3.1 A Way of Being and Doing

At this crucial moment, the fate of humanity and the planet rests in our hands. It is a time of great challenge and great opportunity, a time when the Old ways of being and doing are no longer sufficient and a New Way must be forged.

The first step in this process is to Consciously Choose a Way of Being and Doing, individually and collectively. Our Old Way of Being as a human species on planet Earth has brought us to the brink of this Meta Crisis. What Got Us Here Will Not Get Us To Where We Want To Go. It is only a New Way of Being that can help us confront and overcome the chaos at hand and forge the Better Future we All desire.

This New Way must be grounded in Wisdom, Truth, and Love, and it must Embody the highest ideals and aspirations of humanity. We must strive to be and do our best at all times and in all places, especially when the stakes are high, the odds seem insurmountable, and the Integrity of Life and Society is On The Line.

To do so, we must cultivate the qualities of Courage, Integrity, Compassion, and Purpose, and we must work together, in solidarity and mutual support, to confront and overcome the challenges we face.

We must also be willing to let go of the Old ways of thinking and doing that no longer serve us, and to embrace the Unknown with openness, curiosity, and an unbounded passion to learn and grow. We must be willing to take risks and to challenge ourselves to evolve as individuals and as a collective, to become the best we can possibly be.

If we Consciously Choose to proceed in this Way, the seeds of the New Era are already present in our individual and collective efforts to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis, and the infrastructure and Way we Reimagine, Redesign, and Rebuild will become the infrastructure and Way of the New World.

So let us choose our Way consciously, carefully and purposefully, with the understanding that the fate of humanity and the planet depends on our decision. Let us strive to be and do our best at all times, to embody the highest ideals and aspirations of humanity, and to work together in solidarity and mutual support to forge a New Way forward.

The time is now, and the future is in our hands.

The following sections of this chapter provide philosophical and pragmatic guidance on how to be and do when It's All On The Line.