Corporate Structure

There are several levels of formality that can progressed through.

Primarily not-for-profit activities

  1. Individual contributors - potential fiscal sponsorship level
  2. Informal association
  3. Formal association
  4. Fiscally sponsored (association or project)
  5. Fiscally sponsored (entity)
  6. Self-governing initiative within the Lionsberg 501(c)(3)
  7. Fully Structured and federated autonomous entity within the shared legal infrastructure
  8. Separate 501(c)(3) federated by agreement

Primarily for-profit activities

We suggest setting up a For Profit SPV with appropriate corporate form.

The Lionsberg Community and Commons has established a purpose-built shared legal infrastructure that allows for international collaboration around for-profit entities in the federation.

Emerging opportunities in the federation can plug into this pre-built stewardship structure and be up and running within a week.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to request a For Profit SPV from Lionsberg. This will most often take the form of a Delaware-based LLC, whose equity is stewarded by the Lionsberg Holding Company.

In certain instances where other corporate structures are more advantageous, or law requires a particular corporate form or licensing regime, we can work together to discern the Wise Right structure.

Simple Recommendation

We have gone to great lengths to set up shared systems and infrastructure. Don't reinvent the wheel. Ask for help, and we will work together to get your group up and running in an appropriately structured way.