Jordan's Voice Notes

Voice notes are a fascinating distiller of What Matters. As we wander, think, speak, and act through each day, we encounter millions of pieces of information. Occasionally, a thought or idea bursts in upon us that we deem important enough to make a note of it.

In 2018, Jordan began recording a series of voice notes as the New Vision and Plan was unfurling. They are transcribed and presented here in roughly chronological form for those who are interested in watching thought and insight unfold and cross-pollinate.

Many of these concepts have been reflected in the Lionsberg Wiki Books.

This Wikibook can be thought of as a harvest of 5 years of potentially noteworthy ideas. It is Jordan's hope and intention to work in community to separate the wheat from the chaff, and process what is of Value into the Lionsberg System and Lionsberg Commons.

We are also in the process of developing AI that will be able to query this book as part of the broader Lionsberg Wiki.

In general, each paragraph is a separate voice note / thought.

It is a Work In Progress as we work to transcribe the voice notes. Any gap between the end month and year in this book and the current date reflects unprocessed notes in the queue.

If this proves Valuable in any way to you, please be inspired to grab your own phone or voice recorder and begin capturing Valuable thoughts and ideas as you Progress in the Way.

September 2018

A company is essentially a cybernetic collective of people and machines.

The percentage of intelligence that is non human is increasing at an accelerating rate.

Soon, a humans will represent a very small portion of intelligence sandwiched between the intelligence of Nature and God on one hand, and artificial intelligence on the other. However because consciousness is prior to both Nature and machines, and a holographic fractal of the Spirit of Infinite Intelligence is in every human, if we expand and consciously unite our spirits and minds to God, we have nothing to fear.

The essential step is the full and complete integration of all human-made tools and technologies in service of The Goal, and the rapid elimination of all antithetical use.

Many things that are damaging are profitable, like dumping toxic waste into rivers is much more profitable than going through the trouble to dispose of it properly.

It may be that Nature must be granted legal personhood in order to be protected and defended, until we understand the Spirit of the Law that prevents harm to interexistent Creation.

Important concepts must be explored both conceptually, and experientially. The conceptual knowledge must be transformed into personal knowledge.

Work or life can be viewed as a series of opportunities and threats, tools and anti-tools, that mark our Way towards The Goal.

The reality of fiction, story, and the way that ideas and concepts we think map onto reality - in many ways don't.

A process for continuously improving the "fit" or conformance of our mental models to Reality and Ultimate Reality.

It is not about subtracting identities, but adding layers of identity, properly ordering them, and uniting them in our shared Supreme Identity. It is ok to be American and Jewish, or African and Christian, but we must also realize that we are all children of God, and fellow brothers and sisters in humanity, and joint heirs to the Kingdom of God.

Global problems that can only be solved through long term thinking at the highest levels of abstraction, and the lowest levels of detail, we are capable of conceptualizing.

It is not an inconceivably large leap to go from more tribal based cultures, to more national based cultures, to larger international based cultures where we care about people we don't know and are willing to sacrifice for them.

How big of a circle are you willing to sacrifice for? How universal and eternal can you make the Light of your Love?

Challenges to the order:

  1. Loss of shared Vision, Culture, Values
  2. Internal and external division / conflict / war
  3. Environmental degradation / stewardship
  4. Technological change
  5. Financial and monetary collapse

A Vision and a Plan for the future of humankind.

When we look at Critical Path disruptions, exponential technologies, and trends, we must project those out 20, 50, 200 years and come up with an intelligent vision / solution / plan to keep humanity on the rails since we face dramatically divergent outcomes, that we are advancing towards at an accelerating rate of speed.

This is not about a nostalgic return to a glorified past which never existed. This is about a positive Vision for a Better Future in alignment with the foundational principles and natural laws that God has ordained.

What are the profound compelling Questions we put onto the table for discussion, resolution, - we have a plan, we invite the conversation about other plans, but the discussion needs to be had.

We are putting forward a meaningful and substantial vision for the future of human kind, coupled with definite plans of action to bring it into reality.

It is obvious that only local solutions cannot adequately address the major global issues facing us. If it is an individual being environmentally conscious - wonderful... If a city, great. If a state, even better. But if it is only one state - it cannot cause success in an interexistent and interconnected Reality. All the grand challenges must be resolved and fulfilled in global community, and this community structure must necessarily arise outside of the existing and entrenched political structures which already exist. At the same time, that global community must entirely revolve around empowering individual and local agency and action in a decentralized and grassroots way, unified by our highest shared Vision, Identity, and Values as one family of God.

Political entities which are geared towards winning the next election, preserving power, promoting factions, etc. are not going to be the originator of the long term multi-generational multi-national thinking which is required to solve the grand challenges and accomplish the global goals.

Realizing the Will and Intention of God requires a deeper, longer term, more existential level of thought and awareness from a broad community that will drive and transform the political discussion from the inside out among multiple tribes, nations, and peoples.

Every system must take into account the ideas of imperfection and diverse variance around the Ideal at the center of each categorical structure. A system that relies on perfection and uniformity is dangerous and prone to failure.

Democracy is useful for determining priorities, directions, etc.

Once we have the priorities and directions determined we want to turn to highly expert, knowledgeable people to coordinate execution of the Vision, Strategy, and Plan. This is why governance requires multiple functions and branches.

If patient on the floor dying, do not use democracy. We turn to the most skilled doctor. If a plane is crashing, we do not use democracy, we turn to the most skilled pilot.

Society is crashing. The building is on fire. It is time to quickly get organized, and then allocate responsibility and authority for executing the strategy and plan to land humanity on a safe trajectory towards a Better Future.

If we do not know ourselves, we are very easy prey for the organizations, governments, institutions which try to exploit us. Know thyself one of the oldest and best pieces of advice.

Join the right organizations. Individual activists are largely ineffective. A group of 50, 100, 10,000, or millions of coordinated people working effectively together than can move the needle.

We want to incentivize and create economy around special organizations to destigmatize the idea that spending money on management and planning is an invalid use of charitable resources. In fact it is grossly irresponsible to not plan, manage, and hire the best managers available to execute on these causes. We want to see an alternative where there is a viable career and roadmap through socially oriented causes funded by others whose gift is making massive amounts of money in ethical ways, and giving it away.

The point is to realize something more inclusive and pervasive, which is Spirit and Consciousness that can always be relied on regardless of what is going on.

The simple way to think about energy sustainability - we are currently playing a game by taking huge amounts of carbon from under the ground and putting it into the atmosphere. We should probably not be doing this. However we must responsibly and intelligently transition our economic and energy systems so that billions of poor people do not suffer and die.

A hypothesis is small modular nuclear, rolled out at scale, to electrify the world and lift up the poor, as we responsibly transition towards a fully regenerative energy future.

There is already a subsidy that anything that burns oil or gas is consuming the carbon capacity of the oceans and atmosphere soil - there is already a giant subsidy.

In financial reporting, understand and identity the sources of variance. whether it is from change orders, gains or loss vs. production, several contributors and divide up variance accordingly.

Think thorugh how to build strong network effects into teh system - growing bonu pool resulting from more and more poeple being present.

Ultimately our goal is to give a 30% stake in the economy to the workers who are making the economy happen. what is the comparison to 30% of US GDP to wages paid to the workers each year total compensation. long term sustainable model to give at least 10% back to the Lord, 30% to workers making it happen, jointly and transparently co-steward the remaining 60% intelligently.

Study how GDP is currently distributed. what portion given to non-profits, to government, to workers, to owners of capital - then come up with a new model that we put in place in a prototype.

30% stake stewarded by team leaders on the local level. attempting to push down the idea of ownership in the activities one is doing, and free market incentives to the lowest level possible, such that the laborer digging a trench understands the impact of his actions and efficiency and has a stake in the outcome

Writing must be done in such a way that it is understood both intellectually and emotionally.

It will have its own economy in which millions of people will be able to work inside of a new form of human organizational endeavor, which is run on the basis of community stewardship rather than ownership.

My goal is to ally and connect over a billion of God's people into a global body progressing and aiding one another on the common journey. This entity will be decentralized and will prevent hierarchical control. Including progression available in all three parts of the journey - provided as a non-profit service to humanity - not as a capital seeking endeavor. A non-profit development organization - invoking rational economic plans to facilitate and proliferate the spread to a billion people, however the curriculum will be made free to all of humanity who would like to participate in it.

We need to develop and build our own social network through the applicaation to guide people on teh journey. each person having na ID and profile that gives us information on their skills, areas of development, also connecting community to one another, outside of traditional forms of social media which are prone to manipulation, abuse, and psychological warfare we may want to insulate us from. but we want to be connected to other positive people to work harmoniously in groups.

Social network not focused so much on pictures and followers, etc., but on sincere mutual connections.

The application can become the center of a learning and community experience, with areas for progression on each plane according to your interests and goals. connection with community members. answers to frequently asked questions about the nature of issues confronting life, principles, codes of action, and a search / AI engine which helps answer pressing questions or connect people to mentors willing to coach htem through an issue. a network of thought mentors who can field issues for hte community. efficiently escalate issues to more professional groups etc. multiple levels of peer coaching, problem resolution, and trouble shooting to get people moving on the common journey, clearly addressing the main areas people get stuck, discipline, self-doubt, and helping guide them through... short video recorded messages of hop addressing the most common issues people may be facing etc. becomes a hope of positivity, joy, inspiration, place to see positive news, good things being reported, etc.

October 2018

New idea for pre-construction services... engaged in joint ventures... coalition... leading, world class precon department funded largely by the large companies in exchange for our participation JV pursuits along with world class CM and project controls systems. so we are involved as pre-construction, strategic partners, and third party oversight of the progress and costs for the international JV partners. Main value brought to JV - over time track record that says our team wins x% - teams compete to have our pre-construction department as tip of the spear. creates value for existing customers and design build alternative delivery negotiated relationships we want our community to build. Same strategic thought process that will lead us to come up with best plans for large JVs also same pre-construction we need to design and plan cities, communities, headquarters, campuses, etc.

Matlock repositioned as design build CM on larger scale, starting civil practice, and hiring world class CM people - as our clients need them. especially with current shortage of great people out there. us being able to consult out on these items (for example Jesse, or capo projects group).

The Goal - training and equipping humanity for the common journey, and constructing the environment in which progress can occur.

The principle of leverage - do what you are uniquely good at, and find other people to do the rest.

Leverage also created by moving further North on the ladder and going from enlisting people in a team or organization, to going North and enlisting organizations of organizations in broad coalitions. Boldly move North.

We need to have both goals, and a system and process to make sure those goals become reality. A Goal Delivery System.

There are not 2,600 best ways to sell or perform you task. You need to figure out the best way and have a system and process to manage accordingly - allowing for the local flourishing that comes with diverse creative application of individual talents, but generally 80% plus of the core is going to be the same.

Focus on the basics with consistent systems and processes and the scoreboard will take care of itself. - after John Wooden.

Question - does the fact that we are a contractor, architect firm, etc. - do professional designations chance requirements on who can own what types of entities? How do we deal with the diversity of domain specific legal requirements, while enabling interoperability and unity of function across the Whole?

In sales, the top people call on fewer people but write more business. The key is they call on the right people. Rifle approach, not shotgun approach.

Turn it into a process and a checklist of what they need to do to succeed.

Design activities, systems, and processes and then monitor them.

Inspect what you expect, and insist on Quality and consistency.

Call each community member on their birthday.

Look into app for photos and quick message.

Systems and processes to measure and report the performance of people, projects, and teams, as a basis for continuous improvement and decision making.

Create success guides for each position composed of the techniques, methods, top 5 things to do, top 5 things to avoid, what top performers do and others should emulate.

Consider setting up the investment fund and non-profit, that will start the development and shared services companies. Then consider putting RockForce and Matlock in a trust, with 99% of shares pledged to the non-profit. Retaining the ability to revoke the the step if the entity turns out not to be the right vehicle long term.

Need to build central strategy, planning, mentoring, and support capabilities at North end, to help the operators on the South end execute in accordance with their goals.

Ensure there is clarity on how to act and co-operate.

Beth Kanter Content Curation Primer -

Met Kieth Ferrazi - met at Toby McGuire's house - add to networking list.

Roll out Basecamp or Asana to entire organization as standard tool.

Start a regular blog on the project / mission driven community.

Micro-leadership - energetically engaging when they want things to change. Coordinating with each other and making things happen.

You get to choose the tribe you will lead through your actions as a leader. You don't need a majority or a plurality - just lead strongly and you will attract those who want to follow. How can I join forces with you? Enable you? Empower you? I would like to join forces with people already doing this. Work together, empower one another, and spark a global community of like minds.

I become all things to all people that I might win some to Christ. Neither excessively righteous or excessively foolish. Blending in. Becoming what others need us to be in order for them to experience the Love of God through us. God is not an unapproachable figure in a certain form, but takes many forms according to the needs, meeting each individual and locality where they are.

The public support test - 1/3 - used as the reason we need to raise the additional endowment. I would like to actuate the structure, in order to do it I need commitments of at least $X million because I am not permitted by law to self-fund it. So I need a group of people who are going to commit to be co-developers and make this happen with me.

The flexible, fast, free power of a tribe or coalition that doesn't have to be contained within a formal organization or company.

Larry Keeley - Doblin Group - noted innovation firm.

Redefining the operating system for people, projects, organizations and humanity.

Decentralized, peer-based coaching and accountability. 4 steps.

  1. Clear vision. Passion. Mission. Values.

  2. Definitive written plans of action for translating vision into reality. Include definition of specific activities, timelines, responsiblities to cause success.

    1. Measurement and tracking of whether written plan of action is staying on track.
    1. Accountability - decentralized peer-coaching and accountability structure rather than centralized command and control structure.

Decentralized and empowered teams working towards The Goal.

We are attempting to assemble a federation of decentralized teams, operating inside of the world's industries, at world class levels, generating massive resources, and jointly stewarding and applying those resources to solve the world's grand challenges and accomplish the global goals. this puts the power of the economy back into the hands of the people rather than large corporations.

Bring statistical tracking and controls to each production operation.

Identify what the bottleneck resource is and monitor its production throughout the day.

Identify the support pieces (feeding paths) and their efficiency and monitor production throughout the day.

Transform to a technology and statistically enabled company as a means to control at much greater scale. Think through the critical things I would be looking for on any jobsite if I were to personally visit, and develop ways to discern whether those things are happening among decentralized autonomous teams.

If we eliminate scarcity, unlock co-opetition, and cause markets to become non-extractive globally - we will continue to leverage our ability on North side to coalesce resources, teams can operate autonomously performing those tasks that are now widely available.

Evaluate whether we might be able to outsource key aspects to organizations that are already doing this globally that could plug us into their technology at a far lower cost - or whether we need to create it.

Answer the question of Why construction? Oldest industry in the world. Industry size. Relative lack of technology.

Check out Valve open sourced employee manual.

