diego.

I have LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, feel free to find me, but I don’t interact much there.

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