The Lionsberg Meta Guide

This is a Work In Progress that Aims to bring together the various Guides into a comprehensive Meta Guide. Please be patient with tones, tenses and voices that are discordant or repetitive.


Lionsberg is a mythical name for the Best Possible Future, and a System of Systems to empower humanity (10 billion people, 1 billion groups, 10 million communities) to bring it into reality.

Introduction To Lionsberg
Story of Lionsberg
External Context
Internal Context

System Overview

The Lionsberg System is a System of Systems, purpose-built to create Throughput of The Goal.

A Vision Of A More Perfect World

Lionsberg begins with a massive, positive, and good Vision of the Best Possible Future for All.

Vision Lionsberg Vision
Lionsberg Mandate
Best Possible Future
On Earth As it Is In Heaven

Aiming At The Goal

It then sets this Vision and Goal as the Aim of the System, and empowers individuals and groups around the world to align their vision and aim with the Meta Aim of All.

Aim Meta Aim
Meta Goal
One Thing
Aligning Stacking Up And Aligning

Progressing Towards The Goal

Having aligned our Aim, the system then connects and empowers sovereign autonomous individuals, organizations and groups to Help One Another progress towards The Goal.

Navigation Issue

Universal Principles and Values

Having inspired, aligned, and empowered sovereign autonomous groups to progress towards The Goal, the System then sets out universal Principles and Values to create the boundaries in which creative progress can occur.

The Lionsberg System of Values

Levels of Abstraction

The Lionsberg System sets out a sophisticated and differentiated view of the various levels of abstraction, starting with and ending with pure consciousness. This understanding is critical to informing where and how perception, thought, analysis and action are occurring.

Levels of Abstraction

A Comprehensive System of Systems

Lionsberg System

The Lionsberg System of Self-Governance

The basis of Progress towards The Goal within the boundaries of shared Vision and Values is Self Governance and Integrated Delivery. As a System purpose-built to empower sovereign autonomous progress towards shared goals and values, the Lionsberg System is based on Self Governance from the bottom up.

Governance Basics

The Function Of Governance
Limitations of the Old Systems
How Now Shall We Govern Our Selves?
Conditions of Satisfaction For System Of Governance

Self Governance

Self Governance
Conscious Agency

The Lionsberg System of Governance

Lionsberg System of Governance

Individuals, Groups, and Communities


Organization, Federation, and Co-Operation

Organize and Federate
Forging Or Joining A Team
Fractal Sovereignty Organizations The Lionsberg Way


Functional Accountability
Levels of Abstraction
Servant Leadership



Decision Making

Decision Making Proposals
Meaningful Objection Delegation

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities
Universal Rights
The Harsh Reality of Where We Are
Universal Responsibilities


Wisdom Council
Coaching and Mentoring

Minimum Standards of Interoperability

Minimum Standards of Interoperability

Federal Governance

Lionsberg Constitution

Lionsberg Structure
Flexibility And Compatibility
Legal Infrastructure

Transparency and Accountability

Federal Governance
Power Of The Republic Universal Rule Of Law
Local Rule Of Law

Separation Of Power
Executive Branch
Lionsberg Legislative Branch Judicial Branch
Regulatory Branch
Core, Official, and Ancillary Groups

Wisdom Council
Provisional Legal and Governance Structure

Founding Leaders Founding Leader Phase At Federal Level

A New Sovereignty Interoperation among a diverse array of structures and approaches

Common Governance Issues

Campaigning and Making Promises

The Lionsberg Economic System

The Lionsberg Economic System

The Lionsberg System of Justice

The Lionsberg System of Justice The Lionsberg System of Reconciliation

The Lionsberg System of Work

The Lionsberg System of Work

The Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System

The Lionsberg System includes an Integrated Delivery System purpose-built to produce Throughput (or delivery) of flourishing and abundant life for All.

Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System
Projects Program Everything Is A Project
The Meta Project
The Prototype

The Lionsberg System of Culture And Community

Lionsberg System of Culture and Community
Lionsberg Community
Lionsberg Culture
Lionsberg Code

The Lionsberg System of Flow

Flow State Individual Flow Group Flow Community Flow Resource Flow Information Flow (Data Structure to Facilitate) Knowledge Flow Wisdom Flow

The Lionsberg System of Story

Forward Looking Story Backward Looking Story

Problems, Needs, and Issues

Problems and Needs
Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues
General Issues
General Solutions
Specific Issues Specific Solutions Identifying And Solving Issues
Issues and Solutions Marketplaces
Offers and Needs Marketplaces

Goals And Aspirations

Goals and Aspirations
Meta Aspiration
Meta Goal
Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals

Transformation And Development

Human Development
Group Development Community Development Elevation Initiative

Shared Infrastructure, Services, and Support

Lionsberg System of Infrastructure, Services, and Support

The Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System


Introduction To Integrated Delivery
Why Integrated Delivery
Essential Elements Of Integrated Delivery
The Goal Throughput
Throughput Of The Goal What Is Integrated Delivery? The Five Big Ideas Of Integrated Delivery The Structure Of Integrated Delivery
The Code Of Integrated Delivery Collaboration
Commitment Based Management Commitments
Network of Commitments
Tracking Commitments
Making And Securing Commitments Zero Blame Environment
Every Defect Is A Gift
Continuous Improvement Retrospectives Tools
A3 Reports Root Cause Analysis And The 5 Whys
Value Stream Mapping
Planning System Quick Fixes Advantage Based Decision Making
BIM And Real Time Estimating Target Value Design (TVD)
The Economic Case For IPD
Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System
Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System Warning Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System Starting Point Handoff Points

Program Development

The What And Why Of The Program The How Of The Program Failure of Existing Institutions to Address the Grand Challenges and Global Goals Heroes On The Front Lines Worksite Earth Sovereign, Autonomous, And Coordinated Groups
Higher Order Functional Unity Superordinance Meta Project Framework Meta Community Framework
Embodying The Abstract The Myth Of Lionsberg
A Story, System, Structure, Community, Platform, Project, Game, Way
New Language
The Lionsberg Critical Path The Lionsberg System And Structure Provisional Structure
The Lionsberg Platform
Social Dimensions Social Experiment Lionsberg Launch Receiver
Acting As If We All Are The Receivers
The Charge Of The Receiver The Sovereignty Of The Receiver Co-Creating The New World
A New Vision, Intention, Philosophy, and Program of Action Mission Control
Meta Fund Proposed Systems, Facilities, Services, and Infrastructure
Lack Of Existing Infrastructure And Access Prevalence Of Deceit And Propaganda Equal Opportunity For All Bottom Up Scaling Up Systems, Facilities, Services, and Infrastructure
An Ecosystem, Prototype, And Kit Of Parts
The Prototype Integrated Delivery Of Each Element A Commons For All The Systems And Infrastructure Of The New Era
Time Critical First Steps Towards the Goal Meta Project Program Statement
Cooperation Vs. Competition Core Enterprise

2.0 Program Development - Coming Soon (Breaking down and incorporating into the above)

Program Delivery

Instantiation Of The Prototype Availability And Priority Of Instantiation Domains
Adverse Forces
System Wide Master Plan
Living System Alignment Program Services And Support
Guilds Program and Process Management Guild

(Coming Soon - Breaking Down and Incorporating Into The Above) 3.0 Program Delivery
Project Delivery Guide
Template For Project
3.3 Communications and Reporting

Integrated Delivery Conclusion

4.0 Conclusion


  1. The Lionsberg System of Governance
  2. The Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System
  3. The Lionsberg System of Work
  4. The Lionsberg Economic System
  5. The Lionsberg System of Culture and Community
  6. The Lionsberg System Of Spirituality, Purpose And Meaning
  7. The Lionsberg Energy System
  8. The Lionsberg Water System
  9. The Lionsberg Information System
  10. The Lionsberg Intellectual Content System
  11. The Lionsberg Publishing System
  12. The Lionsberg Dynamic Exchange System
  13. The Lionsberg Integrated Wellbeing and Development System
  14. The Lionsberg House of Wisdom
  15. The Lionsberg House of Culture
  16. The Lionsberg Academy
  17. The Lionsberg Outreach and Broadcast System
  18. The Lionsberg Integrated Wellbeing and Development System
  19. The Lionsberg Human System Living System Interface
  20. +++ (all core interoperable "organ systems" of the human system, across all pillars of society, reintegrated synergistically with the living system that contains it)


In The Beginning... A True Myth
Why Story?
Working Together To Make It So
Who We Are
Who We Are Becoming
New Language
Progressive Articulation
Progressive Realization
Elements Of The New
Filling Up What Is Lacking
Removing What Does Not Belong
Cultivating The Green Shoots
That Which Is Longing To Emerge
Inbreaking And Displacing

False Dichotomies
Lionsberg Lexicon