Incentive compensation allocations on an anonymous peer to peer basis vs. top down.

Rather than trying to centrally plan, predict, and control growth - we are going to create the conditions in which the community can manage the rate.

Let the community set the pace.

We are born loving our selves. It is only through education and perhaps fear of parents and society that we learn to do what is right. Otherwise we find that children naturally have the propensity to do what is convenient. To lie, to steal. only through very persistent teaching that a child is formed. Spare the proverbial rod, spoil the child.

It is only through the education of the heart and mind that humanity, starting with the youth, can be trained up in righteousness and the way they should go, that ultimately results in transformational change. it is not an intellectual realization. It is a long difficult period of training and transformation. Even when we are taught intellectually, we might find a measure of goodness, of following rules and obligations, yet we are still inherently selfish. It is only through the transforming influence of God's Spirit that we are transformed from the inside out, and filled with God's Love to the point it can overflow out of us in Love and Service of God, humanity, and all creation.

The Fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom. We must have an idea in our minds of a Higher Standard that we are accountable to in order to act wisely. We must have a belief in God, something outside of us, in order to act in accordance with the timeless and eternal laws God has given us. Why should I be Good cannot be answered - if good is just an opinion. What is the measure? When we say that something is more Good than something else, we are appealing to an outside objective standard that something conforms more closely to. This Ultimate Standard is God. We are made in the image of God, we are being conformed to the image of God. Conformed eternally closer to His Image. Understanding His Wisdom, Values, eternal Principles, and merging and forging our life to be in closer accordance to them with the aid of the Holy Spirit.

A platform and a philosophy empowering mission and values people to do what they do best.

November 2018

Capital - Development - Architecture and Engineering - Construction - Operations - Maintenance

Integrated alternative lean delivery across the value chain.

X is a platform that is gathering a community of mission and values driven top performers to deliver outstanding performance while prototyping a new way for humanity to organize people and capital in the world.

Vilfredo Pareto discovered that often 80% plus of the results in a realm are produced by 20% of the people.

Building on this principle, combined with a pure focus on culture, values, and community.

Creating a platform where a subset of the top 20% who believe in the mission driven vision, values, and credo are gathering to reshape the industry.

Generating economic success that is transformed into programs of integrated development that can lift up all humanity and creation.

While the work we do literally reshapes the world, we have a profound belief that the greatest edifice we are building is not any specific project, but the community, conditions, and environment that is conducive for the individuals in the community and humanity to construct the built environments suitable for the common journey. If this is you, whether you are a potential client, trade partner, co-worker - we are seeking believers.

Organizational structure - we are organized very unusually, in that we view our selves as an integrated community, each striving to find our areas of passion, development, and highest value creation for the world around us, while progressing on our common journey.

100% of the equity value of the shares is pledged to the non-profit to operate as a perpetual platform. We operate on the basis of stewardship rather than ownership. To that end we are launching a prize - awarding $20k who comes up with the winning structure for how to create a stewardship based multi-generational legal platform for heavy operating companies to operate on. Targeting close September 30, 2019, with new legal structure in place for community ready for launch January 2020.

How can I help?

  1. Drink Tea

  2. Donate - crowd sourcing a 100 million endowment to create long term financial stability and capacity. Every $5 helps, or better yet, if you can please become a monthly supporter

  3. Pray - prayer is the most important part.

  4. Tell your friends -

Create a shareable link to a video that explains what we are doing.

Purpose - Platform - Community - Culture - Values

Think through how to create a Team approach to tackling projects, ratings of people by skill sets, that allow teams to self-form to tackle projects based on skills, abilities, rating, chemistry -

Baseball cards that inform team formation and selection

Illuminating potential deficiencies or gaps as teams are formed

Possibly creating the operator teams - independent contractors managing themselves - guild structure with teams

A shift from capital owned and controlled economy - to economic platforms where free agents can interact, create value, and know that the resources are being properly stewarded to advance our shared goals and values.

When Jesus spoke of the Kingdom, he spoke in parables. Think through the parables and metaphors that help people understand gradually over time.

Quarterly updates on what is happening in the community - to our full networks.

The thing I care about most in the progress of human souls on the common journey towards God, both individually and collectively.

The Wisdom to understand and advance how people are likely to respond, their hopes and fears and objections, and get out ahead of it to give them a different and more useful paradigm, before their fears are realized in their internal self-talk.

Who is the client? What is the unique pain point that you are trying to solve? How do you construct a compelling narrative around it?

Protecting your Self from the structures and continuity of the past - it is almost impossible to perceive when your strengths in the structures that have made you successful are going to start working against you.

One way is to create these 5 year plans where you have a plan to go out of business or be dramatically disrupted. Such that if it blows up there are other tranches you can be working on.

The separation of the organization from the tax, financial, HR, and administrative functions allows for larger orgs to be served well, while smaller orgs and initiatives are not overwhelmed by the weight or immune system of the mother ship.

Independent self-managed units measured on a holistic P&L instead of a hierarchical system run by middle management.

If the relationship between the cost paid to the organization and the cost incurred on an account transparently tracked at appropriate hourly rates of exchange, and profitability shown with a stated target - and client and service provider work together to keep the service provider profitable and help the client reduce their expenses.... dashboard that said - congratulations, efficiency is up - if we can keep working together, we should be able to reduce your costs in the future - co-management towards predetermined profit target, continuously improving the quality and quantity of value created while driving costs towards zero.

View new projects, new co-workers, initiatives as seedlings that need careful tending over the first critical period of time.

As you bend the twig, so grows the tree.

Staff on demand - Francis - Invisible Tech.

Each month - put our selves in the midst of a 12 month forward and backward look on graphs that charts forecasts, actual, trailing - trajectories and trends

each person has a baseball card, and a development path, charting best fit for org, passions and desires against skills, including 360 degree feedback, that rates skills fit, cultural fit, opportunities for progression, where they can provide most value in org 3 years from now assuming proper training and development.

December 2018

There are a few critical things to the future success of human beings in this universe.

  1. Overcoming the factional, divisive thinking - by uniting around timeless eternal principles and first truths, looking for coalition to sign onto the first principles manifesto

  2. The development of whoel human beings in accordance with operating system - spiritual, intellectual, physical, starting with the individual and increasing into awareness of the interconnected state of all human beings and our planet.

  3. The structuring of a new kind of multi-generational stewardship platform in which economic activity can be leveraged for the benefit of human kind, and not just capital or government.

  4. The construction of the basic infrastructure, systems, processes for humanity as an inherent resource generation and allocation engine to enable and empower the coalition

The project is to unite a billion person strong super-community, united around eternal Wisdom, values, and first principles, which forsakes the temporal and narrow spirit of factional thinking, in favor of broad multi-generational thinking about stewardship of the common human journey.

We have several basic projects.

  1. The construction of the infrastructure necessary for human progression -

  2. Community

  3. Human development

  4. Prioritized action on the most critical issues facing us - specifically relating to living out the true religion of caring for those in need.

Go out as a champion for the poor, and emower them to build the world's infrastructure, creating a stream of opportunities for those in need.

Help each community pass a building code - that can appropriately complexify as the communities develop.

We are a Way of life. Therefore we can move from sector to sector.

For these kind of bold ventures, always understand and cap the downside.

Customer centric - running every day like the kind of high end restaurant where the owner is present every day.

Make bold moves, but make sure there is always a way out if things go wrong.

Bold moves with bold moves to protect the downside risks.

We are bold in our thinking. We are bold in our risk taking. We are bold in our execution. We are bold in our risk mitigation. Protecting the downside.

Launch Mission Driven Coffee and Tea - access to world's best drinks, with 100% of profits going to build the community.

To translate God's Intention for the world into Reality. To transform the world in accordance with God's Intention.

"You may not know it, my friends, but it is estimated that we spend $500,000 to kill each enemy soldier, while we spend only fifty-three dollars for each person classified as poor, and much of that fifty-three dollars goes for salaries to people that are not poor. So I was increasingly compelled to see the war as an enemy of the poor, and attack it as such."

MLK on Vietnam

If you could talk to one person who would help you move this forward, who would it be?

Nate Ellis - connection to Qualcom reach - non-profit distributing tablets abroad

January 2019

Consider engaging universities - Pepperdine, UCLA, Biola, USD, etc. to create projects around the concepts - as well as adjunct teaching opportunities.

What happens if the right thing to do is different than the policy? Explain to a friend or your integrator why you think the policy needs to be deviated from to make sure you are not missing something, then of course break the rules to do the Wise Right Thing. We never follow policies into stupid actions. The point of policy is continuously improve correct action. So the correct action is more important than the policies, and the policies must be continuously transformed to become more and more correct over time.

The actual cost of a bottleneck is the cost of the entire cost of the system, divided by the number of hours the bottleneck produces. The total cost of the system for an hour is the cost of an hour lost on the bottleneck.

People not working according to plan - same concept on The Goal - management by constraints - if people are working on activities that do not create throughput of The Goal - then they are wasting time and resources and hiding excess capacity.

Weekly operations debrief

Explore creating a system-based-software for aggregate management that would constantly monitor efficiency, bottlenecks, process, etc. throughout the whole system, and in the varying sub-systems.

Policy on shopping - use comparative shopping services to find great prices, narrow down to documented top 3, and make the wise right decision.

I am expecting that each one of you is operating with full responsibility, accountability, and authority as the leader of your business unit. Nothing can wait on me, and I cannot be involved in any of the day to day processes or matrix. I will be confining my activities to vision, strategy, and architecture, and leaving the execution, problem solving, and hand to hand combat completely up to you.

Dashboard with daily updates on the Hotlist for each project - key production metrics, key issue tracking - so we see at a glance what is happening on each project, and how the major issues are being resolved.

Although some of our organizational ideas have continued and will continue to change, we are on a trajectory towards The Kingdom that will not change. We are simply trying to do the right thing at each step. One of our first steps is to get the foundations and discipline in the structure in place in terms of people, systems, technology, and leadership to make what we want to do possible.

High caliber international design and construction firm. Walk into a place with new eyes, as if you are inheriting it for the first time. Forgetting that the systems, procedures in place are ones we have designed. Have humble new eyes towards the best plan to carry forward. Honoring and building on the past, while being absolutely intent on putting in place best practices and world class infrastructure, and ensuring that every decision, process, piece of technology is fit for the mission.

Reading lists for each person.

Lionsberg - co-creating a better world.

Lionsberg is born out of the premise that God has called us to co-create with Him, in community, a better world in accordance with the timeless advice He has given us throughout the millennia.

The simple fact is that we are billions strong, spread among every tribe, nation, people, culture, language, and religion - who, when labels are stripped away hold the same fundamental core values of Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, Wisdom and Community, and desire to see the world transformed in accordance with those timeless values and the will and intention of God.

Our project is to convene and call together those who believe in these fundamental Values, to examine the structures of our daily lives and world, and co-create with God and One Another a better world that more closely aligns.

If a system is dominated by capital, it will fail.

If it is dominated by government, it will fail.

If it is dominated by factions or special interest groups, it will fail.

The only sustainable solution is a broad based coalition with a common set of values, and a common Vision, working together each day to play their unique role in translating shared Vision and Values into Reality.

February 2019

Reflections from Shihan - the church has lost the Way - worried about buildings instead of caring for their own. The church should keep track of who in the congregation is in need, and check in with them regularly, not just one visit.

Proofread everything before it goes out.

The relationship between a teacher and student is like father and son spiritually. The son may wander, but the father's love is always there.

If you go the Way of teaching with Love, you will have constant turbulence and disappointment. Be ready for it, and be strong.

Three ways of fighting.

  1. Sport fighting

  2. Fighting to the death

  3. Fighting where you work together - we work together, and we will do it through push hands.

How do we think about teaching Duty to Self, Duty to Others, Duty to our Teachers?

Assistant - Progress check-ins throughout the week, making sure people are on track across the Network of Commitments.

The greatest human accomplishments have come from teams of teams working together towards a common goal.

My role is not that of an authoritarian leader, but a co-creator with God and the community of an environment that will cause humanity to thrive and be successful, and the education of humanity regarding how to live, co-operate, and flourish within that environment.

March 2019

As we co-create this structure for human endeavor, the goal is to make it harmonious with the broader structure that God has created, and not antithetical to it as so many existing organizations and structures are.

When we align our structures with the Way that God intended them to be and the first principles that God has given us, humanity can live within those structures in the Way they were intended to live in the world, and there is no dichotomy. Life can become a more seamless, integrated experience of harmony and integrity, living out the unique purpose that God has created each of us for, within the context of a coordinated body co-operating lovingly and effectively in the world.

Stabilization, growth, and addition of economic operating engines.

Two different components of competence:

  1. general personality, skill set, cognition, general management, leadership skill set - which can be applied to any specific arena or general admin, yielding a certain result.

  2. Technical expertise in specific economic value chains in the world, and the ability to contribute to those value chains to create Value.

There are multiple components to pay

  1. Education

  2. Wisdom / Experience / Knowledge

  3. Innate Ability, Personality, Skill, Cognition - to organize and apply that knowledge based on leadership ability, general management ability, etc.

  4. Geography

  5. Technical ability to contribute to specific value chain

For each audience, what is in it for me. If I write a big check or donate a business, what happens? How does it affect my family?

A very efficient fund of funds that funds only organizations that are operating according to the Way, aligned strategic plan, measurable results, etc.

April 2019

I am working on a project called Lionsberg, which is the creation of a platform and gathering place for indivdiuals, organizations, and resources united for the purpose of designing and building a better world.

Why? Our observation is that we are at a significant inflection point in the course of human history. A groundswell of education, knowledge, information sharing, and interconnectedness as a global community has led to a new collective consciousness and zeitgeist in which a whole generation is rising up, questioning the existing institutions and operating systems of humanity, and demanding a change in those areas they perceive as out of alignment with their core values and fundamental Truth.

They are viewing with great frustration and anger the existing systems which are not Just or Fair or Generous or Loving, and which concentrate resources and power in the hands of a small number of higherarchically empowered actors who are not necessarily acting as wise stewards in the best interest of humankind and the Living System.

As a result we are witnessing the simultaneous cracking and collapse of many historic institutions around the globe.

This in turn is tearing at the cultural fabric that has held many people groups together, and at a time when many are rightly perceiving things out of balance, demanding redress...

The Way to get that is through Unity and Common Purpose.

We are witnessing profound disagreement as to what constitutes basic Truth and Facts, and we are in an extremely divisive, fractioned societal moment, which is being fed and reinforced by the very technological platforms that made the initial awareness, connection, and action possible at scale.

Historical context of upward trajectory of humankind.

Validate the liberal and conservative reactions against each other's extremes.

Empathize - it is not surprising that we find our selves here. you are not alone. there are millions and millions of other people feeling the same way you feel.

the reality is we are all reacting to a system that we know does not adequately reflect Truth, and we are seeing different sides of the same problem, and different ways of reaching the solution.

