Wiki Posse - Lionsberg/Meta Project, 2022-05-27


  • setting up a HackMD note (for this meeting)
  • date format
  • when to use HackMD, when to use Obsidian
  • Obsidian plugins
    • core
    • community
  • basic Obsidian setup


  • Date Format Year-Month-Date
    • Action - add to How We Write in Meta Project Wiki Website...
  • At Top - Topics
    • Preload topics for the meeting
  • Right Organization of Structure vs. Chaos
    • Talk as a team about how we are working with a wiki...
    • Some structure is good. A confusing forest of structure is not good.

When to use HackMD, when to use Obsidian

  • since HackMD and Obsidian (along with other tools) use Markdown, it's very easy to move notes between them
      1. three dot menu
      1. download Markdown
      1. save to correct directory on your computer
      1. in HackMD (optional, Save As Version)
      1. in HackMD, delete all note content and leave a header at top about # moved to wiki (wiki name)
      1. (if you're using Git) commit and push changes
  • HackMD for synchronous things, like Zoom meetings
    • often "ephemeral"
  • Obsidian for asynchronous, longer term writing
    • persistent, but not real-time collaborative yet

Obsidian Plugins

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