Currency and Measurement, 2022-07-25

... part of the oneness unfolding


  • Forrist
  • Jordan
  • Pete


  • Governance
    • Hypha Tools
  • community currency



  • transparency
  • autonomy
  • sovereignty
  • "compensation bands" - creating success from greater and abstraction is usually more difficult than executing on very tangible, clear steps that are well-defined, and therefore those things earn more money
  • "permissionless employment"
  • "unity" spectrum, from anarchy to benevolent dictatorship


  • Rieki Cordon, SEEDS Visionary & Facilitator, Hypha Ltd
  • Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker


  • fairly simple database schema for tracking "employment" type agreements, with token+fiat token+voice token, and deferral (of cash to token) - in contrast to something like Planetary Care P Units...
    • What is missing?
  • transactions with database are signed and logged on chain
    • When is this useful?
    • When is this anti-useful
  • no "agreement" templates published yet
    • This is an important next step
  • current solution is SaaS / white label for DAOs
    • internal solution more developed
  • wonder about their development "velocity"
    • Wonderful things can take years, and if your progress is dependent upon them, can create raodblocks.
    • Where have they been, where are they going, why do they think they can get there, and when?
    • Estimating of velocity

Questions / Reactions

  • want to have org-to-org agreements, not just org-to-individual
  • want to have "flotillas" of orgs (aka "sovereigns")
    • Small groups 3 to 8 to 12, working like a little startup company
    • Internally have whatever management structure works for them
    • external is where they start to make agreements with other sovereigns.
    • Manage inside a sovereign
    • Sovereign to sovereign
    • The flotilla of sovereigns
    • The flotilla of flotillas / Whole
  • would like to see more complexity and nuance to negotiations, conversations / disagreements / agreements
    • How we really come to understandings...
    • The complexity of how people work together - we rely on small groups to manage...
    • The ability to get the fuzzy human stuff, off chain humanness...
    • what it takes to forge a true team, understand the nuances of the team, bear with each other's strengths and weaknesses.
  • What's the right place to make a decision?
  • What needs to be tracked and what doesn't need to be tracked?

Pete's Hypothesis

  • Not try to systematize too soon.
  • Allowing space for the fuzzy human stuff.
  • Which at scale of billions has to happen in small groups.
  • Only tracking what needs to be tracked.

Standards Working Groups

  • Building for tech that not currently available.


  • OS Canvas, 12 components


  • Login through blockchain via Anchor wallet
  • Hypha tokens are called Seeds
  • Similar and aligned... vision / mission / goal
  • Collapse of vision and regeneration to move into new direction...
  • Issue - link to the physical world - via evidence based technologies.
  • Platform - how to manage and organize around principles around sovereignty / autonomy, etc.
  • Gateway -
  • Once inside - options including badges, competencies, developing and accepting roles.
  • Compensation Bands - higher levels of creating value at higher levels of abstraction usually more difficult than executing steps.
  • Series of videos 15 to 30 min with Rieki - to communicate principles, and direct people to the areas they want to engage.
  • Platform to enable whitelabeling of DAOs, including all tools and process.


  • DAOs are a hot topic - confusion, strengths, weaknesses...
  • Issues managing by votes...
  • Success in managing DEFI platforms etc., where overhead of participating in a DAO offset by other benefits.
  • Limited voting...
  • We like managing decisions on blockchain, having a lot of transparency...
  • and on flip side we are still learning how to do it, and struggle with how to make 100s of decisions a week.
  • This can be mitigated by delegating authority and decision making to roles.
  • Permissionless Employment - I see what the core mission is, I understand the gaps that are here, I propose to fill a gap by playing this goal, and I am seeking this compensation - with variable hard and soft currency, and deferral...
    • Proposal
    • Acceptance
    • Role in Place
    • Timeframe in Place
    • Then freedom for execution based on clarity around deliverables.
    • When they propose something - propose a Quest.
    • Community vote validates what is being offered, the way it is being offered, and the proposed plan.
  • Forrist - nature is always keeping track of energy exchange in one form or another.
    • we intrinsically understand reciprocity...
    • Contributing to a system that we think will return value to us over the long term.

Tour of the System

  • Planetary Care using Circle Weaver to manage meetings and data
  • Documetation link
  • Chat link
  • What constitutes a quorum?
  • How much unity?
  • What is the duration of a vote?
  • Members
  • Proposals
    • Contribution
    • Recurring Activity
    • Asset
      • Role Archetype
        • Title
        • Description
      • Badge Type
        • some badges add more voice and compensation.
        • enables an acceleration of trust and recognition.
  • Salary bands
    • Issue - distance from highest to lowest paid
    • Based un US - $70k to $190k
  • Role Capacity
    • how many could be in this role?
    • Minimum deferred
  • Compensation by Cycle
    • Utility Token
    • Cash Token
    • Voice Token (Equal to cash plus utility)
  • Publish into Staging
    • Then people can open, edit, add comments, etc.
  • Publish to DAO


Grace's cautions / suggestions (separately, in Mattermost)

  1. What outcomes do we want to accomplish.
  2. What measures would indicate that we got to those outcomes.
  3. How do we measure it.
  4. Try some stuff out.

I don't know if I need to reiterate this but there are a few warnings:

  1. Let's not delude ourselves that we really have a useful circular economy where we can fund one another.
  2. Let's be careful about not getting into a system where people have an opportunity to claim someone isn't pulling their weight.
  3. When people are working for monetary reward, it changes the nature of the project entirely.
  4. Measuring stuff has overhead. Spending time implementing a currency and measurement system is spending time. Is that the best use of our time? What are the opportunity costs?
  5. I disagree that "just because everyone else failed doesn't mean we will fail.". Unless you can really come up with a compelling reason why your effort is different in some way than 50,000 failed efforts, it's arrogant or naive to think you are going to succeed.