Lionsberg And Religion

Lionsberg is very intentionally not written from the perspective of any particular religion.

Yet it also very intentionally grapples with the Deepest things that religions were created to point towards.

Trying to walk this balance and articulate this New Language has caused quite a bit of confusion already.

For people from a particular fundamentalist religious or ideological background, any language that is different than the language used in their dogma is triggering and sounds like heresy.

For people who do not associate with a particular religion, any words that begin to approach the realm of God / One can sound cultish or elementary.

It might be the wrong approach, and it might not work, but being simultaneously compelled to speak to All about One thing... we cannot think of any other way it might work other than to do the hard work of forging a transcendent New Language that will allow us to communicate accurately with New Word Tools as we labor together to Co-Create the New World.

Lastly, by avoiding any narrow religious interpretation or set of human propositions, we avoid committting the Pattern of Failure that occurs when we Concretize The Absolute, rather than humbly relating to It as an eternal Mystery that will be forever beyond our grasp.

If you would like more background or information on Jordan's personal journey and personal perspective on Faith, see Jordan and Faith.

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