FAQ - Why Is Jordan Running For President? Doesn't That Put This All In Jeopardy?

Jordan is running for President because he is attempting to live out with integrity what it would mean to Act As If it were our responsibility to solve the total set of problems, forge the total set of solutions, and accomplish the total set of goals inherent in this moment in the Story.

Jordan realized that even if a global community of good will arose and united, they would come face to face with tragedy and malevolence that would require global logistical capabilities to address.

Further, Jordan became increasingly aware of the extent to which the largest power structures on earth, including the United States government, had grown corrupted and were acting in ways that were antithetical to our shared goals and values.

Additionally, the community became increasingly aware of the Time frame within which major progress on the Critical Path towards the Goal had to be made (~7 years).

Although it seems impossible, when Jordan and advisors looked at a total program of action that included:

  1. Inspiring a global community of goodwill to Organize and Federate across the lines that are currently dividing us by connecting and empowering 1 billion small groups in 7 years
  2. Creating a comprehensive System and Structure to support and empower the emergence of that Group Of Groups / Community / Confederation
  3. Engaging in a program of action that demanded solutions to the total set of grand challenges and global goals
  4. Casting a new vision and mandate for the United States and its proper role in the world, as a model for all tribes and nations and their respective roles in the world
  5. Winning the US Presidency outside of the existing political parties in 2024 in order to forge a new higher order unity between the people of America and people of goodwill around the world
  6. And then aligning the combined resources, energy, and might of the United States and the global community of goodwill entirely in service of the Meta Goal of One and All...

...we realized that it might work, and that if it did, by the start of 2025 we could actually be in a place where we possessed the pragmatic functional capability to execute towards the Meta Goal through the second half of the decade, in order to accomplish the critical 2030 Milestones that mark the Way towards the Goal.

We also realized that if the United States, as the most powerful structure currently in the world, continued to be divided against itself and fell, much of the world might collapse into Chaos along with it. This outcome would lead to so much suffering, that it would be unethical to not attempt to avert it. See Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming for more on this.

Lastly, we realized that the unfolding of the coming crises we have created as a consequence of our Old way of being would likely require unprecedented global emergency relief operations in order to minimize suffering and death. We realized that pragmatically the US military and its allies around the world were likely the only place this level of coordinated logistical ability currently existed, and that the weapons could be forged into tools of life and aid for the Good of All in response to the disasters that will likely unfold.

Unable to conceive of any other plan that might work, and unwilling to place the burden and risk of challenging the existing structures on anyone else, Jordan therefore resolved to take individual responsibility for attempting to see if he could act out the Critical Path of the plan, including being willing to attempt the most difficult / impossible part himself in service of All, which requires penetrating the heart of the most powerful and dangerous thing humanity has ever created.

The Lionsberg System and Provisional Structure have been carefully designed and purpose-built in order to comply with the laws and restrictions of the Old world, while maintaining the ability of the Community to function in Higher Order Functional Unity across the total set of all domains that must be influenced and transformed in order for the Meta Goal to be achieved.

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