The Starting Point is to return to agreement on fundamental Truth and the timeless Wisdom that we can find at the heart of each of our wisdom traditions.

We must first clearly agree on what constitutes Truth before we can have constructive dialogue.

The Good News is that there is a compelling Way out - a Way to restore unity and understanding.

That is through a return to the timeless Wisdom, Principles, and Values that God has lovingly given us.

What if...

  • we created archetypes and practices for each.

  • The Way of the Warrior... the nurturer, the creator, the merchant, the farmer, the artist...

In our Way, we do not regard rank or hierarchy, and yet we honor the heroes and those who have gone before us.

We rely on each person in the Body to do what they best equipped to do, that aligns their skills, passions, gifts, talents, and abilities with the needs of the community they serve.

Thus the beginning of our Practice, we acknowledge the Higher Power, and we show gratitude to those teaching the class.

The intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual training to bring your whole self into alignment with your spirit, its purpose, and the present moment.

Every day is precious, we must not waste a single one.

In the same Way, each moment in precious.

Thus, as we practice, we form smaller and smaller circles, starting with basic awareness, learning to capture maybe a week, then days, the 15 minute periods of action, then ultimately becoming present in each moment, as a conduit of the Spirit of God, eliminating the ego / false self.

Time to do... jumping jacks, pushups, situps, plank, squats - big full body movements.

Sometimes in unison, sometimes each person doing as many as they are capable of in the time allotted.

We are teaching the Spirit of Power, Love, and Sound Mind - transitioning from a spirit of fear through healing physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma.

Misoon's practice - systematize, train, expand, identify and make available to people in the community.

Requires identification of those with the natural gift and intuition for healing.

Explore merging, acquiring - a platform to make the Human Development Initiative Journey available to All.

Lionsberg is a growing confederation of individuals and organizations united for the purpose of designing and building a better world.

Operating in accordance with the Lionsberg Way, on the Lionsberg Platform.

Lionsberg consists of multiple elements

  1. Spiritual Community - a global spiritual community comprised of individuals and organizations operating in accordance with the Lionsberg Way. Spiritual community - open with an initial network of churches - what we can offer to churches - financial solidarity, support each other through x, y, z, maintaining the individual autonomy of groups within the network, but sharing resources, profits and losses at the second degree level to help weather storms, downturns, etc.

  2. Schools - We are setting out to transform education through the establishment of primary and secondary education around the world, starting with schools for disadvantaged youth.

What about the wild idea of merging non-profits -

  • backstopping finances

  • consolidating assets

  • Using it as a platform to launch educational mission

Also see if there are several churches in pastors fellowship who would form a second degree coalition to start uniting the force for good.

Mapping projects, resources and needs across the constituents.

Setting up Oath and Ritual around martial arts training - we are teaching you a distillation of some of the most efficient, damaging, and deadly techniques and philosophy distilled from a variety of arts, which are only used to teach you about your true inner power, your agency in the world, to build confidence, character - accordingly, these teachings come along with a complete development journey... to build the knowledge, the character, and the strength of soul to be able to wield these techniques for good in the world.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

If there is any evidence in our sole judgment that these techniques may be misused by the individual being taught, we will immediately terminate instruction.

This is an invitation to a holistic journey of self-development, inner strength, and unlocking the life that you were destined for.

This is not to be taken lightly. It is a Way of life.

Before you start on your journey, we would like you to read the following book, which briefly outlines the journey you are embarking on, and some of the obligations that will come with the acquisition of this knowledge.

In addition to teaching you how to kill, we will also teach you how to heal, both your self and humanity around you. Healing comes from the top down and the inside out, through spiritual power and knowledge, intellect, and our collective inheritance of Wisdom that God has made freely available to us should we choose to access it.

God's Wisdom on helping humanity and struggling people - that really is the mission. God has instructed us to care for the least of these, to turn back those who are falling away, to keep everyone progressing.

Therefore we are creating a network of mentoring, coaching and support to minister to the needs of those who many be hurting.

Somebody recently said to me "nobody wants a 65 year old pastor" - the world desperately needs your wisdom, your capacity, your caring. Please come serve with us.

Idea - create a clock / dashboard tracking the project manhours and measurable impact.

Every person who interacts with Lionsberg is given a Identity.

Put groups of pastors, teachers, seniors through training to become Lionsberg Guides.

  • in app each day, ask how are you? do you need help?

  • Would you like a call from a counselor?

  • Everyone knowing they have access every day to assistance, with an ability to log and track needs, and coalesce the resources to meet those needs.

What is the relationship between the moterhship advisory counsel, and the sub-non-profit boards. As orgs join under the banner, how does it affect authority, shared resources, etc.? How do we create a compelling reciprocal platform that snowballs engagement and Kingdom inter-connection.

Self-sustainability - our project is uniquely self-sustaining and exponential, in that we are entirely self-funded in current state, and each piece we add to the snowball adds to generativity. We are seekign development capital for the acquisition and integration of new entities to add to the economic, social, and spiritual snowball.

How do we measure the impact / ROI monetarily, spiritually and socially each time a member is added such that when we present target projects to the community, we have clear spiritual, social, economic, and ecological measurements of the deal. Then netowrking forward to find wealthy foundations looking for good opportunities. Engage them in a world class passionate manner to engage their hearts and minds in what is possible - that is the exact need of their platform - that leads not only to a series of giving opportunities - but also the potential to become the multi-generational stewardship platform for the foundations resources.

One realization we have come to is that there is way more capital in teh world than great opportuniteis to deploy that capital.

We have observed oufndations struggling to find excellent well run non profits and causes to impact the world.

we are looking to resolve that through creating a platform that matches with financial resources with some of the most curated, highest payoff activities available in both the for-profit and non-profit spaces.

We are building platform to meet not only the for-profit investment needs, but also the non-profit charitable needs of the holders of God's resources in teh world.

We are looking for those who understand that they are stewards and not owners of the capital and resources they possess, who are looking for partners to help deploy that capital in for-profit and non-profit high-impact initiatives.

Note potential opportunity to find a lake property - working with economic community dev agency for permission to land plane on lake.

Cornerstone - a confederation of spiritual communities coming together in unison, providing economic stability and greater resources, expertise, and capacity to everyone in the community.

All community members equipped with Human Development Initiative, and a second tier community for financial solidarity, look at how captive insurance groups run in this regard - and self-insured - providing mentorship, stability, groups of pastors meeting together, holding one another accountable, solving problems...

Convene and integrate, Vistage, self-insured philosophy - to create teams of teams across broader community spanning spiritual congregations in a multi-denominational way.

What is the wisest platform that we could make to aggregate and coordinate spiritual communities around the world - providing mutual ballast, stability, resources, opportunity, growth, coordination, etc.?

Pastors serving as chaplains not only for their congregation, but also for the broader community, engaging people with the hope of getting them into the Human Development Initiative, helping them find their place, peer groups, pastors, all coming together to Love one another, serve together, help each other grow, build community, create impact, transform their lives and their world.

Add to weekly report - Vision, Wisdom, Planning, Execution, Performance Management, Continuous Evolution... what did you do this week to make the community 1% better?

Note the consistent architecture of the mormon churches - classy, timeless, unified, stone plaques.

The development of signature architecture across all campuses. Roof types and markings, visible from the air when you fly over. Instantly recognizable when you drive by.

Set KPIs around number of collaborators, and for each collaborator, # of hours worked on a rolling basis.

Thought leadership for humanity.

Vision. Strategy. Design. Planning. Catalyze - finance, development, incubation. Build - Execute. Evolve. Consulting, evaluation, and continuous improvement... on the OneLionsberg Platform. Operate and Maintain.

EnVision. Plan. Catalyze. Design. Build. Operate. Maintain. Evolve.

The Lionsberg Way - including IPD.

The Lionsberg Platform.

People. Projects. Properties. Teams. Organizations. Communities. World.

Success. Significance. Work. Life. For Profit. Non Profit. Relationships. Purpose. Passion.

No dichotomies, no divisions, one global Body.

We are seeking to re-integrate lives - out of many, One - taking fractured lives and communities and bringing unity, consistency, and integrity in every day life. fractured lives, communities, churches, - bringing unity, purpose, passion, success, significance.

Redesign. Reimagine. Reintegrate. Rebuild.


Evolve - organizational coaching and development in accordance with the Lionsberg Way - in exchange for 10% of increased profitability to the NP fund.

Things you should know.

We are not perfect.

We are a community of flawed humans on a Quest towards The Goal.

We are trying to do our best.

We show up every day and work hard to try to put our values into action, and hold our Selves accountable to The Standard.

I am a flawed human.

Far enough along in my spiritual journey to realize that I must lay down my life for the sake of humanity and all creation.

We believe that all humans deserve the dignity of living, working, learning, growing and operating within structures that are founded on eternal Wisdom and Truth.

We are therefore setting about the unification of the foundations of the good in the world to present a globally coordinated alternative to the fractured divisive systems powered by fear and greed.

The sponsor of HDI / ODI / The Way

Core tenants - Solidarity between members and organizations, subordinated nature of capital - instead of capital enscripting human resources, humans leading the way and putting capital to proper use, dignity of work and integration of values and human development with what we do everyday, seeing them not as separate, but as integrated, coherent, and whole, coordination and cooperation rather than competition.

Define the second degree network that encompasses all the individual entities.

A gathering place and operating system for individuals and organizations united for the purpose of reimagining, redesigning, and rebuilding our world.

Lionsberg is the operating system for a new era of social and economic solidarity.

Lionsberg an operating platform for a new era of social and economic organization.

Define the operating system from the ground up...

  • starting with an individual that can move around

  • join teams

  • join orgs

  • join projects

  • allowring for creation of technological paltform with numerous positive network effects.

Lionsberg Identity. Individual, Team, Entity IDs.

Map the different ways we can work, different configurations.

Freely you have received, now freely give... back out of the abundance that God has given to you...

Coaching and development, creating success, fueling reciprocity.

Instead of settling or sub-optimizing - really contemplate the end state of what is required, the Efficient Path to get there, and raise the money to make it happen.

We need take an architects view and the run the basic platform and structure for society - the basic framing, plumbing, of what society needs to run on - built it that way from scratch so it operates efficiently from the ground up.

This will become an incredible competitive advantage - leaving behind the past for the Future.

If we essentially construct a new Operating System that is way more efficient than the Old One, the Old one will not be able to iterate and get back up to speed quickly enough to be competitive.

Talk with Steve Murrow, Paul Moote, Adane Cento, Adam Trimm about the possible creation of a super-program-management entity.

Define a scalable way to accomplish the M&A snowball, for instance by studying AECOM model of growth through M&A. How do we create a highly efficient scalable platform to remove the headwind from M&A as we go share our vision and story?

What is the speed and pace at which we can aggregate organizations without sacrificing the stability of the Whole?

Build from the start with the universal data and accounting center that can make sense of infinite expansion in any direction while keeping the data organized, and allowing for a diverse array of local systems.

How to expand healing practices to make wellbeing and healing accessible and affordable to All.

All we can do is trust people with opportunities. Bring together co-creators and collaborators, and have each person reap what they sow. Like the parable of the talents.

The question for each person is what are you doing to be a net positive to the resources and flourishing of the Whole? Each leaf on a tree has to draw in power from the sun and feed it in, and in turn derives its life and substance from the tree.

Lionsberg is a platform and operating system for a new era of (wisdom and values driven social and economic (stewardship)(organization).

Lionsberg is an operating platform for a New Era of ()

  • Collaboration

  • Community

  • Socioeconomic Organization

  • Wisdom

  • Values

In light of the massive power of capital and government in the world, and the inextricably linked ties to their mutual success, we must create an economic and social Ark - which is an alternative place - for our organized social and economic lives.

Create a living, open source, boundaried, environment - in which human can co-create - a living, breathing thing that replicate, reproduce itself....

what are the resources that God put into the world to allow for this kind of flourishing creation, rearranging, building, failing, dying, wiping out without ever sacrificing the whole.

We find with a lot of our clients and companies we consult with that they often do not realize WHAT IS POSSIBLE. stage one is vision. Stage 2 is planning.

What do we do in community?

Work, organize, develop, dream, serve, organize, steward our shared resources in reciprocal symbiotic relationship.

Lionsberg - Operating platform for a New Era of Wisdom, Values, and Flourishing in Community.

What do we do in Community?

  • We discern

  • We plan

  • We work

  • We organize

  • We serve

  • We steward our shared resources and existence

  • We reciprocate in symbiotic relationship

The Way of Wellness

The Way of Development

The Elevation Initiative is designed to bring transformational change to communities through the world based on human development and campuses focused on lifting up and empowering youth.

There is a growing global awareness that we are reaching a historic inflection point. Many of the organizations and institutions that we have historically looked to to inform our identity and social structure are increasingly being questioned, as the spread of information and truth connects people.

There is a growing collective consciousness among those who are correctly observing that hte institutions we were raised to believe in are not acting in accordance with the Way. and are compromising rather than nurturing, exploiting rather than protecting the humans and ecosystems they were established to serve.

The One Body initiative seeks to invite those from many traditions into a transcendent post-nationalist, post-denominational community of those who seek Light, Life, Justice, and Goodness in teh world. These people comes from many tribes, nations, peoples, and denominations and ought to be laboring side by side as a coordinated global body to live our our shared beliefs and the timeless Wisdom, Principles, and Values that lie at the heart of our most sacred traditions.

X is part of a broader mission to create a New Platform for mission and values driven community across a number of different industry verticals.

Top performers create immense value through the work we do every day. What if that Value was secured for us, our stakeholders, God, and humanity within a multi-generational stewardship structure that was built to be completely consistent with timeless Wisdom and our shared Values?

Our communities are led and informed by 1. Timeless Wisdom 2. Cross-cultural shared Values 3. The Common Journey of humanity.

Lionsberg is an operating platform for a New Era of Mission and Values driven social and economic organization led and informed by 1. Timeless Wisdom 2. Cross-cultural shared Values 3. The Common Journey of humanity.

We operate on the basis of transparent multi-generational stewardship, rather than public or private narrow ownership.

Lionsberg stewards a growing portfolio of for-profit and non-profit endeavors, led and informed by ().

Rather than a company that employs human resources, we are a community of passionate, thriving mission and values driven people who are endeavoring to co-create a social, spiritual, and economic ecostyem to co-operate in, which accords entirely with our Vision , Values, and soul's journey through Life.

In order to release the funds from the stewardship vehicle, we must continually satisfy the tests to show we are a publicly supported non-profit, therefore we must raise a substantial amount of funds.

Rather than prioritize our own narrow financial gain, we have created and given away, for the benefit of humanity and all Creation...

Our goal is to be the #1 preferred operating platform for our trade partners, clients, and co-creators to operate with.

Lionsberg is an operating platform that enables mission and values-driven individuals, teams, and communities to work together for the good of humanity.

