Welcome to Lionsberg

Fellow Citizens,

Welcome to Lionsberg.

The Context and Vision

The New Vision and Plan lays out the context, need, and Vision. Lionsberg Vision

The Lionsberg One Page Introduction

One Page Introduction to Lionsberg

The Question

Lionsberg Question

The Name

Lionsberg Name

The Metaphor

Lionsberg Metaphor

The Purpose

Lionsberg Purpose

The Intention

Lionsberg Intention

The Mission

Lionsberg Mission

The Process

Lionsberg Process

The Lionsberg Way

Lionsberg Way

The Lionsberg System and Approach

Lionsberg System and Approach Lionsberg System

The Transformative Quest

Lionsberg Quest

The Movement

Lionsberg Movement

The Game

The Great Game of Lionsberg

The Economy

Lionsberg Economic System

Success and Failure

To avoid Failure and achieve Success, we must Help One Another Progress along the Critical Path that marks the Way towards The Goal.

The Meta Crisis

The Movement will be "pulled" towards The Goal by inspiration, and "pushed" towards The Goal by the pain and dysfunction of the Meta Crisis.

No One Left Behind

We will Do Our Best to invite All, and ensure that no one is left behind.

Sovereignty and Autonomy

Each individual, group, and community is and must remain Sovereign, Autonomous, and Free.

All collaboration and Decision Making occurs on the basis of Voluntary Consent.

A Decentralized Federation

Lionsberg is emerging as a decentralized federation. Decentralization will ensure Sovereignty, Autonomy, and Anti-Fragility. Federation will afford Higher Order Functional Unity among Sovereigns.

Shared Infrastructure, Resources, and Support

Lionsberg will continuously improve a Commons of shared infrastructure resources, and support to connect and empower Sovereigns.

Reciprocal Contributions

The current Hypothesis is that we should voluntarily allocate ~10% of the Flow of time, energy, and resources to co-operate at the federal level. These Reciprocal Monthly Contributions will initially be stewarded and allocated by the US 501(c)(3) to operate the Core Enterprise and continuously improve the commons of shared infrastructure, resources, and support.

Universal Wisdom, Principles, and Values

Lionsberg and The Movement are bounded by universal Wisdom, Principles, and Values that govern the domain and our progress.

The Great Game of Lionsberg

To invite the spirit of play and ensure The Movement is accessible to All, we are Co-Creating The Great Game of Lionsberg.

The Meta Project

To invite the spirit of competence and ensure The Movement succeeds, we will Act As If our Work were part of one universal Meta Project.

The Battle

To ensure we are not naive about the forces of ignorance and evil that will beset us, we will Act As If we are in The Battle for The Future of life and society on Earth.

The Call to Adventure

While we have forged a hypothesis and charted some milestones, the reality is that we are embarking on a transformative journey into the Unknown. It will be an Adventure.

Governance and Navigation

To help us Navigate towards The Goal, we will continuously improve the Lionsberg System of Governance.

Obstacles and Opportunities

Our single-minded focus and Navigation towards The Goal will illuminate the Obstacles and Opportunities that stand in our Way.

Tools and Anti-Tools

The necessity to grapple with Obstacles and Opportunities will reveal Tools and Anti-Tools.

Higher Order Functional Unity

Avoiding Failure and achieving Success will require that we forge out of our diverse parts one Higher Order Functional Unity actually capable of meeting the needs, solving the problems, and accomplishing the goals at hand.

The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity

Our hypothesis is that we are now in The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity, and that Success demands that The Movement engage All humanity within this window of time.

The First 18 Months

The first 18 months, from May 2023 to November 2024, are particularly critical. During this time, The Movement must reach escape velocity and elect an independent U.S. President with a global mandate to implement the New Vision and Plan. This makes all subsequent milestones possible.

The Lionsberg Communications System

We will communicate via the Lionsberg Communications System. This provides an archivable, searchable, harvestable, indexible place where what we think and know can emerge.

The System Wide Master Plan

We will continuously improve a System Wide Master Plan to ensure that every individual, group, and community understands the New Vision and Plan, and the Critical Path.

The Lionsberg Navigation System

We will navigate together by continuously improving the Lionsberg Navigation System. In its minimum viable form, this consists of:

  1. Periodic Requests For Guidance from Lionsberg out to the array of autonomous groups, and reciprocal Requests For Guidance from each group back to Lionsberg.
  2. Progressive implementation of the Lionsberg System of Governance.

The Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System

We will progressively implement the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System to stack up, align, and resource Throughput of The Goal.

The Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System will track the Network of Commitments between Groups relative to the Critical Path.

Lionsberg Constitution