Obsidian Tips and Tricks

We'll put settings, recommended plugins, and other information here.

See Obsidian Git for push and pull commands.

Recommended Core Plugins

  • Backlinks
  • Command Palette
  • File explorer
  • Graph view
  • Note composer
  • Outline
  • Search
  • Starred
  • Tag pane
  • Word count

Recommended Community Plugins

Remember to Enable a plugin after installing it.

  • Collapse All - simple, useful button for the file navigator
  • Find unlinked files - a little funky how it works, but super useful as you're building an information space
  • Page Heading From Links - automatically creates the header line in pages created by clicking on an incipient link
  • Obsidian Git - if you're participating in a Massive Wiki that uses Git for sync and versioning

Suggested Settings to Check


  • Default editing mode = Live Preview
  • Readable line length = off
  • Strict line breaks = off
  • Show frontmatter = (on for advanced, off for simple)

Files & Links

  • Default location for new attachments = In the folder specified below
  • Attachment folder path = _attachments


  • Base theme = (set to your preference, Light, Dark, or Adapt to system)

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