2.2 A Builder's Perspective on America and the World

As a builder of heavy civil infrastructure, my perspective on the state of America and the world is rooted in the importance of collaboration, shared vision, and collective effort towards a common goal. Just as on any worksite, a diverse array of workers must come together to realize the designer's intent, so too must we all, as co-workers on Worksite Earth, come together to progressively realize the Creator's intent for our lives and society.

From my perspective, one of the key challenges facing America and the world today is the erosion of trust and confidence in institutions of governance, media, and civil society. Many individuals feel disconnected from the systems that govern their lives, and powerless to effect positive change. This has contributed to a rise in polarization, divisiveness, and tribalism, which makes it difficult to address complex challenges and to co-create a shared vision and plan for the future.

However, I believe that there is tremendous potential for positive change and transformation if we are able to overcome these challenges and come together in a spirit of collaboration, vision, and action. We must work to build trust and understanding across social and cultural boundaries, to embrace our interconnectedness and shared humanity, and to cultivate a culture of care and compassion for all beings.

The precondition for such a transformative and unified movement is the rediscovery of the Spirit of Love, that longs for none to suffer but for All to come to flourishing and abundant life, and the Spirit of Truth, that longs for nothing but to understand and rightly relate to Reality and its Source as they actually are. This Spirit of Truth and Love guides us directly towards a shared understanding of the Creator's Intent for our lives and our world.

As fellow builders, each one of us has a critical role to play in this process. We must recognize the importance of our work in creating the physical and social infrastructure that enables societies to thrive, and we must strive to do so in a way that is sustainable, just, and regenerative. We must work to promote dialogue and understanding among the entire diverse array of stakeholders, to design and build infrastructure and services that meet the needs of all citizens, and to engage in ongoing efforts to improve the systems and processes that govern our meaningful work and meaningful relationship in community.

Through viewing ourselves as builders and co-workers on Worksite Earth, we gain a unique and important perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing America and the world today. By working together in a spirit of collaboration, vision, and action towards a single overarching and uniting Vision and Goal, we can progressively co-create a more just, regenerative, and flourishing world for all beings.