Story of Lionsberg

The Story of Lionsberg is the story of an epic Quest out of the bondage and suffering of the Old World, into an entirely regenerated New World.

To dive into the mythical Story, and find your place in it, see The Book of Lionsberg.

Who We Are

Lionsberg is a mythological name for the New World we are co-creating, and the Community that is co-creating it.

We chose a mythical name because a Story is the only thing capable of scaling to 8 billion people in 7 years.

Jordan Nicholas Sukut is the primary steward of the Source Idea, in concert with dozens of co-creators.

Where We Are

As of spring 2023, we are shifting FROM building the Lionsberg platform and infrastructure while exploring the Meta Project in the abstract, TO beginning to identify, connect, and empower small groups around the world.

Our hypothesis is that this should be done in the form of a Game so simple and powerful, everyone can help one another play it.

How We Got Here

As a builder of heavy civil infrastructure, Jordan spent his career organizing and empowering teams to:

  1. Thoroughly understand the Architect's Intent / Designer's Intent
  2. Thoroughly analyze and understand the existing forces and conditions bearing on a worksite
  3. Transform the physical world to bring Intention Into Reality

We are attempting to apply this same approach towards transforming Worksite Earth in its entirety within a single generation.

This will require a transformation of our Way of Being as a human species on planet earth, which will follow an underlying shift in consciousness / paradigm FROM the Old TO the New.

After combining lifetimes of work and wisdom to discern a plan that might work, Jordan and allies have been working on the critical path infrastructure, process, and technology for about 5 years (2017 to 2022) to prepare for this time.

Where We Are Going

Where We Are Going as a human species is the entire issue.

We have a serious Navigation Issue with more than we can imagine at stake.

From Where We Are, it is possible for things to get a loss worse, approaching the Hell On Earth that likely lies at the end of our current trajectory and logic.

The good news is that in partnership with One and All, we can change that trajectory.

From Where We Are, it is possible for things to get unimaginably better, approaching a Heaven On Earth that is already perfect, and continuing to get better every day as we work together to make it so.

See Lionsberg Vision and Best Possible Future for more articulated information on our Aim.

How We Will Get There

Our Current Best Understanding is that nearly all the work required to meet the needs, solve the problems, and Co-Create the New World will happen in small autonomous groups of 3 to 20 people.

Therefore we have created a Story, Platform, and Game to connect up and empower a distributed confederation of sovereign and autonomous groups.

Our near term Aim is to connect 1 billion groups to the platform within 7 years, completing the tipping point adoption strategy prior to 2030.


A house divided and warring against itself with every more powerful weapons will always fail and fall.

The human species is currently divided against itself and the world and the One that creates and sustains us.

This is the best plan we can come up with to help humanity avoid Hell On Earth, and progressively realize Heaven On Earth for the Good of All.

It might work.