Chapter 7 - A Divine Blueprint for the Best Possible Future - Articulating the Creator's Intent


In the grand tapestry of existence, every thread serves a purpose, every weave follows a pattern, and every pattern aspires to reflect the Divine Architect's plan. We stand at a moment of great import—a pivotal node in the continuum of Spacetime - where our collective volition and actions can either elevate and align us more closely with the Creator's Intent and Divine Order, or drive us further into Chaos and entropic disarray.

Just as skilled workers find common purpose is Intention and Blueprint of a master architect, so too is the Lionsberg Meta Project unified by the Highest Order Meta Intention of the Supreme Architect.

The Nature of Divine Intent

Divine Intent is not merely a conceptual abstraction or prescriptive decree, but the living, dynamic expression of the Creator’s Character, Nature, Essence, and Will. While it has been said that God Is Love, we also know that God is Infinite Goodness, Wisdom, Beauty, Justice, Mercy, Compassion, and a Consuming Fire.

It is for this reason that it has been said that God is Spirit, and must be worshipped in Spirit and Truth.

The moment we take any aspect of reality, including words, and try to "capture" God in them, we commit the fundamental sin of Idolatry, reducing the eternal, universal, and ineffable Ultimate Reality into a carving, image, or proposition we have crafted.

From the Creator flow the Spirit and Intention that bring forth Universal Law and Values written on our hearts, beckoning us up towards Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, Wisdom, and Beauty, and serving as a spiritual and moral compass guiding our collective journey.

Yet the true power of the New Covenant lies in understanding that the Creator is not just an abstract, transcendent Ultimate Reality, but a living, immanent presence that suffuses and sustains All of Creation. And further and even more importantly, that the Spirit of God not only suffuses and sustains All Creation, but is present, individually, locally, and personally within each one of us.

It is in this proper understanding of the Way the Transcendent Creator, Eternal and Universal Manifest Spirit, and Temporal Spatial Incarnation of the Spirt are properly united that the New Covenant can be fully realized.

The Trinity: Love, Spirit, and Right Relationship

At the heart of Divine Intent is the concept of God as both transcendent and immanent, best understood through the metaphor of the Trinity.

The Creator represents the transcendent, overarching, unifying essence of absolute and unconditional Love. The Creator is the Ultimate, Supreme, and Ineffable Value that integrates and perfects all Virtues and Values within Itself.

The Spirit is the radiant, permeating manifestation of God, eternal and universal yet active in every time and place, sustaining every life, heartbeat, and breath, and inviting all to return, reunite, and flourish by every more fully reflecting the Image, Character, and Nature of God.

The Incarnation, or Son, illuminates the Spirit of God in a specific Time, Place, and Being, speaking what God would speak and doing what God would do in a particular domain of Spacetime.

This is the essence of the New Covenant - not ritual, technique, laws, or propositions, but individuals, families, communities, tribes, and nations embodying the Spirit of God, Loving One Another, and living out, across trillions of moments, times, and places, what it means to be in Right Relationship with God, Our Selves, One Another, and All Creation, doing the Wise Right Thing, at the Wise Right Time, for the Wise Right Reasons, to accomplish The Goal, which is the fulfillment of Creator's Intent, On Earth as it is in Heaven.

The New Covenant: Mediated by Spirit, Not Law

In aligning with Divine Intent, we transition from an Old Covenant mediated by laws and written propositions to a New Covenant mediated by the Spirit. This Spirit-based relationship bypasses legalistic formalities and embraces the unique characteristics of each time, place, and individual, allowing for a diversity of expressions that harmonize into a Divine Symphony.

The Vision of Isaiah: An Imagined Future

Drawing from the poetic imagery of Isaiah, we envision a future where the lion lies down with the lamb, where swords are beaten into plowshares—a future where the knowledge of God covers the Earth like floodwaters. This is not just a prophetic dream but a representation of the Creator's Intent: Right Relationship, Peace, and Harmony among all elements of Creation.

This Dream, this Ideal, is the Guiding Light we are advancing towards, the Image we are conforming our Selves and our world to, The Goal and Unity we are advancing towards through Love.

The Creator's Intent in One Word

If we had to use only one word to describe the Character, Nature, and Intention of God, it would be Love.

The Creator's Intent in One Sentence

If we had to use only one sentence to describe the Creator's Intent, we could understand that it flows from Absolute and Unconditional Love for All Creation, and that if we Love someone, we long for them to develop towards the fullness of their unique potential, in community, and flourish in harmony.

Therefore we could articulate a sentence such as:

The Creator's Intent, The Aim, The Goal is (something like) the total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of All generations of life and consciousness, in all times and places.