Wisdom and Values centered business and life.

We are reimagining, redesigning, and rebuilding for a new era of social and economic global community, led and informed by 1. Timeless Wisdom 2. Cross Cultural Shared Values, and 3. Our Common Journey.

We are reviving and restoring the timeless Wisdom, Principles and Values that flow from God as the proper center of leadership and focus across all our endeavors, whether for-profit or non-profit.

Demonstrate that there is a better Way to design and build better lives and a better world that starts with putting 1. Timeless Wisdom 2. Cross Cultural Shared Values and 3. Our Common Human Journey back at the heart of all we do. Taking the hand of partnership freely offered to us by God, and accomplishing amazing things together.

For Individuals, Lionsberg offers the opportunity to co-operate within a community constructed to be completely consistent with our shared values, eternal principles, and our common human journeys. Rather than going to work in a privately or publicly owned structure for the benefit of capital, we get to work together in community to help one another progress as humans, generate resources to care for our families and one another, and steward the excess resources that are created for the long term growth of our community and the betterment of humanity.

How do you attract the brightest hearts and minds?

Every day is like a block of work placed in the edifice we are building with our lives.

If we place that block on a foundation of sand, such as a company extractively operated for the benefit of shareholders, then all of that Value comes to nothing. You can still have a meaningful life, but all that you do and create every day is passing away from the moment of its creation. Everything built on the sand is passing away. Things built on the Rock can last. If we can get people building within structures completely founded on spiritual Truth, Wisdom, and Values, that persist for multiple generations for the good of humanity, then rather than capital being absorbed and destroyed we are actually working together to build something of lasting value - the cathedral of humankind which can then continue to grow, operate, benefit, and lift humanity and the entire living system up through the generations. Inside, we need to design and organization that has all of those cultural elements, so that when people are evaluating working in the New or the Old paradigms, it is not only more purposeful, but also a truly world-class co-operating environment in which Life is flourishing. Benefits. Culture. Compensation. Shared Resources. Commons. We can do all that at an even higher level, because capital and resources are not getting sucked out to shareholders, there will be far greater abundance to reinvest in the ecosystem and community. It is about tearing down the false dichotomy between service and significance on the weekends, and work during the week. We want to create a community where we get to go to work and do what we are passionate about as the principle focus of our lives, serving alongside others who are also advancing on the Uncommon Journey, helping one another develop, working together, serving in non-profits together, doing amazing community events. Instead of going to church for an hour on Sundays, and then working and existing in structures that don't match anything you are learning about, it is an opportunity to build a different kind of community that integrates all those principles together. The cross-cultural shared values are the basics that all cultures teach their children, whether in church, synagogue, or around the campfire. You could try to identify 3 to 6 words, and say that the values are Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, Wisdom, and Liberty. Spiritual journey guided by Love and Wisdom. Intellectual journey guided by Truth and Justice (wise right thought, speech and action in all we do). Physical journey informed by stewardship of our bodies, our communities, and ultimately this amazing planet we have been entrusted with. However when you evaluate 3 to 6 words, what about integrity? and is justice more important than mercy? And what about goodness, humility, service. Instead of trying to isolate words, we are building on Timeless Wisdom, Cross Cultural Shared Values, and our Common Journey of Humanity. At every phase you will various values that come to bear in different weights and dimensions.

As my friends are considering how to exit businesses, maybe running businesses that are too small to sell so they are thinking of just shutting it down, but there is value there. Larger businsesses looking to sell to a competitor or private equity fund, which vaporizes their life's work and trades all that hard fought Value for a little bit of money that will be taxed, which they will not take with them - so it destroys their life's work. Others are looking at their children, and it is usually unlikely that just because you were born into a family, you are actually the best one suited to steward the next generation of that business, and numerous studies have shown how inordinate unearned wealth, companies, or influence transferred generation to generation usually end up destroying both the family and the Value within 2 or 3 generations. This is a different option where instead of having your creation adversely affect your family, or watching it vaporized by competition or capital, if you share these basic values and want to see your life's work preserved for the benefit of humanity and causes you care about, we have built this operating platform to be able to plug in and aggregate businesses across a variety of industries in a very systematic and intentional way, to ensure that the best of what the owner / initiator has created can survive for multiple generations, and continue to grow, be successful, and produce resources that will be transparently stewarded for the good of those creating them, humanity, and the flourishing of our planet.

The Next Era of how we need to work together as humans. This is about partnership. Stewardship. Working together in Unity towards shared Vision, with aligned Values, with people that you significantly enjoy working with. Transcending the traditional work / life, employee / employer, vendor / client relationships, and becoming an integrated community of trade partners, clients, co-workers, impact partners who all enjoy transforming their lives and world together.

May 2019

Throughout history, numerous systems of human organization have represented hopes for the elevation of humanity towards its ideal Potential. Yet these systems have proven double-edged, often departing from timeless Wisdom and cross-cultural shared values, and excessively accumulating wealth and power for their own gain, to the hinderance rather than the development of humanity.

There is a growing awareness that we have reached a historic inflection point. As we accelerate into a future that will look very different than our past, the world is in acute need of an emergent Wisdom adn Values driven global Body to wisely navigate humanity and our planet into the Next Era.

This New Era of socioeconomic organization must put our common humanity and unity under God back at the heart of all human endeavor, rather than capital or governments, which are subordinated tools to be aligned and optimized for The Goal of elevating humanity and our planet towards the fullness of Potential.

At this most critical juncture in human history, we must turn away from the dysfunctional and ineffective status quo we are mired in, and accept the opportunity to be transformed through co-creation in partnership with God and One Another towards the fullness of our Potential.

Lionsberg is a prototype and a starting point for that metamorphosis towards becoming a New Creation.

The highest level of abstraction consolidates Wisdom, lays out the Vision and Goals, establishes measures of success, and evaluates performance across the array. Implementation left up to the distributed array of millions of localities. Measure of success for the servant leader integrators in each domain of spacetime is the level to which they are progressively realizing the joint objectives in service of The Goal.

At the heart of our Wisdom traditions is a very simple notion: humankind is designed to operate in Oneness, as a coordinated Body.

The current system of denominations, factions, and division between for-profit and non-profit work does not match our basic instruction on how humanity needs to co-operate.

In a coordinated body each part plays its unique role in humility and deference to the Whole, acting effectively, coordinating, putting others before our selves, and as a result co-operating with an unheard of level of efficiency and effectiveness.

While it may sound audacious at first, we believe that all things are possible and mountains are made to be moved through faith and unity.

Instead of funding ineffective unilateral efforts by individual non-profits who are often operating inefficiently and duplicating overhead and expense, we are looking to channel a large amount of capital into a strategically coordinated Whole Earth initiative that will bring together those non-profits and individuals wise and humble enough to co-operate as parts of a coordinated Whole, realizing they can accomplish infinitely more as part of a Whole.

United As One, anything is possible. There is nothing we cannot accomplish. There is no mountain we cannot move.

Overhead and administration serves the distributed array, helping them co-operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Coordinated, joint non-profit plan, nested within the System Wide Master Plan.

Lionsberg is a mission-driven global communication dedicated to the elevation of Wisdom, Values, Humanity, and our Planet. We equip and empower a global network of for-profit and non-profit projects and teams, who share gifts, talents, and resources, and operate according to a coordinated global Vision, Strategy, and Plan.

June 2019

Define an aspirational identity. Associate brand with that identity. Help people step into it. The products and services are what help them become that person.

The core identity is God. Unity under God. Lionsberg - One Citizenship, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

How does your customer, client, humanity want to be described by others? That is the aspirational identity. Helping them facilitate the transformation of identity and become that.

Once we know who our customers want to be, that gives us the language.

For people who do not believe in the spiritual realm, the Way can be thought of as the Science of Being. It is the path and the results of the path. It is the path of righteousness. It is the Absolute towards which the faithful travel, and the path of travel.

Living the Way means to understand ones Self, "others", the universe, God, and our fundamental interexistence, and to progressively transform your Self and your world towards harmony with your Current Best Understanding of that.

Report from Mission Control once a week, that shows whether goals and objectives are staying on track via projects that are staying on track, and any slippage.

A weekly 80/20 report on each domain. Schedule. Budget. Objectives. 20% of issues that will determine 80% of the results. Are we on track.

It is important to not conflate the actual people with the Functional Accountability Chart and Position Profile. Someone can occupy multiple spots on the Functional Accountability Chart, and be operating multiple Position Profiles.

Lionsberg elevates humanity, builds transformational communities to work together in, creates exceptional value, transparently stewards resources to elevate humanity and our planet.

Lionsberg is a community that is a team of teams. Each team has a Mission. If you lead a team, you are an Integrator. Integrators are responsible for two things - 1) integrating the activities of the individual team members into the coordinated whole of their Team, and 2) integrating the Work of the Team into the coordinated Whole of Lionsberg.

Each Individual on the team has a Mission and a Role.

Each Team has a Mission.

The Team of Teams has a Mission.

The Missions all stack up, align, and support one another - from the highest level of abstraction, to the individual Missions of community members.

We co-operate on the basis of two way accountability:

  • Integrator to the team members

  • Team members to the integrator

  • Team to the Whole

  • Whole to the Team

We have two basic types of team members. Embedded team members, and free agents. Embedded team members work with a specific team on a regular basis. For example a heavy equipment operator.

Free agents are people with specific skill sets who float between numerous teams, exchanging Value with those teams. Providing Value to, and receiving Value from.

Free agents are organized into Guilds.

Guilds continuously improve Wisdom, Knowledge, and Practice.

Guilds train the trainers.

Guild trainers train team members.

Guilds monitor their unique function across the Team of Teams, by embedding and training team members in each relevant team.

All interactions between the Individual, Team, and Community are on the basis of reciprocal and symbiotic shared Value.

Value is measured in at least four ways - economic, social, environmental, and spiritual

Economic Value measured in dollars.

Social Value is measured in (community currency)

Economic resources in the system allocated on the basis of spiritual, environmental, social, and economic Value, in that order, according to Weight.

Value measured in Quality and Quantity.

Corporations, institutions, and money are all things that we created to serve us. Unfortunately, in many cases, they have come to employ and exploit us as human resources. We are turning this paradigm on its head. The organizations and economy of Lionsberg exist to serve you and to support your unique Mission and Journey.

We are building and co-creating each day in order to elevate one another and help one another and humanity achieve our Missions and progress on the Journey towards our shared Destiny.

Defining Your Mission - generally speaking, Your Mission should be something you are passionate about, qualified for, and that makes you come alive. Something that makes you feel "I was made for this".

Many people struggle to define their Mission. We are here to help. Our Mission Guides are here to serve you and help you in progressively identifying, envisioning, designing, and achieving your individual Mission of purpose and significance.

Every person in the Community is paired with a Mission Guide. Not the same as the Integrator of your current team. The Integrator of your Current Team does not control your Destiny. You control your Destiny. The Integrator of your current team is there to integrate the activities of that specific Team, for that specific Mission, in specific Time and Space.

Your Mission is whatever you can envision, design, and execute on in community in a Way that is recognized as creating symbiotic Value for you and the Community. It is limitless.

Why we can't do whatever we want, in any way we want.

If you are on a soccer team that plays according to a set of rules, and you tell the team you would like to play basketball according to a different set of rules, that team will likely tell you that you need to go find a different team that is willing to play the game you want to play.

The key to thriving is to find a Team that shares your Vision and Mission, and will agree to a set of Rules in a Way that is recognized by you, your team, and your community as creating symbiotic and reciprocal Value exchange.

If the Lionsberg Community does not currently have a Team in your area of passion or expertise, you can wait and watch until it is created, or you, as an empowered co-creator can Create a Manifesto, nail it to the wall, present it to the others, and see if you can condense the support to forge a team.

Critically, the Team must align with the overall Vision, Mission, and Values of Lionsberg, and create a symbiotic and reciprocal exchange of Value.

Do not be discouraged if your long term passion is not currently represented in the Community. The Lionsberg Community will be expanding, both organically, and through Mergers and Acquisitions of other Teams across an increasing array of for-profit and non-profit domains.

We cannot do everything at once - so we need to prioritize resources and investments. This does not mean that your Mission and Vision are not valid important. It merely means that it is not Time (yet) to activate it. Find a community, prepare your Work, and at the Wise Right Time, we will Integrate it into the Value Chain.

A thriving community, co-creating our lives and world. With the united power of co-creation with One Another and God, we can achieve anything.

We are flawed humans, in the process of partnering with God and the community to elevate and transform our Selves, humanity, and the world. I am far from the man and leader I would like to be, but please know that I am leading from my heart and doing my best to be faithful with what I have been entrusted with. As soon as you hold me up against The Standard and The Way, you will see the thousand ways, on every dimension, that I fall short of The Ideal. I am committed to getting a little better every day, and day by day transcending the things that are holding me back.

I invite you to come together in community, and to join me on that common Journey.

Our core expertise is in partnering with One Another and our Partners to co-create success of our respective missions.

Lionsberg is a thriving community of co-creators dedicated to elevating you and your mission.

Find Your Identity.

Find Your Vision.

Find Your Mission.

To engage in a transformational journey to discover and becomes the best and highest version of who we could be, individually and collectively.

This transformational journey of discovery and co-creation applies to us individually, collectively, and braodly as humanity as part of the Living

Our common Mission is to discover and become who we uniquely created to, by elevating and transforming our lives and our world.

You were created for a Purpose. You have a valuable Mission to accomplish. But we can only succeed in passionate and aligned community.

A Community and Guide, dedicated to helping you accomplish your Mission, and Become who you were uniquely created to be.

Everything but The Foundation of Lionsberg is built to transform according to the co-creative forces of those who interact with it.

Our job is to become, individually and collectively, the best and highest we were created to be. To progressively realize our Potential, by helping our world realize its Potential.

It is not magic. The path is understood. It just requires hard work, and an aligned community focused on accomplishing our shared Mission.

We come alongside you as co-stewards of your Mission and Goals, and engage in a Process to help you succeed.

Lionsberg was created to engage humanity in a transformational journey towards its Destiny.

Engaging in a transformational journey to Discover, Design, and Realize Your Vision and Mission.

Phase I: Vision and Story

Phase II: Analysis

Phase III: Engage

Phase IV: Strategy and Plan

Phase V: Action

Phase VI: Continuous Improvement

Develop, Design, and Build Infrastructure and Superstructure for the Common Journey.

Provide services and support to elevate individuals, organizations, and communities towards their Potential.

In a creative Way that puts the Creator, Creation and our Common Journey at the center of all we do.

Community service projects in every domain.

Funding, resources, and support for local teams and communities to meet the  needs and solve the problems around them with courage and compassion. Impact measurement. Story telling.

We engage individuals, organizations, and communities on a transformational journey to discover, design, and realize their Vision and Mission. (progressively realize).

