Chapter 17 - The Mission, Aim, and Goal of Lionsberg - Co-Creation in Service of the Creator's Intent


As Lionsberg takes form, the next pivotal question is: what animates this intricate mechanism? This chapter lays out the Mission, Aim, and Goal that serve as the pulse and Guiding Light of Lionsberg. These are not mere words; they are a living embodiment of the intent to actualize the Creator’s plan on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The Mission: Confronting and Overcoming the Meta Crisis and Forging the New World

The first part of Lionsberg's mission is to be a bastion strength and solidarity in the face of the Meta Crisis—a cataclysmic convergence of existential challenges that threatens the spiritual, moral, and physical fabric of the world. By uniting individuals of goodwill, the mission is to coalesce a force capable of not just confronting but overcoming these challenges. However our primary mission is not reactive but profoundly positive in nature - Forging the New World. The Spirit of God impels us to arise and unite to positively and proactively partner with God and One Another to forge the Best Possible Future for All.

Lionsberg Mission

The Aim: A Higher-Order Functional Unity for Global Transformation

The Aim of Lionsberg is to forge an independent Higher-Order Functional Unity among Citizens of Goodwill, a co-operative Body that serves as a manifestation of Divine Order on Earth. This Unity will be marked by collective wisdom, just distribution of responsibility, and unwavering moral and spiritual integrity. It will create a new paradigm of co-operation for the greatest good of all life and consciousness. Most importantly, it will forge the pragmatic capabilities required to meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals at hand. The Aim is to become One Citizenship Under God, Indivisible.

The Goal: The Progressive Realization of the Kingdom of God

While the Mission and Aim speak to the means, the Goal is the end: the Kingdom of God on Earth, realized progressively in alignment with Divine Timing and Will. This entails the integrated well-being, development, and right relationship of all generations of life and consciousness. The Goal is not merely a distant future state but a perpetual quest for an ever-deepening communion with the Divine and all of creation. Ultimately, The Goal is God.

Operationalizing the Mission, Aim, and Goal

While high-minded ideals are essential, the potency of Lionsberg lies in its ability to translate these ideals into actionable and aligned steps, empowered by systems, processes, and technology. This involves a pragmatic approach to capacity-building, problem-solving, and opportunity-capturing, guided at every step by Divine Principles and Wisdom, and stacked up and aligned through the Lionsberg System of Integrated Delivery.

Metrics for Success: Navigating by the North Star of Divine Intent

In an endeavor of such spiritual and temporal significance, conventional metrics of success would be inadequate. Lionsberg adopts a different set of criteria, focused on the degree to which its activities align with the Creator's Intent, and Progressively Realize The Goal. These are continually refined through prayerful discernment and reflective practice, measuring Success not by attainment of the Ideal, but Progress towards it.

The Long Arc: Regenerativity and Adaptability

Given the universal and eternal nature of Lionsberg's Aim and Goal, regenerativity and adaptability are vital. Strategies are developed to ensure that the movement and federation remains self-sustaining, adaptable to changing circumstances, and eternally regenerative in nature, without diluting its essence.

Conclusion: The Ascent to a New Paradigm

Lionsberg is not merely a reaction to the brokenness of our world; it is an aspiration for and roadmap towards what could be. In outlining its Mission, Aim, and Goal, we are not just providing a roadmap; we are etching a covenant with the Divine and with each other, one that transcends time and space. This Covenant relationship with God is the lighthouse guiding Lionsberg as it sets sail on its unprecedented Quest, embodying the aspiration for a New Era, on Earth as it is in Heaven.