Buckminster Fuller

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Buckminster Fuller's "Design Science Revolution" and the Lionsberg System and Approach both advocate for a fundamental transformation and redesign of the societal, economic, and political systems that currently exploit and oppress certain groups, particularly the poor and disadvantaged.

Fuller's vision called for a "Design Science Decade" in which all physical and metaphysical resources and capacities would be realigned solely and entirely in service of every member of society, such that every person would enjoy a standard of living greater than any member of society had enjoyed in the past. He called this a transition from "exploitation and weaponry" to "livingry". He believed that this could be achieved through a systems-based approach, in which all aspects of society, including technology, architecture, education, and governance, were re-designed from the ground up with the goal of creating a more equitable and sustainable future.

Similarly, the Lionsberg System and Approach also calls for a comprehensive and holistic transformation of societal, economic, and political systems. It recognizes the Meta Crisis as an existential threat to life and society caused entirely by a flawed human operating system and way of being, and calls for a whole-systems approach to address the root causes of the crisis and co-create a better future for humanity and all life on Earth. Like Fuller, it emphasizes the need for a fundamental redesign of existing systems and structures, including technology, education, healthcare, governance, and economy, with the goal of creating a more just, sustainable, and equitable world. It shares the universal vision Fuller and others have articulated of a Human System entirely in service of helping all life on earth flourish in harmony and abundance, while offering humanity a pragmatic way to implement that Vision in this decade.

Both Bucky's Design Science Revolution and the Lionsberg System and Approach therefore share a common goal of fundamentally transforming the systems that currently exploit and oppress people, placing the fullness of all physical and metaphysical resources and capabilities in service of flourishing and abundant life, and thereby creating an eternally regenerative and continuously improving standard of living and quality of life for every being on earth.