11.65 The Myth of Too (Big, Complicated, Complex, Chaotic) to Plan

There is an ancient proverb that says “if you are too busy to sit in silence for an hour a day, you must sit in silence for two hours a day.”

This is analogous to those who are overwhelmed by complexity and say “This is too (big, complicated, complex, chaotic, difficult) to plan.”

A new proverb might say “if something is too complicated to plan, then you need two plans.”

If you are going to circumnavigate the globe, it is too complex to plan. Of course you can’t possibly fathom or predict what storms will push you off course, what pirates will assail your ship, or what unexpected travesties and opportunities might befall you.

But woe to the one who does not carefully calculate the approximate routes, milestones, ports or base camps to rest and restock, and develop backup plans to the plans.

If you are embarking out into the unknown and it is too complicated to plan, make two or three plans – the plans and the backup plans to the backup plans.

That way when the storms and dragons of chaos destroy your plans, you will be prepared and know approximately what to do next, guided by the Spirit and The Goal.

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