Lionsberg Membership

We started with eternal and universal Inspiration and Vision, that progressed towards an articulated Idea.

We progressed to discussions between Jordan and a few others.

We then assessed the Critical Path, and began progressing.

We then assessed conditions via a Social Dimensions group.

Then a few dozen people from around the world began coming together weekly to discuss how we might collaborate on the One Thing that unites us all at this crucial juncture in human history.

Then, we forged a Field of Agreements and embarked on a transformational Quest.

Eventually, you may find here a directory of some of our co-creators around the world.

Phase I: Preparatory Phase

Legal and Governance Work:

Organizing and Federating Patterns:

  • Jordan Nicholas Sukut
  • Bill Larson
  • Peter Kaminski
  • Social Dimensions Group (~7 participants)

Technological Backbones:

  • Lionsberg
  • Open Future Coalition
  • Collective Sense Commons
  • Massive Wiki Posse

Phase II: 2022 Meta Project Exploration

  • Two weekly calls, each with average 6 to 15 participants
  • A few dozen active observers and occasional participants
  • A few dozen more observers

Phase III: 2023 Lionsberg Launch

June 2023 - Pioneer Cohort

  1. Jordan Nicholas Sukut - California, Idaho, World
  2. Bill Larson - California
  3. Christine Mboya - Kenya
  4. Daniel Musembi - Kenya
  5. Ed Ober - North Carolina
  6. Estelle Kabithi - Kenya
  7. Forrist Lytehaause - Colorado
  8. Jacqueline Sarange - Kenya
  9. Jason Schulist - Wisconsin
  10. Kyler Hanson - California
  11. Mark Beam - Missouri
  12. Moses Odhiambo - Kenya
  13. Patrick Aseli - Kenya
  14. Paul Mehl - California
  15. Penelope Douglas - California
  16. Tobby Kirigo - Kenya
  17. Vinent Odhiambo - Kenya
  18. Wendy Elford - Australia
  19. George Orbelian - California
  20. Waswala Brian Olewe - Kenya
  21. Hank Kune - Netherlands
  22. Michael Grossman - New York
  23. Helene Lindmark - Sweden

The United States and Kenya are disproportionately represented due to those being the two primary places of Jordan's initial explorations and work during the Preparatory Phase. We will endeavor through each round of invitations to expand the representativeness of The Movement overall.

Target June 25 2023 - Second Wave Cohort

  • Queue in formation, invitation only, based on 62% to 100% expansion, 13 to 23 slots available.

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