1.24 The Beginner's Mind

The Beginner’s Mind refers to the mind that is not limited to any particular concept, rather the mind that is receptive in all directions and open to infinite possibilities.

This is the key to learning, understanding, and absorbing the knowledge and the core principles of any “Art.”

It can be achieved when the practitioner’s aim is to keep his spiritual, intellectual, and physical cup “half-full” at all times.

When we are half full, we are exactly on the Boundary of the Known and Unknown. This is where the Way, and the tremendous meaning and awe that accompanies it, can be most fully experienced.

This is a process of returning from arrogant knowing, to childlike awe and wonder. It is a state of constant flow, taking in, absorbing what is useful, releasing what is not, rather than accumulation and stagnation.

The mind of the Way rests in silence and stillness, searching and receptive in every direction.

It it confident and rooted in experience, yet sees beyond and recognizes the Truth of Reality as it manifests and unfurls itself. It meditates and searches all things.

It progressively Realizes All things.

Lay down your burdens, admit with us that We Do Not Know, and return to the Beginner’s Mind.

With that, let's begin.

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