Getting a little better every day requires measuring the results we are achieving, analyzing them, and using them as the basis for improvement.

Your Self. Those around you.

We are all simultaneously aligning and progressing on three Missions - our individual Mission, our Team Missions, and our Collective Mission.


Communities of Faith

Fitness Groups

Book Groups

In different seasons, times, and places, different Values Themes will rise towards the top of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Values. Across Time and Space, 90% of humanity can agree on what constitutes the Way.

The vast majority of humanity, sharing a meal, apart from divisive propaganda, can agree on the timeless Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people, societies, and nature to flourish in harmony, and therefore constitute the Way towards The Goal.

Community. Communing at a dinner table. Sharing a meal away from the divisive propaganda meant to kept us fearful and isolated. In solidarity around the Wisdom, Principles, and Values that constitute the Way.

We are on a Mission to progressively realize our Mission - individually and collectively. To figure out Who We Are, Why We Are Here, What Constitutes Success, and to accomplish that, so that on our deathbeds we are happy and fulfilled, looking back on A Life Well Lived.

Research has shown that throughout our life, our definition of success changes. People tend to get wiser as we get older. When we are confronted with death, the starkness and understanding of what is really important emerges. Studies of people on their deathbed have overwhelmingly shown that what matters is relationship, a sense of purpose, community, helping others, and that all the wealth and material things we have accumulated come to mean nothing, and end up being a source of burden and fear as we wonder what will come of them, how they might be misused, and how they might affect our heirs.

A website - the Way - laying out a series of themes, that can be validated by the timeless wisdom and writings passed on in our various cultures and traditions, regarding what constitutes the Way. As a unifying basis that allows us come together, solve issues, and discern the wise right thing to do in accordance with our shared cross cultural wisdom and values.

It is easy to fix our eyes on small nuances in the infinite complexity in the world, and split into factions and camps over issues that are on the periphery. The result is that collectivley we put our selves in immense danger. Ultimately for us to survive and thrive we must co-operate in community, converging towards shared Vision, Intention, and Values... The Way points towards convergence and unity around The Main Thing, rather than factions and divisions over secondary nuances.

What often drives us, and what we often lead with is fear.

What ought to drive us, and what we ought to lead with, is Love.

Humbly listening to and understanding One Another's Point of View, rather than being afraid of them because they are different.

We tend to try to legislate and pass laws to protect "us" from "them". What we really ought to be asking our Selves is how we help One Another spiritually transform, so that the Highest Spirit and Way flows naturally through us All.

The forces all point towards transcending our factions and divisions, towards a place of Love, Unity and Understanding with the Creator and One Another. While this may seem impossible, all of our wisdom traditions tell us this is the Way. Our Duty is not to be focused on whether we can achieve it, but rather on transformation and progressive realization of an Ideal that by definition will always remain beyond our grasp.

The definition of success is not whether we achieve Perfection, but whether we are Progressively Realizing the Highest State and Way of Being.

Our job at every moment is to recognize that a Higher State of Being is available to us, and to turn away from the destructive things, and to pursue the things that bring us into Harmony with this Higher Way.

Our fear and desire for control is constantly driving us away from one another, to duplicate efforts and build our own camps and bases of support. Rather than building an immense series of duplicate overhead structures and technologies, if we pool our resources we can have access to greater talent and technology and support than we ever dreamed was possible.

A very primary first step is to realize that neither the rich nor the government has to own the organizations and shared resources that exist to help us accomplish our individual and collective missions and goals.

Our system in which the rich own the vast majority of the productive capacity, and we labor as employee-consumer-slaves to capital is a choice.

We could also choose to set up transcendent communities which we steward in common, and which exist for the good of humanity, to help us discover, design, and fulfill our collective missions and potentials. These communities can exist as a microcosm of what broader humanity could look like if we could transcend the fear and dividing lines that keep us separate.

Our job is to continually recognize when a higher state of being is availalbe to us, to transcend the things that are holding us back, and to take a step of faith in pursuit of the Higher Way and True. In this way, the things that are more True are progressively realized and come into greater life, and the things that are less True naturally pass away as they are tested against Reality and found lacking.

We do not need to debate the past, or attempt to parcel out the damage we have collectively caused. What do need to agree that we need to be the best stewards of our planet we can possibly be, and to leave it better, more flourishing, and more diverse and abundant than we found it for future generations. And to act in accordance with our Current Best Understanding of what constitutes harm and elevation of the living system. Things that elevate and transform the world should be supported and improved. Things that harm the earth should be stopped. Things that elevate and transform humanity should be supported and improved. Things that harm humanity should be stopped. Things that elevate timeless wisdom, values and the way should be supported. Things that harm timeless wisdom, values and the way should be stopped. Things that elevate Wisdom, Truth, and Understanding should be supported, and things that sow deceit, division, fear, and isolation should be stopped. Things that promote Justice and Equality and the elevation of individual humans should be supported. Things that promote injustice, poor distribution, and the exploitation of humans should be stopped.

Things are not as fixed as they appear. Governments, corporations, etc. all seem very permanent. However they are constantly being tested, and they rise and fall like waves of the sea. Our world is not as fixed as it seems, and if we believe and see clearly and act with Faith and Persistence, the things that seem most solid and unshakeable can be moved like the mountains.

We think government simply is the way that it is, yet the world orders rise and fall every 50 to 250 years throughout the millennia. We think that national boundaries simply are the way that they are, yet look at how they have changed in the last 100 years. These things are just ephemeral human creations that come and go. They are created by man, and are not part of the underlying Reality of the universe that we occupy. In our true universe, all is one. Everything is interexistent. All the warring nations, factions,  divisions, and denominations are those we have created out of ignorance and a lack of understanding of the Ultimate proper order of things. In Reality, we are simply one human species within one Living System, doing our best to progress in the Way.

We spent a couple years as a community working to define our core values, before we realized how foolish it was to try to distill all that we value down to 4 to 6 things that could not exist where they not supported by a total nested hierarchy of values. Most of us speak English as our primary language. We realized that we were trying to choose 3 to 6 English words to distill down and discuss eternal concepts that were ultimately part of One Spirit. The total set of timeless Wisdom and cross-cultural shared Values expresses itself in a thousand languages and dozens of values, but its Spirit is One. The collective Wisdom that God has given us, across all cultures and times, cannot be distilled down and captured by 3 to 6 English words. We therefore picked the most transcendent term that we could find in the Wisdom traditions, which was the Way. The Way has been used by Christians, by Buddhists, by Taoists, and across a variety of Eastern and Western traditions, to encompass the totality of the Absolute that the faithful are pursuing, the road they are walking to get there, and the transformative results of walking that path towards The Goal.

Lionsberg is not about religious formation and teaching people to be a good member of any particular religious denomination. It is far transcendent of that. Looking at our common humanity, our common Living System, the Creator of the universe that is not boxed into any manmade religion, and the timeless Wisdom and Values He has written on our hearts, that we can find at the heart of every reasonable wisdom tradition, and in the spirits and hearts of all people of Goodwill. Spirituality is just that - the existence not from categorized propositional knowledge, but rather existence from, through, and by the Spirit of God that creates and sustains every breath and heartbeat of every life.

While the Hitlers of the world will certainly arise and attempt to convince a population that their race or particular culture is the supreme way, keeping the Creator and the Way at the Center of our lives, relationships, and society helps us immediately spot those evil imposters, and gravitate us away from them and towards the Truth.

We must be very wary of religious institutions and governments that align themselves, collude, and instill fear. In Jesus's day, the romans and the Jews who had forgotten the Creator and forsaken the Way colluded to kill Jesus. In Constantine's way, we took the teachings of Jesus, converted them into a state religion, and weaponized that state religion for purposes that were diametrically opposed to what the Spirit of Christ was trying to convey.

An interesting thing to note is that Christ did not attempt to convert people to religion called Christianity.

Lionsberg is merely a name that needed to be formed, to create a recognizable identity, rooted in timeless symbols of strength, solidarity, and courage. Its name is not what matters. Its Spirit, that is one with the Spirit of Christ and God, is what matters. It unites spiritual symbols in an accessible name capable of crossing linguistic boundaries and uniting people together as One Under God.

Lion is a word recognized in most languages as converying strength, courage, and king.

Berg is a word for mountain, or place, that spans multiple languages.

Lionsberg is a community, a fortress, a kingdom, a gathering place for humanity to rediscover, redesign, and rebuild their lives and their world. It is a kingdom whose King is God.

We do not know what Lionsberg will become. We only know that it is our job to create as Faithful of a Microcosm of the eternal and universal Way as we can, in order to have the greatest impact on humanity and the living system that we can. This is just our flawed attempt to discern the Way, systematize it, and translate it into Reality.

Although small, we are becoming one of the fastest growing economic experiments in human history. We do not know where we will end up, and we expect hard times along the Way, but we hope and pray that this emerging community will unite in solidarity to confront and overcome every challenge and obstacle, and to help one another progress in the Way. It will require immense courage and persistence.

God did not create for us a perfectly smooth road devoid of challenges. He created a universe of excitement, danger, and adventure that marks our journey with great challenges and storms that are made to test our mettle, forge our strength, and build our character. Our Way will be the same. We will have great triumphs, great tragedies, great successes, great failures. Tremendous storms and hurricanes that threaten to overwhelm us, which we will not know if we can survive. Yet all of these are aspects of the universe we live in. They are part of the path we were created to walk. Each one is there for our benefit. The obstacle is the Way. The trials are what make us stronger, and develop within us the strength of character, the courage, the persistence, and the integrity that lead us upward towards The Goal.

At all times we are called upward. Turn here. A higher state of being is at hand. This is the Way, walk ye in it.

Our call is the same as the call of Wisdom, Spirit, and all True voices throughout Time. Awaken. Arise. Act now. Turn, for a higher state of being is at hand. A higher state of being is available and accessible to you now. Elevate and transform your Self. The Time is Now.

Credit unions.

Develop, Design, Build, Operate, and Maintain Infrastructure and Superstructure for humanity.

Develop the platforms and companies to support and empower mission-driven individuals, organizations, and communities on their common journey towards The Goal.

Companies. Real Estate. Communities. Platforms. Infrastructure. Resources. For profit and non-profit organizations. Professional services. Technology. Infrastructure. Support. Education. Elevating individuals, organizations, communities, humanity and the Living System towards our shared Destiny.

Professional services and technology infrastructure platform. Serving and empowering those who are serving and empowering.

This is not just a theory. In our first few years we were entrusted with hundreds of millions of dollars of for-profit and non-profit initiatives, including the construction of roadways, dams, churches, landslide repairs, etc.

Non-profits and spiritual communities who are struggling with the weight of their properties and maintenance. Elevating the properties, unlocking resources.

Organizations that elevate humanity and our planet, across a growing array of for-profit and non-profit domains.

We believe that quality assets can actually get better with age. Over time, values appreciate, people, process, and technology improve, and our individual and collective understanding of what we are trying to accomplish improves.

Discovering, designing, and building each asset and resource towards its best and highest purpose.

Lionsberg is a transformational community dedicated to helping you achieve your mission in service of our shared Goals and Values.

Humans were created for lives of transformational significance, and for thriving in community.

A thriving community of co-creators dedicated to elevating and transforming lives, organizations, communities, and our world.

The problem is not the lack of resources. It is how they are distributed. to gain access to resources, we must create Value. We create Value through our lives every day. The work we do. The things we buy. The good we do for humanity and nature. We must only be conscious of how and where we work, how and what we consume, and how and who we are becoming as a result of our existence and Way of being.

Who owns Lionsberg? Lionsberg functions more like a nation. Nobody owns it, and we all are citizens and stewards of it. Our governance and distribution of resources operates on the basis of co-stewardship of a Vision, Mission, and Community that is too important and transcendent for any of us to try to own or possess.

Lionsberg operates on a set of basic principles that can read in a minute each, and expanded into short videos and longer training and courses.

A vision, a community, a plan, a process, and a platform - for individual and social transformation.


We are transcending the idea of company, and testing whether humans can come together on the basis of shared vision, mission, and values, co-operating on the basis of stewardship.

What if our Mission was our Work, and our Work was our Mission, and our Mission and our Work elevated and transformed us, humanity, and our world beyond what we know we are capable of becoming?

In the name of God and all that is holy, I declare the sovereignty of humanity, and our common Mission over the rogue spirit of the times that would pull us down. I call on the heroes to awaken, arise and unite for the decisive battle that will determine The Future for generations to come. each one of us has a unique and important role to play in our common Mission to discover and become who we were uniquely created to be.

This is not about religion or "church". It is about those who are honestly seeking meaning, purpose, and Truth coming together to live out the core of what we have discovered so far, as a Prototype of a Way of living and organizing human endeavor that would dramatically alter humanity and our planet.

What we desire to give our children is opportunity, security, and a path to become who they were uniquely created to be. What we often accidentally end up giving them is inordinate wealth, responsibility, co-workers that don't respect them, and a weight of inheritance and operations that can destroy them and their families.

It seems that we have lost our Way. The systems we have chosen for organizing our Selves, which promise prosperity, are failing us in many ways. Wealth, power, and corruption are concentrating. Economic inequality is accelerating. Many of our most trusted institutions have disappointed us in our times of crisis. The spirit of the times seems to be tossing humanity about, with lies, propaganda, and fabricated news making Wisdom and Truth hard to find. What is needed is a return to God, Wisdom, and Values, and a massive initiative to educate and spiritually transform humanity so that we can participate productively and wisely in forging common solutions to our common problems, needs, and opportunities.

There is a growing awareness that we are reaching a historic inflection point. The global challenges facing us demand wise, common solutions, which the politicians and institutions, in their divided and broken state, will not be able to devise and implement. We are the empowered co-creators who must act with Wisdom and Unity to elevate and transform our Selves and humanity to meet and overcome the challenges ahead and thereby become Who we were created to be.

It is easy to take a life. It is hard to bring it back. Before we ever destroy, we try to find another way.

As I obtain my third dan, in my mind, I am a white belt. All the knowledge I desire lies ahead, and I am ready to learn.

My intention is to become very strong, so that I can transform and bring ever greater life to the world around me in partnership with God. To become strong and competent defenders, so that we and others can walk in peace.

There are countless ways to kill your self and others, and many do that. It is much more difficult to raise from the dead, and few find the Way.

Financial and non-profit plans, for if we had 1 or 100 billion dollars.

Lionsberg is just a name, but it is a prototype and harbinger of something far greater that is coming after it. It is a gathering place of Truth, Love, and Justice for all humanity. Where timeless wisdom and cross-cultural shared values cause us to focus on elevating and transforming one another and our world, and co-creating thriving communities for us All to prosper in. Doing this requires an Operating System and a shared set of values that we see lacking in the world. So we are building a prototype, a city on a hill, as a first outpost of hope, that we hope and pray will grow and prosper into a mighty nation.

