1.4 Anxiety Is The System's Default Mode

It may seem strange, but what we experience as anxiety is actually the default mode of our embodiment. It is how we are wired as human beings.

This is because our Autonomic Nervous System, which regulates subconscious and unconscious functions such as heart rate, breathing, gut activity, and sexual arousal, is a "Default On" system.

This means that its default mode is to be heightened and primed for action in response to Threats and Opportunities in our environment.

The physiology of being "heightened and primed for action" includes an elevated heart rate, shallow breathing, and a feeling of uneasiness in the gut.

It is only when the executive function of our brain actively "turns the dial" and dials down the system that we can relax into calmer and more peaceful states of existence.

Understanding that anxiety is not unusual, but rather the default mode of the system, is crucial to learning how to properly relate to and regulate our bodies and minds.

Beyond our basic biological wiring, it is also the case that our society and world are in a state of relative chaos and danger.

In the midst of the Meta Crisis, society and its systems are shaking in profound ways, creating threat and uncertainty in complex ways that are nearly impossible for our minds to calculate.

We therefore face teh dual challenge of grappling with a system that is by default "on", in the context of various local, social, environmental, political, religious, and global states of dis-ease and Meta Crisis.

As I mentioned earlier, you are not alone. We are all in this together.

It is not surprising that you feel anxious, depressed, or afraid.

This is how a human being would naturally feel based on our biology, and Where We Are in The Story.

What we hope we can learn together is how our higher Spirit and Consciousness can intentionally interact with our brain and body to create a more balanced flow of energy that is appropriate to the context we are in, and useful to spur us on towards our Destiny.

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