Above The Chaos, What's Alive July 13, 2022

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.07.13 (updated 2022.07.13)

A post in Above The Chaos.

Hello Friends and Allies,

Today we had our weekly navigation meeting.

Some very fascinating things emerged as "alive" across many domains.

We use a question that asks "What is alive / emergent for you?" to see if we can capture the Spirit or Essence of the eternal / universal that is trying to emerge through us.

When things show up as emergent or alive in multiple places, it is a good indicator of What Is Trying To Emerge.

Things that were alive today:

  1. The creation of a Meta Game / world game / civilization game
  2. Getting to know our Selves as instruments... how to truly get to know our Self as an instrument that is meant to play a part in something so much greater than us
  3. How to truly center our Selves and be present and at one what is longing to emerge through us
  4. The sense that all we have been through has been for a purpose and reason. It is as if we are all being put through various forms of "boot camp" in preparation for Where We Are Going
  5. Awareness of emerging New patterns
  6. Water
    1. Drinking more water
    2. Flow of water
    3. Brining water to areas of drought
  7. Language / Vocabulary
    1. Recognition that we lack language for the complexity and emergence that we are caught up in and sensing
    2. The need to create that New Language so that when we get stuck and disoriented in the complexity we can understand and articulate and help one another navigate
  8. Discerning where seemingly chaotic things can be brought into order, and where they will simply leak out in another direction if they are brought to order too soon
  9. The actions we can take to hold our Selves together when we feel the pressures of chaos / complexity / emergence tearing at the fabric of Being or Community
  10. How to work on things that are on the "song sheet" of the "symphony" that is wanting to emerge.
    1. New relationships, connections, projects being formed - however those energies are often being pointed away from the One Thing. Spinning out and pulling us away, rather than folding us back in to the center.
  11. Co-operating on projects that keep us in conversation and action while we build relationships and community