9.50 But Look at All the Good!

Yes. Look at all the good.

Humanity has indeed made remarkable progress, and that should be celebrated.

In many ways we are not as blind and ignorant as we were before.

We have learned. We have grown. We have advanced. We have come a long way. We have lifted billions out of some measures of abject poverty.

Yet billions are still in relative poverty. Billions are still suffering. Injustices and oppression and slavery and concentration camps and abuse still blight the landscape.

We can celebrate the good. We can celebrate the progress.

However we should never sit back and say “this is working” as long poverty, disease, oppression and fear remain the lot of the billions of our brothers and sisters.

We have learned and we have grown, yet let us see what the shadow side is of that learning and growth and progress!

There is a dark and viscous shadow looming behind the whitewashed veneer. Corruption and death hiding behind the white washed exterior.

It cannot be ignored. It is not going away.

It must be dealt with, transformed, and integrated into a fully healthy, whole, coherent, functioning species in a fully healthy, whole, coherent, functioning world in which All beings can develop into the fullness of their potential and flourish.

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