1.2 It's All On The Line

We live in a Time and Space where everything is interconnected, and as such, when the stakes are high for the society or the environment we find ourselves in, It's All On The Line for each of us individually as well.

In moments of Meta Crisis, when our collective well-being and survival are at stake, It's All On The Line for us All.

This is a moment of Meta Crisis. It is a time when the challenges we face are unprecedented, and the consequences of failure are dire. Not for the shallow reasons spouted by politicians and special interest groups, but for far deeper, truer, and more crucial reasons. But it is also a time of immense possibility and potential for positive change.

To be and do our best when It's All On The Line, we must rise to the occasion, not only as individuals but also as a collective. We must recognize our interdependence and work together to address the challenges we face, with the Wisdom and Courage required to confront and overcome them.