3.3 How To Aim When it's All On The Line

The faculty of Aim is the manifestation of our capacity to consciously direct our Attention, Focus, and deliberate energy and action towards a definitive Target or Goal. In moments where the stakes could not be higher—when It's All On The Line—possessing a lucid, robust, and Wise Right Aim is the bedrock of triumph and the bulwark against defeat.

Clarifying Purpose and Values

The initial step in this journey requires a penetrating clarification of our Purpose and our foundational Values. The questions we ask ourselves must cut to the very core: What is the battle we are engaged in? What are we fighting for? Which pillars of Truth and Justice are we upholding? Why have we chosen this Path? This is the crucible of introspection, demanding rigorous reflection and an unflinching grasp of our deepest convictions, beliefs, and motivations.

Establishing the Overarching and Uniting Aim

With a crystalline understanding of our Purpose and Values, we must delineate an Overarching and Uniting Aim that embodies and integrates them into one Focal Point, that orders and Coheres All within ItSelf. This Aim must be an eternal and unchanging beacon—guiding our Journey and orientating our every thought, word, and action.

Structuring Our Aim

Having established a Unified Goal, a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) becomes instrumental in deconstructing our Uniting Aim into its elemental constituents. Through this process, we transform our grand Aim into manageable portions, establishing Milestones and setting forth Goals that resonate with the totality of our mission.

Milestones and Goals

These Goals, akin to Waymarkers on our expedition, must be both aspirational and grounded, propelling us into realms previously uncharted while remaining tethered to the realm of possibility. They are the synthesis of vision and pragmatism, pushing us to stretch beyond our perceived limitations, without floating away into illusion.

Objectives and Adaptation

These Goals then translate into immediate Objectives and tasks—the sinews and muscles of our daily endeavor. Yet even as we act, we must remain agile, able to recalibrate our Aim in the face of Challenges or Obstacles, and to sail true even when storms alter the seascape.

Steadfastness and Commitment

Our commitment to our Purpose and Aim must be unyielding, as the North Star is to the mariner amidst tempestuous seas. Our Purpose and Aim, if One with God, must remain our infallible point of reference, immutable even as the world around us shifts. We must be willing to persevere through difficulties, setbacks, and failures, and to keep our focus on the long-term Vision, Milestones, and goals that we have set for ourselves.

Presence and Discipline

In the pursuit of our Goals, the art of Being Present—in the moment, focused, and wholly engaged—is non-negotiable. This state of Presence requires Discipline, a commitment to Practice, and a profound alignment with our Purpose. Our Attention must be fully Focused and Aligned.

The Ultimate Transcendent Aim

Above all, we must understand that our Aim is Ultimately Transcendent, tethered to earthly aspirations, without being limited by them. Our efforts must consistently stack up and align with the universal schema, ensuring that our actions foster a future that is Loving, Just, and Good for All.


When all hinges on the decisions we make and the actions we take, a well-honed Aim becomes the fulcrum of success. It demands a clarity of purpose, an indomitable spirit, flexibility in execution, and a Deep allegiance to the Highest Intention and Greatest Good for All, in service of the One. By cultivating these qualities, we can Aim High and achieve great things, even in the face of unprecedented challenges and obstacles.

Tool For Aiming

To assist in the realization of Your Aim, the Tool For Aiming emerges as a vital resource. Accessible through The Lionsberg Toolkit, this instrument is proffered as a free gift, available for all who seek to harness it in the service of their noble objectives. It is not just a mechanism but a companion in the mission to forge a path that is aligned with Divine Providence and the ultimate flourishing of humanity and All Creation.