Lionsberg is like a federation of sovereign city states. It is like an ecosystem of trees, developing into a mighty forest. It is like a reef, in which the substructure makes Way for flourishing, diverse, and abundant life.

We are rising up as One Voice, a safe haven above the chaos of The Wilderness, a City on a Hill.

We are going to seek Truth, do Justice, Love One Another, and transparently steward the resources we co-create.

Closely observe the world around you, and find out how it works. Search out the Truth. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, and the glory of Kings to search it out. The disciplined, rigorous Search for Wisdom and Truth, towards the Logos of the Universe and the Mind of God.

Product. Recruiting. Process. Transparency in how we operate.

What would it look like to take a product approach to (X), and manage the product we are giving our clients, co-workers, and trade partners.

Creating the Network Platform, the Force For Good, the first 100 key people who develop each industry.

The key funding and capital sources - the patrons.

Enough money. Enough people. Enough great universities. Education.

Organizing time and attention - 70% core business. 20% new things. 10% experimental wild things we want to realize 5 or 10 years down the road.

Measure 70/20/10 to ensure that the urgent is not overwhelming the important.

Continuous improvement of the Product. The Value provided.

15 minute periods of action. Blocked time properly arrayed across the domains.

In most presidencies, the day begins with a presidential brief. 30 minutes at 8AM. Updates on what is going on. Same with war.

Bill Campbell - one of most successful coaches in history. Would write 5 single words on the board. That would guide the conversation. As an approach to solving problems, he would talk about how people felt, and thereby predict what they were going to do.

Would call the board members ahead of time, to convey basic messages, anticipate any problems.

A company is a Team of individuals. Coaching them to achieve their objectives.

Managers tell you what to do. Coaches find out what you want to do, who you want to be, what you are passionate about, and carefully guide that towards the collective Good.

Every day your job is to get up and do something that you want to do, that makes the world a better place, and creates Value for the community you are working in so that it can thrive and sustain itself.

Rooted in timeless Wisdom and Values, Lionsberg is like a tree we believe has the DNA to grow into an mighty forest, providing a New Ecosystem in which humanity can flourish in harmony with Nature and God.

There will be no gap between statement and fact. We will be relentlessly honest, candid, and direct.

Be present, and listen with your whole undivided attention.

It is all about the Team, all about the Goals, and we stay on Plan and on Message. That is how we win.

Many systems will get redesigned. The key is to redesign them in light of the outcomes we are trying to create.

Would you trade off a higher profit system for one with more meaningful work, that gives more people identity, purpose, and meaning?

We can design and build the world we want. Who is designing these systems? How do they work? What are the values that are in them? How do we measure them?

Sales, operations, logistics, administration.

1:1s and staff meetings are the two most important Tools. We should get each one right, and continuously improve it.

The best person to coach a team is both a savvy manager and a caring coach, who can get the best out of each person on the team, and integrate the effort with the Whole.

Whatever you involved in - have accountability and drive it.

Proactive instead of reactive architecture.

End the day thinking about the Most Important Question. Begin the day waking up and meditating and brainstorming on it pre-input.

Systematically opening the channel between conscious and subconscious mind.

Know Thyself. Learning Who You Are, in a community and ecosystem that supports that.

Doing whatever it is that you do, in a Way that expresses the core of your being. Discovering your True Self, and developing the skill to express it with passion and energy through the meaningful Work you do each day.

That which is aware of fear is not fearful.

Contemplating the brevity of life brings awareness to how we focus our attention.

Donations go to the endowment. The endowment leverages the resources to create jobs.

Jim Collins intro to the 50th anniversary edition of the Effective Executive by Peter Drucker.

Parallel resource

Do not ask yourself whether you will be successful, but how you will be useful.

Flywheel - finding good people who can fit into our culture, ensuring they have the right tools, resources, and infrastructure, integrating them in service of shared Vision and Goals, going to market, expanding the social network of people we touch, bringing in more good people who fit in our Culture.

Focusing on talented leaders and entrepreneurs in each domain, who can organize those around them.

Do work that matters, for people who care. Meaningful work, and meaningful relationships.


J will be coming in at X, if at all possible he would like a tour, if you have time 15 minutes before the reservation please let me know.

Look at the hard realities of the map and math to achieve The Goal.

  • What am I trying to accomplish?

  • What am I willing to do?

  • What am I capable of doing?

  • What am I wiling to sacrifice?

  • What resources do I have?

July 2019

Case study method. Harvard and others. Experiential learning. Ikastola Mondragon. Team based problem solving and learning - on projects that help create Throughput of The Goal.

Unless you are going to do the task yourself, the development of the people who are going to do the Work becomes the entire game. Beyond a few hundred people, you cannot mastermind and move all the chess pieces.

Every hour spent developing leaders who can develop other leaders is the force multiplier.

The leveraged exponential return is from developing the people who are going to do the Work. Leaders who are going to develop leaders.

In a 5 day training week, 4 days developing leaders, 1 day pulling everybody together and scrimmaging.

Create change by helping people See the world differently. After they see the world differently, they will naturally make different choices.

What we Perceive is dictate by tools and anti-tools that manifest relative to The Goal.

Therefore the Narrative Structure of consciousness is what precedes perception. The paradigm shift must be a shift in the narrative structure of consciousness.

Help people connect with one another, and use the synergies latent in those connections to make the world a better place.

Now that you are so much more fit spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically, what are you going to do with your New Potential?

Neil Gamun? Make Good Art commencement speech - listen to it.

Book - Pattern Recognition.

Book - The Art of Possibility - Zander

Book - Debt by David Graber - founder of Occupy

Luxury goods that actually benefit people - ethical sources, extreme value addition - luxury branding - lifting up the entire supply chain.

Building our lives and our world according to the Supreme Architect's Intent. Designer's Intent.

Setting lifestyle finish lines. Deciding what enough is. Defining enoughness.

As CEO I don't need to make 250x as much as an entry level laborer.

The first commitment is that this company and community belongs to God. Fully and completely. We are co-stewards of what God has enabled us to co-create. Passing on stewardship to multiple generations of coworkers without the cost and risk of transitioning the ownership and equity of the organization.

Block time for writing: You can sit here and write. You can sit here and do nothing. But you cannot do anything else.

Create the environment for writing - Control the external environment.  No distractions. No discomfort. No temptations to luxuriate. Just write.

Writing in new colors - so you can look down at a glance and see how much progress you made in a day.

Imagine that you are paying someone by the word to be able to write. If the word is there, it has to mean something. With the advent of computers, it has become too easy to say too many things. The writing balloons and becomes gaseous and thin.

Thoughtfully designed high quality notebooks -

New York - Fountain Pen Hospital.

Visconti Ink -

If you write on a computer - you just write down approximately what you think. If you are writing with a fountain pen - it forces you to think the sentence through to the end to get it right, and then to write it so that you don't end up with a page full of cross outs.

We can be architects of the conditions. We can also be gardeners. Planting seeds. Watching them grow. Cultivating. Dealing with the forces and conditions.

The Fellowship of The Way.

Uniting a community to consciously and wisely co-create a better world, in a better Way.

It has only been recently that the world specialized into large architecture companies and large construction companies, away from the integrated, responsible master builder concept. In Hammurabi's code, the builder of a bridge had to sit under the bridge with his family as the first loads crossed. A single point of responsibility, accountability, and authority for the project, is far more powerful than a series of discrete specialists who make mistakes, point fingers at each other and slow things down.

We do not rise to the level of our hopes or expectations, we fall to the level of our Training and Practice.

Stress inoculation.

Clearing your mind for the moments of performance.

If you have not stress inoculated, it will be very difficult to perform when The Moment comes.

I surround my Self with people who are better than me in every Pursuit and Domain.

I knew I was in control of my own destiny. That I could put in place the Structure to achieve all the Small Goals that lead up to achieving the Bigger Goals that lead up to achieving The Goal.

The Structured, Disciplined Pursuit of the Critical Chain that marks the Way towards The Goal, step by step.

Taking the large goal, breaking it down into smaller, achievable, attainable goals.

The 10 year plan.

The quarterly.

The 15 minute Periods of Action, that build up to the daily plan, that puts you on track to achieve the weekly plan, that puts you on track to achieve the monthly plan, that puts you on track to achieve the quarterly plan, that puts you on track to achieve the annual plan, that puts you on track to achieve the 3 year picture, that puts you on track to achieve the 10 year goal, that puts you on track towards The Ultimate Goal that is beyond all we could ask or imagine.

The fraternity of a group who want the same thing, sacrificing to achieve the same goal...

The community of people sacrificing, working day and night to achieve The Goal...

Develop your material. Keep track of your material. Know your key stories, themes, phrases. Know that you have a few hits for any audience that you can pull out, specifically around story telling.

Bucket the potential responses, and have well developed material for each bucket.

Don't write for everyone. Create raving fans that are 5 to 10% of the audience for each (post, speech, podcast, presentation). The others will have their turn to be in the 5 to 10% later.

Because Quality Control of Messaging is so important. Several sets of eyes and ears that double check and confirm everything before it goes out.

Book of modular content, each with elevator, 2 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute pieces.

Invest in a season of rest, closeness with God. Invest in prophetic counsel. Invest in finding creative new ways. Rest. Closeness. Silence. Spirit.

Be careful what you yolk your spirit to. Psalm 131.

New wine skins. Tenderness.

The Lionsberg System - is that in each domain, we merge transcendent and timeless Wisdom and Values, with the modern best practices and learnings from human history, and apply it to a continuously improving community within that domain. It is a progressive rather than a fundamental approach, acknowleding timeless wisdom, while understanding that we must build on that timeless wisdom to co-create the best possible future.

We are taking timeless wisdom and values, merging them with the wisdom and best practices of humanity to date, and applying it to a growing series of domains as an integrated community.

The totality of timeless wisdom and cross-cultural spiritual values represents a spiritual logic or Logos. Collaboration. Fundamental outlook of Love and Unity towards All Creation.

The only logic that produces positive outcomes in the long term is to have a relationship of Love with God, our Selves, our community, and All Creation that surrounds us, understanding that when we harm others, we harm our Selves. And when we Love and heal others, we Love and heal our Selves. The Source of transcendent Love, Wisdom, and Values - applied to Life - creating a society that looks increasingly like Heaven on Earth.

When we act contrary to that Spirit, we are co-creating something that looks increasingly like Hell of Earth.

Each day, individually and collectively, we are becoming more heavenly or more hellish creatures, and co-creating a more heavenly or a more hellish world.

It is a hierarchy of states we are creating for our Selves individually and collectively exist on a scale from absolute heaven to absolute hell. It is not just what we do, but Who We Are Becoming as a result of our spirit, thoughts, words and actions each day, and how those manifest individually and collectively. The totality of the systems, institutions, and realities of the world we see today are a result of the collective thoughts, words, and actions that humanity is currently co-creating. If we embody and enact a different Spirit, different thoughts, words, and actions will manifest through us, and a different Reality will be co-created.

Spirit, Wisdom, Principles, Values determine the outcome.

For the last decades, we have been hard at work as a human species co-creating  a Reality that in the end will come to look and feel like hell on earth.

The Good News is that because we are the ones co-creating it, we can transform The Future by transforming our Selves.

Why martial arts. We are starting with martial arts for a few reasons.

everyone in the world requires physical exercise, health, and fitness to be healthy and fulfilled.

The Lionsberg System of Marital Arts is designed to be a lifelong system of spiritual, intellectual, and physical health to facilitate teh growth and discovery and becoming of the best and highest each individual was uniquely created to be. In defining what could become over time a national sport or pass time, martial arts stood out because of its application on many fronts.

While exercising we are also building community.

While exercising and building community, we are also strengthening our mind and emotions.

While doing these thigns, we are learning a tremendous amount about our selves. Discovering that we are far more powerful than we thought. We are discovering what it means to live from a place of power, and Love, and sound mind, rather than a place of fear.

It is the Art and Science which perhaps teaches you the most about your Self, the most about Reality and the true nature of things, and is an excellent tool for elevating humanity, equipping and empowering them to bo agents, co-creators, the best and highest they were created to be from a place of power and love, and not fear.

Unlike other sports like baseball or football, it is also a lifelong practice that can follow us regardless of physical condition or illnesses - we can always practice the deepest elements of the Art, because it is as much about our internal state as our external state.

The economical way to deal with clearing. Stripping and saving topsoil. Reapplying it to the community. Exporting and preserving what is left. People trained in creature management to advance ahead of operations, and give animals the opportunity to relocate.

Key issues

  • Developing leaders who will take care of something that belongs to God and humanity as stewards, at a higher level than if they owned it.

  • Taking care of something that belongs to God for the benefit of humanity and All Creation is a huge responsibility.

We have an external standard, which is competitveness with the industry, environment, and forms around us.

We have an internal standard, which is the just, wise, and co-operative stewardship of resources.

We have a cap on the gap between highest and lowest paid employees in a given domain.

We have a review of the internal economics of the organization with an eye towards growth and job creation.

Many Fear - if we do away with a more hierarchical control structure, people will run amok and be lazy - so we need discipline and authority. How do we do with culture, peer pressure, and free will what most organizations do with control and authority.

What kind of updates do people want to know about the community they live and work in? The health of the economy. The health of the society. Updates, priorities, progress, mission, vision, values, what is next and why... etc.

In each domain, we are trying to discern and align as closely as we can with The Way, the total Spirit, Logos, Will, and Intention of God, by drawing together the timeless Wisdom, Principles, Values, Best Practices and Learnings of Humanity into a complete system and Way of life and execution that integrates and encompasses all domains of human endeavor.

The Lionsberg Incubator and Accelerator - businesses started up based on a Plan from an entrepreneur. Backed with resources and support. Lionsberg has the right to carry it forward. If both parties decide it is not the right fit, entrepreneur has the right to buy out Lionsberg and remove the entity from the federation.

August 2019

A core value of Quality and Excellence in all we do. Carelessness that causes rework is poor Stewardship.

Myomoti Musashi - The Way of Walking Alone - the Way of Self-Reliance - 21 points on self-discipline.

The journey is within; the teacher is only a Guide.

One way to create the ranks, rating system, and honor is through peer ratings and 360s. Leaders recognized by their peers for different skill sets, and that is how you are respected in the community. People identify who they consider to be wise and trustworthy guides.

Successful living is living in harmony with the Way by the Spirit of God. The Natural Law. Spiritual Law. Golden Rule. Living it out and translating it into all we do, whether architecture, construction, design, technology.

Getting back to the Foundations. Challenging the assumptions that you have to have a hierarchy that gives you authority to practice. Providing for yourself means that you have to be a part of the traditional hierarchical system. The true freedom lies Beyond these false hierarchies that seek to control and justify themselves. The true leaders are giving themselves away, putting themselves at the bottom.

How do we create a system that provides meaning, work and dignity for All, regardless of their relative ability? If we can initially bridge from those with disabilities, towards the highest levels of performance, we can cover everything in between in due course.