This is the Purpose, Aim, and Goal of the Lionsberg System.

Operationalizing the Divine - The Creator's Intent in The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg

If all generations of life and consciousness are to develop towards the fullness of their potential and flourish in harmony, a Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues and Goals logically present themselves.

How shall we govern our Selves in accordance with Divine Principles? How shall we nurture lifelong learning that imparts not just knowledge but wisdom? How shall we heal and maintain our Selves in a state of wholeness that reflects Divine Integrity? How shall we eradicate corruption and manifest justice as a tangible reality? How shall we ensure that our basic needs—clothing, shelter, food—are met in a manner that respects the Creator's bounty? And how shall we steward our planet in a way that recognizes its sacredness and nurtures its regenerative capacities?

From the Supreme Foundation of the Creator's Intent arise The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg. Far from being mere policy proposals, these pillars serve as a Work Breakdown Structure to empower individuals, families, organizations, and communities around the world to reimagine, redesign, and rebuild their worlds. Logically derived from the Uniting Creator's Intent, these spiritual imperatives seek to manifest the qualities and mandates of the New Covenant in their real-world applications. They are as follows:

  1. Spiritual and Philosophical Flourishing: A call to foster a vibrant spiritual landscape where shared Vision, Values, and Codes of Wisdom guide our individual and collective actions, aligning them with the Divine Purpose and Plan.

  2. Virtuous Governance and Civic Engagement: An urgent call to reconstruct our social and political institutions under the mandate of Divine Sovereign Citizenship. Transparency, accountability, and participation aren't just procedural necessities but sacred tenets to foster a united front in fulfilling the Divine Mandate on Earth.

  3. Economic Justice and Transformation: A directive to establish economic systems that reflect the Divine Principles of justice and abundance, championing the dignity of all beings and empowering every family, community, and ecosystem to flourish.

  4. Holistic Education and Lifelong Learning: A mission to create New frameworks of lifelong learning and education that recognize the Divine Potential in every child and Citizen, and reposition teachers and technologies as guides to aid in the transformative journey of each individual and community.

  5. Holistic Health and Integrated Wellness: An invitation to adopt paradigms of integrated spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and environmental wellbeing that view the individual as a holistic entity that must flourish in harmony with community and nature.

  6. Regenerative Agriculture and Supply Chains: A mandate to engage in agricultural practices and supply chain management that respect the sanctity of the Earth and its ecosystems as a Living System, while fostering bioregional and local strength, integrity, and resiliency.

  7. Abundant Clean Energy: A charge to responsibly transition to regenerative energy models that honor the Creator's gifts of natural resources, while providing abundantly for all and prioritizing the upliftment of the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized.

  8. Artistic and Cultural Enrichment: An encouragement to celebrate and cultivate culture and the arts as expressions of Divine Creativity, integral to human development, social coherence, and progressive enlightenment.

  9. Inspiring Built Environment: A call to reimagine, redesign, and rebuild our built environments towards reflecting Nature and the Divine Order, co-creating spaces that are not just functional but spiritually uplifting, reflecting the beauty and harmony inherent in Creation.

  10. Peace, Security, Strength, and Social Harmony: A command to vanquish chaos, disorder, and oppression, to establish social systems that prioritize Divine Order, restorative justice, ethical governance, and to secure the liberty and security of individuals and localities by making them strong and united.

  11. Scientific and Technological Wisdom: A challenge to elevate science and technology from mere mechanisms to tools towards sacred alignment and service of the Highest Intention and Greatest Good, infusing ethics, consciousness, intention, and Wisdom into the fabric of research, discovery, and innovation.

  12. Environmental Stewardship and Regenerativity: A divine imperative to act as wise stewards of the Earth, engaging in practices that regenerate and restore our bioregions and our planet to a state of flourishing, diversity, and abundance.

Each of these pillars represents a facet of the Divine Gem of Co-Creation. They are not mutually exclusive but intricately interconnected, each contributing to the fuller manifestation of the Divine Blueprint. It is through their thoughtful, wise, and integrated implementation that we aim to bring forth a world that mirrors the Kingdom of God, achieving a state of spiritual, social, and environmental harmony for All of Creation.

Conclusion: The Glory of God as Ever-Increasing Symphony

The Creator's ultimate intention is not a monolithic uniformity but the glory of ever-increasing harmony among the diverse instruments of Creation. It is a harmonization that recognizes and celebrates the individual and local uniqueness within the grander unity, inviting each unique instrument to voluntarily learn to align its Play with the Fundamental Tone. This Vision of Divine Symphony is a metaphor for the Kingdom of God, manifested both within us and without us—a embodied realm of peace, justice, harmony and flourishing for all of Creation.