Above The Chaos, Curating Solutions To Build (Or Rebuild) Life And Society

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.10.25 (updated 2022.10.25)

A post in Above The Chaos.

Hello Friends and Allies,

I discovered something interesting.

As you know I am concerned that there is a Non-Zero Probability of Systems Collapse in this decade.

If you had to get your own water, could you? If you had to grow your own food, could you? If you had to govern your own community, could you? If you had to establish a system of bioregional resilience in a short period of time, could you?

If you had to rediscover how to build more basic tractors and machines in the face of collapsed supply chains or fuel supplies, could you?

What would you do if the advanced technology around you that operates on fragile parts and rare metals from distant parts of the earth were unavailable for an extended period of time?

What would you do if society collapsed into Chaos? What would you do if you and your community had to entirely relocalize in order to survive?

It may be that the vast majority of us have forgotten how to build society and economy and governance from the ground up... and our existing systems are shaking, creaking, and groaning.

it may be that we have sold out to systems that robbed us of our individual and local survivability in exchange for cheap goods, poisonous foods, and debt.

What I realized is that we need to remember and rediscover how to rebuild flourishing communities of Life from the ground up, and that there is a perfect way to do that...

...by practicing with the billions of people who are currently living in terrible conditions, without access to basic things like water, sanitation, reliable energy, truthful information, decent shelter, and hope.

In Above The Chaos, The Lionsberg Energy Net, Water Net, Info Net, and Security Net, I proposed a basic vision for curating together a basic solutions set for meeting the most basic needs and solving the most basic problems in life, and practicing how to rapidly deploy those around the world starting with the areas most desperate, hard hit, and in need.

This will force us to grapple with how to rediscover how to build functional society, economy, governance, and systems of meaning and unity from the ground up.

It will not only relieve suffering for millions in a short period of time, but it may remind humanity of how to rise above the chaos and rebuild New Order that is Good...

Having super talented people who understand how to equip and empower local populations with great solutions that fit a vast array of local contexts may prove extremely valuable in the years to come.

Even if we arise and unite rapidly enough to avoid the collapse, it is our moral obligation to empower every community on earth to rise towards the fullness of its potential and flourish...

This is absolutely, immediately, and pragmatically possible.

It's time to get moving.

We can begin by curating together a total solutions set of ideas and organizations capable of implementing them around the world, as well as a list of funding sources to resource their deployment.

Whether in heaven or on earth, we will be glad we figured out how to give drink to the thirsty, and food to the hungry, and clothing to the ragged, and justice to the oppressed.

With Love, In Community,

~ J