We are not creating - we are discerning and co-creating with God, and teaching and showing the Way from the heart.

Our goal is to create so much Value - that we become one of your top 3 charitable giving opportunities, because you want to accelerate and spread the impact to others. Donate. Be a part of the Community. And see how your life is impacted.

How do we create a series of steps for (spiritual communities) to increasingly integrate, support, and empower the Good they are doing.

The more people we can draw together into a community led by Love working together towards our shared Goals and Values, the more powerful it becomes.

Thinking more wisely through a strategy for change - there are a vast number of people who go with the flow, and accept what is. There are a few people who are Good, equipped with the power to lead and change for Good. There are a few people who are evil. Across the bulk of the population they lies a gradient of relative Goodness and ability. So we come up with a barbell strategy of how we address the most capable Good and evil actors.

How we capitalize on the immense potential upside strength, while protecting against the downside destruction... while allowing the few most capable forces of Good to defeat the few most capable forces of evil, and trusting all those in the middle to self-select in gradient waves into the more True, Wise, Right and Good systems and structures as they progressively encounter them.

Step 1: Decide what it is that you want. Building the Kingdom, building Lives. Decide that The Goal is The Kingdom.

Step 2: Pay the price. Make it a Kingdom project. Decide it is worth leveraging our resources and relationships primarily for Kingdom, and not capital, ROI.

Step 3: Surround yourself with the people you need to work on the Kingdom project with you, on the basis of shared Vision and Values. Discern who the best partners are for the Mission.

Step 4: Convene those partners to conduct a reverse planning mastermind group - backing in from our Kingdom Goal to what happens next.

Step 5: Strategy and Planning - pull plan from the outcome, emphasizing emergence and the unknown.

Step 6: Construct MOUs and LOIs

Step 7: With the Kingdom Mindset - gather the resources and capital

Step 8: Enact the New Plan with courage and perservenace.

Step 9: Monitor, measure, and continuously improve performance vs. plan.

There is a choice - Kingdom or capital first.

There is a sacrifice - The price of the Kingdom means operating in harmony as part of something larger than yourself, and giving yourself away for the sake of humanity.

First Who, Then What.

Create the Conditions for Emergence.

Gather the Who.

Strategy and Reverse Planning.


Continuous Improvement.

Quarterly review and replanning.

It depends on what variable you are maximizing. Capital is one of a vast number of variables that could be optimized for. With the capitalist mindset, whoever owns the capital owns the endeavor, and the stated goal is measure and maximize the generation for more capital via shareholder return. Everything else is subordinated to that master variable. That leads to tremendous suboptimal outcomes and distortions.

The real Outcome / Goal we seek is the Kingdom of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Capital, and everything else, is a subordinated tool to help make this happen.

If we begin with the end in mind, the Kingdom, on Earth as it is in Heaven, and we backwards plan the strategy and series of steps to achieve The Goal... and we have a way to measure for the optimized outcome... then we can start to properly allocate resources and capital to achieve Throughput of The Goal of the Best Possible Future for humanity.

In this better world, we effectively

  • Clothe the naked

  • Feed the hungry

  • Give drink to the thirsty

  • Care for the widows and orphans

  • Care for the most disadvantaged among us

  • Facilitate the integrated wellbeing and development of humanity

  • Facilitate the integrated wellbeing and development of the Living System

  • Coordinate as a unified global spiritual Body, working together as One Under God towards our shared Vision, Mission, and Goal, according to shared Wisdom, Principles, and Values that guide the Way

Maslov - what you can be, you must be. How do you rise. Along with Hayek. Looked at the positive side, whereas Freud and others looked at the negative side of psychology.

The positive side is far more powerful and empowering.

Self-actualization - what you can be, you are becoming. Maslov.

Maslov - One of the greatest discoveries of mankind was that humans can work together in peace and to their mutual benefit under generalized rules of just conduct.

General rules that allow people to progress and succeed by helping one another.

As opposed to detailed rules that cause conflict and peopple trying to undermine each other.

Those two together - the generalized rules of Justice and Mutual Assistance, helping and not harming, and the discovery and becoming of your potential...

Karl Popper Essay - Science is Falsification

Science is coming up with a testable hypothesis, and then not going out to gather confirming evidence, but to prove it wrong.

Knowledge Via Negativa.

You can have a thousand confirming evidences, but it is the one event that proves it wrong that advances Knowledge.

Philosopher Polanyi - The Republic of Science

No one is "in charge" of the scientific endeavor - it is through dialogue, debate, consensus, and knowledge sharing... This is why the scientific community has been so successful and productive.

Think through the ways this has been spoiled by the corruption of the journals and publishing process.

The power is all in the latent synergies between things - Taking different ideas and combing them in new or novel ways.

Every business is a laboratory for finding new and better ways of doing things.

However these breakthroughs and advancements must be shared across the total set of businesses, so that the entire ecosystem is continuously improving as a whole.

The optimization and evolution must occur at the level of the species and the ecosystem.

The key is the Systematic sharing of infrastructure, process, technology and Knowledge - rather than competitive siloing.

Every business and discipline must build and cross pollinate knowledge networks around the world, adn the dynamic knowledge repositories, and the infrastructure, process, and technology to operationalize the Knowledge, must be cross pollinated, shared, and continuously improved.

A global body. I am working on this. Who might be able to help me? Seeing further because we are standing on the shoulder's of giants, and helping one another.

Clarity of Philosophy

Clarity of Vision

Clarity of Thought

Clarity of Systems

Clarity of Incentives

Understanding the principles of scientific, social, and spiritual progress... codifying them... systematizing them...

Virtual cycles of mutual benefit. What capabilities do you have that can produce the most value for others, and who are the collaborators who will value and reward you for your contributions?

Create Value for others. Your compensation comes as a result of the Value you create for others.

Continuously improve, elevate, and expand those capabilities, and look beyond for additional opportunities to create superior Value.

Become the preferred partner for all key constituencies.

The science of human flourishing in harmony with nature...

Creating recirpocal value exchange for all constituencies as the start of an upward cycle.

Creating products and services that our constituencies Value more than their next best alternative.

becoming ever more efficient in the resources we use to do that, in turn freeing up those resources to satisfy the next most important needs of society.

We follow the laws, we play by the rules, except where we must break them in order to do what is Wise, Right, and Good.

We take the long view. Multi-generational view. The transformation and evolution of society. Rigging the system to optimize for money in any dimensions of SpaceTime is never the right Way.

All entities must profit by helping others improve their lives. Profit is the reward for Value you create. Not the product of rigging and exploiting a system.

Question - will this help transform society and cause humanity and all creation to flourish in harmony? If so it is Value. If not it is Waste.

Hire, reward, and promote - based on the guiding Principles and Values.

The dialogue and debate is around how we Progressively Realize the Vision and Goals.

There is no debate around whether we deviate from the guiding Vision, Wisdom, Principles, and Values to accomplish some short term gain.

First are the key principles of Logos that lead to the flourishing of All Creation in harmony and right relationship.

Second are the key principles of human progress and flourishing in harmony with All Creation.

Third is building the capabilities to delivery value to others.

Fourth is continuously elevating and transforming our Selves to do a better and better job of that.

Focus on using our capabilities to contribute to Throughput of human, societal, and environmental transformation

Dedication to understanding and living by these eternal principles and values. That is what transforms lives.

The difference between conceptual and personal knowledge. Intellectual and experiential learning.

Polanyi may have insights here.

Three dimensional education into schooling in order to test.

  1. Understanding what your unique gifts, talents, and abilities are, and the passions and interests that ignite you.

  2. Developing those capabilities and surrounding skill sets.

  3. Applying them to create the greatest value for the world around you.

  4. (Via project based learning and quests that keep you in your zone of proximal development)

  5. Continuously improving.

A society of mutual benefit. Where people have the opportunity to progressively discover and realize their potential.

Division of labor by comparative advantage.

Howard Gardner's work on multiple intelligence.

There is a diverse array of types of intelligence. Nearly all of us are gifted in some, and less gifted in others.

The starting point must be that each and every being was born for a reason, and is destined to transform the world. It is our job as a society to help them discover and bring forth their best and highest potential.

The idea of co-operative labor by comparative advantage applies to tribes and nations... it also applies to families, organizations, and communities.

Creative destruction.

Volutnarily driven forward internally. Continuously elevating, transforming, and replacing what we are doing with a better Way. Better technology. Better product.

The dichotomy between selfish and unselfish can be shattered by providing Value to others in a Way that is deeply meaningful, aligned, and satisfying for you. A step beyond that is the progressive realization of the inherent interexistence of all things.

In any company, incentives must be aligned so that the long-term interests of the company are in the interests of the employees / co-workers.

Free speech

Property rights




Desire to contribute

Von Mises human action model - all three aspects must be present for a human to act.  (1) Dissatisfaction with the present state of affairs, (2) a vision of a better state, and (3) belief that we can reach that better state / a path to get there.

A community. A philosophy. Dedicated to the integrated development, wellbeing, and flourishing of human beings, society, and all of God's Creation.

Short term and provincial thinking... vs. universal and eternal perspective. A guiding philosophy and framework around this.

Each of us has a relatively narrow range of abilities. We can develop those, and partner with others who have different abilities.

Successful partnerships require shared vision, shared values, and complimentary capabilities.

A society of mutual benefit, where everyone can progressively discover and realize their potential.

Looking for areas of shared vision, where we can do things together that will create Value and improve people's lives.

The progressive realization of potential from the bottom up requires the co-creation of the right conditions, the right mindset, and the right support.

Within those conditions, we can find social entrepreneurs who are close to the problem, who have had setbacks, who have overcome them, and who are now dedicating their lives to helping others do the same.

We do not want our prisons to be places of punishment and hardening.

We want them to be places of restoration and redemption.

Places to develop deeper skills, values, and capabilities so that upon reintegration into society we can immediately contribute in new ways.

Hudson Link puts on college accredited courses in prison, 2% recetivism rate (back within 3 years) vs. nearly 70% nation wide and 40% in New York where they operate.

Get it working at small scale. Celebrate it. Capture the imagination. So people can see how this approach can transform lives. Publicly celebrating successes. Getting positive news, stories, and examples out in front of people.

Rather than giving up or being bitter, dedicate your life so that others don't have to suffer similar injustices.

Looking at how to improve peoples lives and environment from the bottom up, not from the top down with statistical control.

Impact on lives

Impact of environment

Impact on realities on the ground

The system is not one that tries to control people. It is one that empowers people. With principles, rules, and incentives that mean that the best way to succeed is by helping others and being rewarded for the true value that is created in bettering the lives around you.

Providing incentives. People have to be dissatisfied with the status quo, believe it will make their lives better and not worse, and have a viable path to pursue the better state.

It cannot be top down. It must be voluntarily and naturally adopted from the bottom up because it genuinely improves people's lives and environment.

The key is to empower people to pursue their "own" interests in a Way that is mutually beneficial and leads to peace, harmony, and prosperity for All.

As Hayek found in his study of history.

Top down solutions tend to product partisanship.

Bottom up solutions means getting a growing number of people working together in harmony for mutual benefit. Learning. Contributing. Growing. Creating and sharing Value. experiencing profit and compensation as a result of the Value you are creating for others.

Bastiat - When goods don't cross borders then soldiers will.

Foreign policy

Trade policy


Demonstrated Preference. Believe not what people say, but what they do.

Discover your gifts. Elevate them. Apply them in a Way that helps others, that is reciprocated and also beneficial to you, so that you are motivated to continue to do it.

Applying the timeless Wisdom, Principles and Values that cause free people and societies to prosper

Harper - Why Wages Rise

Von Mises - Human Action Model

There are two elements:

A Philosophy

A Theory

A Practice for bringing it into existence in a sustainable and ongoing manner..

Both the philosophy and the practice must be continuously evolving, because at every stage we fall short of The Ideal. We are continuously trying to understand and refine both the philosophy and the best practices for pulling that down into the realities of our daily lives across all domains we are entrusted with affecting.

Help each person maximize their contribution to society, by progressively realizing their full potential.

Our potential is our greatest untapped resource.

It is a complete philosophy for bringing individuals, organizations, communities, and the community of communities into harmony for the mutual benefit of all.

In the same way there are natural laws that govern Creation, there are also deep laws that govern human and societal wellbeing and right relationship with one another and God. These laws apply to us individually, in teams, in organizations, in communities, and as a Whole. At the highest level, all humanity on Earth is just a Community of communities, either rightly or wrongly related to One Another, the Creator, and Creation.

The creation of real long term Value for society and the living system through principled behavior is the standard of success. There must be a positive, long term, reciprocal, symbiotic exchange of value between any member of an ecosystem and the Whole in order for it to endure in equilibrium.

The Lionsberg Way is a complete philosophy, theory, and practice to bring all these elements into harmony.

Lionsberg is a learning laboratory for evaluating these principles, learning how to apply them, observing the results, and continuously improving the science of Wise Right thought / speech / action. The Way is an Art and a Science that encompasses all other art, science, and religion. It is the Absolute objective that philosophy, art, science, governance, economics, culture, society etc. are trying to understand. The reason we call it the Lionsberg System and the Lionsberg Way is to differentiate it from the Absolute, and take responsibility for continuously improving the errors in that separate it from the Absolute Way. The role of every named thing is to progressively realize and conform itself to the Absolute, that must eternally remain transcendent of all named things. Each of our models is a flawed human effort to translate the Absolute into Reality. Each political party, denomination, nation, institution, etc. is flawed in its own right. The Goal is for us All to rally around something Higher than us All in humility, recognizing that our group, like All others, does not have the answer. We are part of a global community pursuing The Answer from The Source of all Wisdom and Truth, recognizing that It is not something to be attained, but something to be eternally pursued.

If we can return to a fuller and more transcendent understanding of the nature of God, we can then start to co-operate in harmony around a shared Intention, Vision, and set of eternal and universal Wisdom, Principles, and Values that we can find at the heart of every genuine tradition.

The problem of language - one of the deep issues is the problem of language. Around the world, we speak many different languages. Even within the same culture, family, or marriage with 20 years of background, when we say a word, it can mean something different to listener. We share similar philosophy and ideas of the world, and yet when we speak a word, others may react and hear a meaning that is completely different than what we meant when we uttered the word.

Let us ponder the color green. Next time you are walking in nature, look around and observe the vast spectrum of distinct frequencies that in English we call green. Green is a gross generalization of a very complex notion. So when we say we want to paint a wall green, it can mean any one of a hundred different things. Other languages have more nuanced and complex ways to describe the range of things that we categorize in English as green, perhaps arising from their closer association with nature.

