2.2 What Is Our Best?

In the vortex of current tribulations, we stand at the precipice of choice, contemplating our utmost Potential for Greatness. We face a query that is as profound as it is enigmatic: In the crucible of challenge, what Zenith can our collective Spirit and Consciousness achieve? How High towards Sacred Summit does our collective ambition dare to scale?

This is where the magic starts and the mystery begins. The Answer is not easy, for it lies Beyond our current Understanding and Perception of What Is Possible.

Envision, if you will, our entire Being—our spirit, intellect, will, emotions, and body—resonating in symphonic harmony with the Divine Origin of all Creation. Consider the boundless horizons we could explore if we synergized the entirety of our Spirit, Wisdom, Knowledge, and technological prowess, not as scattered entities, but as a singular, vibrant, and unified organism advancing towards The Goal. What pinnacle might we attain? At the crest of our collective Potential, reunited with One and All, what marvels await?

The stark Reality is that We Do Not Know. This riddle's resolution cannot be merely hypothesized; it demands to be lived, to be Actualized through the Collective Embodiment of our utmost Potential amidst the storm of challenges unprecedented in their scope, and therefore for the first time in History, demanding it to Arise.

In The Beginning, must acknowledge that within us dwells a Power and Potential that transcends our present comprehensive—a Might beyond our current capacity to envision, reaching farther than our boldest dreams and well past the horizons of our perceived limitations. Throughout the epochs, fragments of this latent force ave periodically surged forth, materializing in exceptional instances, through extraordinary individuals, and in transformative events that shatter the confines of the mundane. It whispers and screams of the Divine, a Spirit that awakens, arises, and transcends, manifesting through strokes of genius, flashes of brilliance, and episodes of pure revelation.

To discover the Gold of our Best And Highest in the fiery furnace of crisis, we must embrace the realization that our existences are inextricably woven together, and that the supreme expression of our Potential can only be attained through a United Front of Collective Action. Beyond the borders of self-centered ambitions and fears, we must rise to the clarion call of placing our Selves in Service of the One and All, manifesting valor, integrity, Love, and an unwavering resolve to confront and overcome the adversities at hand.

Our Highest Potential is not a fixed destination, but an eternal and ongoing Quest. It is an ever-unfolding journey of ascension, of insight, and of perpetual transformation. It beckons each of us to pledge ourselves to the Quest—to the ceaseless pursuit of discovering and actualizing our paramount Potential in the service of the Highest Intention and Greatest Good.

Awaiting our Collective Invocation is a bounty beyond the wildest reaches of our imagination—a transcendent Good ready to be birthed through our Divine Essence. Such a Treasure can only be liberated from the clutches of the Adversary when we acknowledge and embrace our shared being, our intrinsic unity as One Body, one Spirit, One Mind in pursuit of an Ultimate Destiny far Beyond our Selves.