1.3 Looking Back From Beyond

To comprehend the magnitude of the moment we inhabit, it is sometimes necessary to project ourselves forward and look back retrospectively at the crossroads we currently face. This mental exercise—envisioning ourselves in a distant future, reflecting upon the present as a pivotal historical juncture—can provide profound insights and a stark perspective on the actions required of us today.

Imagine, if you will, a future where the crises we now confront have been navigated successfully. From that vantage point, the Society of Tomorrow, having Emerged from the crucible of today's trials, recounts the Epic Story of a world that once teetered on the brink of systemic collapse yet managed to redefine itself and stride into a new era of Equilibrium, Justice and Prosperity.

From this future, we ask: How did we overcome the enormous challenges that seemed insurmountable? What were the pivotal decisions, the bold reforms, and the leaps of Faith that allowed us to traverse The Chasm from The Brink of Chaos to Divine Order, from fragmentation to Coherence?

In this reflective exercise, we must imagine a future narrative that acknowledges the weight of the Meta Crisis and yet celebrates the successful transformation that ensued:

  • Ecologically: This history recounts a global paradigm shift towards regenerativity, where humanity's relationship with the planet was redefined, leading to the restoration of ecosystems, the re-establishment of biodiversity as a sacred trust, and a redefinition of the relationship between the Human System and Living System.

  • Economically: It tells of revolutionary economic systems that emerged, based on principles of Justice, Stewardship, and Prosperity for all, replacing the unsustainable practices that had once driven the world to the edge of ruin.

  • Societally: It describes the healing of societal rifts, where shared Purpose, Vision and Values transcended division, and a renewed sense of community and coherence was fostered, enabling collective action towards the Highest Intention and Greatest Good.

  • Technologically: The chronicle details the responsible Stewardship of technology, harnessing its power to solve pressing issues while ethically navigating its risks, thus catalyzing a leap forward in human capacity without sacrificing Sovereignty, Dignity or Autonomy.

  • Geopolitically: This history speaks of an era where brinkmanship gave way to Wise diplomacy, where common threats led to unprecedented global cooperation, and where the instruments of war were ultimately re-forged into tools for peace.

In this act of retrospection from a future beyond the present, the narrative is clear: The Meta Crisis was a crucible from which emerged a society more Just and Enlightened than any that had come before. This society did not arrive by chance; it was born of the conscious and concerted efforts of those who stood at the crossroads and chose not with fear or self-interest, but with a commitment to the welfare of All in service of the One.

When we are on our death, what we will most want to avoid is looking back with regret. The Way towards avoiding regret is to Be and Do with the fullness of our Being, in the most Whole and Competent way we can, towards the Most Worthy Aim we can Perceive.

Those who work with the dying tell us that at the end of life, Regret is usually not about Sins of Commission or mistakes made. Instead, regret is usually about Sins of Ommission: the things we could have done but didn't because of all the reasons that, in hindsight, don't matter and should never have blocked our Way.

To avoid such regrets, we must cultivate the Wisdom to Discern What Truly Matters and the Courage to act on it. This means setting aside Fear, Doubt, and Self-Limiting Beliefs and pursuing the actions that align with our deepest Values and Aspirations. It also means being willing to take risks, embrace uncertainty, and learn from our failures.

Indeed, looking back from Beyond, we see that it was always all on the line, and the time to act with Vision, Resolve, and Unity was always Now.

The view from Beyond is always a clearer view. It reminds us that our time on this Earth is finite and that every moment counts. So let us strive to Be and Do our best when It's All On The Line, not just for our Selves but for the sake of All those whose lives we touch, and the One from Whom Life Flows. In the end, it is not the accolades or the material possessions that matter but the legacy of Love, Service, and A Life Well Lived we leave behind.