The challenge is to convey and converge around real meaning, rather than arguing about the words we are using to point towards certain aspects of Reality. We must learn to celebrate the beauty of Reality, rather than arguing about what we call various aspects of Reality. The same is true with culture and values. In all cultures there are concepts of love. In different languages it can be called different things. In Greek or Tibetan, there are many words to describe various types of Love. We are using a discrete quantity of words to cover an infinite array of underlying complexity. For instance we might ask how many numbers there are between 1 and 10. We could say that there are 10 numbers. Or 100 numbers. Or 1,000 numbers. Or 1,000,000 numbers. When someone asks you how you feel about something on a scale of 1 to 10, we can give the answer of 9, or we can give the more accurate answer of 8.8736549. They are both accurate, one is just deeper and more precise. One accords more closely and precisely to Reality. We first teach children about the whole numbers 1 to 10. Later we teach them about the tens place. And the hundreds place. And the thousands. And then we develop computational machines that can handle arrays far beyond the capabilities of the human mind. There is a famous story about a model for the weather that was run twice through the computer with the same numbers, and came up with dramatically different results. The computer was rounding off numbers several decimals out in a way that was not expected to affect things, but in a complexly interrelated system, these decimals can affect things greatly. All our words and our mathematical models are just maps or approximations of the underlying reality of things. While our models and approximations are continuously improving, they all contain only so many decimals to describe something that is infinitely and inarticulably complex. We get in trouble when we arrogantly mistake our mathematical models, or propositional knowledge about Reality and Ultimate Reality, for Reality as such. The map is not the terrain.

The standpoint therefore must always be humility. The beginner's mind. Shoshin. We Do Not Know, but we are seeking it out. Always recognizing that the more we understand things, the more we understand the incomprehensible interexistence of the the universe and its Source, so while in some senses our approximations are getting more accurate, we are simultaneously learning that our approximation is farther from the Absolute Truth than we previously realized. The journey of Wisdom and Knowledge are the journey towards a Mystery that grows ever more vast, the closer you approach it. This is the paradox of Knowledge, that the people who are wisest and furthest along consider themselves to know less than many young people who are learning big concepts for the first time.

Our relationships and co-operation must therefore be grounded in right relationship to Reality and Ultimate Reality, not in the propositions we have created to represent them. This is why rules do not work, but principles do. You can never capture the full complexity of reality and come up with a complete set of prescribed rules. You can only progressively discern and articulate a set of principles that you apply, learn more deeply and intuitively, and bring your actions into every greater harmony with the Way as a consequence of being guided by the Spirit from which it flows. The Spirit is what bring the right principles and values, in the right order and measure and timing, to each of the infinite array of circumstances we find our Selves in. This is why our supreme guiding Value is to be, think, speak, and do the Wise Right Thing, at the Right Time, for the Right Reasons, in accordance with the Way.

Delivery against expectations. Underpromise and overdeliver.

Projects always tend to run longer and cost more. How do we deal with that in a positive way that forms a philosophy and properly sets expectations.

Compassionate meritocracy. Authority, positions, compensation for all stakeholders set according to proven ability to contribute and create Value. Within the bounds of Justice that extends to all members of the tribe, and all creation.

Progress requires experimentation and failure. If we don't we will fail overall. The key is to know when we are experimenting and limit exposure. When we forget we are experimenting and make bets as if we know what we are doing, we are in trouble.

Partnership issues. Decades long lawsuits. Resulting from not having shared Vision and Values.

What happens when a business reaches a point where it is perhaps successful but no longer providing a core capability or a platform for growth?

Developing systems, technology, and training to ensure every co-worker is capable of committed to carrying out the Lionsberg Way in all areas of the company, including legal, governance, communications, compliance, regulation, and public sector capability.

Compliance programs for all areas of the organization.

Every day as we grow and expand our network, we will be generating more opportunities than ever before. Our ability to translate the Lionsberg Way into action at scale and pull opportunities through the organization is what will be our limiting factor of growth - getting people co-operating in the Lionsberg Way at scale.

We must embrace transformation, change, and creative destruction. Nothing in the universe is static.

We must continually and intentionally drive disruptive change or we will fail.

Shedding assets that are unprofitable or worth more to others. How do we systematize and view this, and see it in the context of the entire ecosystem?

The organization is one fractal element in between the individual and society. The same wisdom, principles, and values apply fractally.

The Quality of our mental models determines how well we function in Reality. We must invest tremendous time, attention, and resources to ensuring that our mental models are continuously improving their fit to Reality, are understood by all, and are applied throughout the organization.

The Way becomes a science of Duty - a science of Wise Right Action applied to co-creative human endeavor in partnership with Nature and God.

Opportunity Cost

  • The Value of the Most Attractive Alternative that must be forgone based on the decision we are making.

  • The risk-adjusted Value of a lost opportunity is equivalent to a book loss

Debate Ideas, not people. The best and wisest ideas must win, regardless of from where they arise.

The principles must be scaled up and down and applied at the right level to the task at hand in order to produce better results. If applying the principles are causing frustration and bad results, it is not the principles that are wrong - it is the proper understanding and application of them in balanced due measure to the task at hand.

The Wise Right Thing to do weighs, measures, and balances all the principles and values, and brings them intuitively and appropriately to bear.

Improving Value Creation and eliminating Waste is the goal, not the charts and graphs. The Focus must stay on the consistency between means and ends. It is continuously improving our understanding and execution of the fundamentals that causes the scoreboard to reflect victory in the end.

Measure key drivers

Analyze and solve problems

Eliminate Waste

Allocate resources to the bottleneck

Increase Throughput

Systematically articulate the Framework, so that people can integrate philosophy, theory, and practice.

Training, developing, and elevating the ability of each individual and organization to understand and develop their unique value, and apply the Lionsberg Way in community to progressively realize the best and highest results and potential of the individual, organization, community, society, and living system.

The primary need is not more theory. The theory is self-evident. It is the development of PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE of how to APPLY the theory via PRACTICE.

The process of discovery begins we sense The Gap between What Is, and What Could Be.

When our intuition tells us that a Higher State of Being is at hand.

Personal Knowledge, passionately applied via Practice, to solve a Meaningful Problem.


  • Being overly prescriptive in how the principles are applied

  • The world is infinitely complex and we cannot prescribe how every individual, in every time and place, ought to apply the Way to meet the challenges and opportunities they are facing

  • This is why the Way must be related to in Spirit, rather than Law

  • The emphasis of form over substance

  • Too much hierarchical central control

We must become very skilled at detecting and dealing with the inherent destructive tendencies / anti-patterns of individuals and organizations

Avoid unproductive tendencies, and continuously improve our model to learn and apply proper mental mental.

This is a painful step because it involves the transformation of our hearts, minds, and systems of belief which have been subconsciously and consciously formed over the years in ways that we cling tightly to, but often do not match Reality.

The discovery and elimination of self-limiting and false beliefs acquired in various ways, through hurts, traumas, failures, broken relationships, betrayal, and broken philosophical or religious or theoretical models taught to us is a key step towards the liberation of every human being.

Since Truth is not threatened, we must wholeheartedly and deeply search the things that we were taught and have internalized, deconstruct them, and reconstruct a set of beliefs, held at hypotheses, that at all times matches our best and highest understanding of the Way and the Truth.

This requires a focused and concerted effort to develop new ways of being, thinking, and acting.

These can only flow from the genuine and deep transformations of our underlying spiritual and intellectual substrates that give rise to thought and action.

To guide action - we must measure what leads to results in Reality - not what is simply easy to measure.

If our model only evaluates and employs current contributions to profits, while ignoring their impact to long term profits, culture, society, and nature, we incentivize people to work on the wrong things, for the wrong reasons.

We are trying to work on the right things at the right time for the right reasons, in community.

A toolkit that demonstrates that all principles must be in harmony and applied holistically as part of a philosophy, theory, and practice, led and operated in by Spirit and Intuition.

Tool: A Problem Solving Process - that can be applied to real problems, and demonstrate the power of philosophy, in measurable ways, to skeptics.

It could be that in an infinite world, the more precisely we attempt to describe something, the further we are from the Truth. Generalized statements about the Nature of things enable us to communicate and understand the world. Specific statements about the Mystery of things tends towards idolatry and the worship of our own semantic propositions about the Reality and Ultimate Reality we are trying to describe.

You cannot fulfill the law of God and serve humanity while your principle focus is making money. Focus on fulfilling the law of God, serving humanity, and establishing the Kingdom of God, and God will provide you with enough. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you.

What is the core business of Lionsberg? It is the Kingdom of God. It is the Way. We need to set up a series of industry specific domains, each uniquely focused with its own incubator that brings forth high quality enterprises of that type. We do not want to end up with something where if an individual is not in a particular industry, time, or place (domain), they have to fork and replicate the whole system. The System must function in harmony with the highest level of abstraction, networked across the globe, exchanging, reciprocating, transparently stewarded, just, in an appropriately decentralized yet united Way.

First comply, then dialogue to demonstrate alternatives that are more mutually beneficial.

A system of voluntary exchange, where we profit by making others and the environment better off.

In evaluating individual things, the merit of the individual must ultimately prevail. Yet how often God has destroyed groups on the basis of their collective corruption. Yet if even one remains, God will seek and save the lost. It takes a tremendous effort to see through the corrupted mass, to find the one whose heart is True.

Systems that favor or discriminate against groups on the basis of collective identity are nearly universally unjust. The broader the system, the more crucial its ability to penetrate and see the heart of the individual and locality. Recognizing that only God can do this, and that it cannot be done computationally or algrorithmically, the broadest systems must therefore be composed of fractal individual and local wisdom, discernment, and judgment, that aggregates and rises like praise from the bottom up, rather than being imposed from the top down. The aggregate micro discernments and applications of Justice are worship; they are our collective imitation of the Spirit of God.

We must create a positive reputation for ourselves based on reality, otherwise others will create one for us based on speculation or animus, and we will not like what they create.

You cannot create a new martial art. As soon as your martial art takes on a name and a form, it ceases to be the Way... the adaptation of timeless wisdom and principles to the individual reality of each human being and situation, through a series of training and perfection of body, mind, and spirit, so that intuitive, spontaneous, natural reflexes allow the most wise appropriate actions to flow into whatever infinite situation manifests itself in your Way. And yet perhaps it must be named, so that it can be differentiated, and develop its own life.

Why did God instruct Adam to name, identify, differentiate the various aspects of creation?

There is an Ultimate Unity. There is an Ultimate Spirit. There is an Ultimate Ideal. Then there are categories. At the center of each Category is something like an Archetype or Ideal. Then there are more or less Ideal instantiations, or Prototypes, of the Ideal. These Prototypes are embodied and named, and evaluated for Worth in accordance with their conformance to the Ideal.

The Science therefore must always return to principles and effectiveness, continuously improving our ability to think, speak, and do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons, given the totality of the forces and conditions bearing on a situation, to accomplish the Goal.

Culture trumps everything. Culture begins with education. Education is broken.

Societies progress by having a total systematic view of what is required to accomplish The Goal, and investing in the bottleneck that is holding back The Desired Reality from Manifesting. In our case the bottleneck is culture and education, rooted in Spirit. We have deep societal and global issues facing us that are manifesting from the actions of governments, corporations, and collusive power structure. However the path to convincing governments, corporations, and collusive power structures to change their behavior is not achievable. The are soulless. We can however transform them from the inside out, in a short period of time, by transforming the human beings who co-operate them, and the culture and values by which those people operate.

Think through a simplified historical community development model, coming up with what I can produce as an individual that creates value in the world, what unique strengths, gifts, talents, abilities, assets, etc. I have access to or comparative advantage in; how I network into a system whereby applying my unique comparative advantage alongside other people doing other things, we can start to develop a shared economy and greater prosperity. Then in each group and domain, local people studying these dynamics, strengthening and transforming themselves, and then applying these timeless principles to the realities around them, while interconnecting for mutual benefit with the groups and other entities that surround them.

Judging individuals, organizations, systems, and structures by the fruit they bear and the positive synergistic exchange of value... while pruning and weeding out the non-productive pieces that suck up resources without producing fruit, at the same time being conscious not to uproot the harvest by separating out the tares too soon.

The synthesis expression of timeless Wisdom into an actionable and applicable framework for this Millennium.

Consuming fewer or lower opportunity cost inputs. The cost of an input is not merely the cost. It is the opportunity cost of what those people, time, and resources, could otherwise accomplish. Opportunity cost is a far more accurate measure, comparing what is possible as the standard, not the falsified cost in a distorted environment.

Alexis de Tocqueville - Enlightened self-interest vs. base self-interest. It is obvious that people acting according to base self-interest will never create a good society or economy.

The apparent best system which we will continue to understand and adapt over time is something like the free and enlightened pursuit of the best possible future. As opposed to pure capitalism or socialism, or the extreme form of socialism which is communism.

We know that we are striving towards a shared Ideal - an enlightened, fair, just, truthful, and unified society. There are very few people who desire as an outcome hatred, fear, division, conflict, war, slander, poverty, extreme wealth disparity, injustice... With a clear shared Vision of an enlightened and free society, we can start to compare the ways we can get there.

Socialism or communism can never work, because the ends can never justify the means. If we do not wish to end up with a corrupt central bureaucracy attempting to calculate and allocate resources, then we cannot think that is an efficient next step. The real goal of socialism is a just and fair distribution of goods, but that can never be accomplished in an infinite world by a centrally controlled government. It will inevitably become corrupt and collapse. The only way to realize the just, fair, enlightened society is through transformation of spirit and culture, and an organic, decentralized system that efficiently helps people progressively realize their shared Vision and Values.

We are simply observing what needs to be done, looking for great partners already doing it, if there are great people already doing it asking how we can partner and co-operate, and if there are gaps filling them.

We are here to serve and support and make your life as good as possible. Please contribute as much as you are able, and in proportion to the value you perceive.

Citizen led. Stewarded by humanity, for humanity, Creation, and God. Humanity is not the center. God is The Center, and thereby All things are encompassed in and benefit from benevolence.

We express our love and gratitude to God. We ask for help and understanding to discern and apply the truest form of these principles. We express our love and gratitude for One Another for this time of community, learning, and growth.

Create the practical series of steps through which people can learn and grow, level 1 to 10, not expecting that they will hit level 10, but inviting practical, feasible next steps given where you are at, keeping people in their zone of proximal development.

In complex endeavors, it is important to focus on establishing not only what to do, but the efficient order to work through the series.

The risk adjusted present value of the opportunities, relative to the resources consumed (time, talent, capital), and relative to the opportunity cost of next best alternatives.

Iterative process where every Vision is in a state of continual emergence. The discovery and progressive realization of Vision, recognizing that we cannot see what is possible from Where We Are.

Laws control the lesser man. Right conduct the greater man. - Chinese Proverb

Hayek's rules of just conduct

Shared values, beliefs, and norm of behavior inform how we do things around here, and constitute culture.

Systematic steps to ensure that every member of the community is 100% committed to thinking in terms of and applying the Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause society and the Living System to flourish.

Do the Right Wise thing, at the right time, for the right reasons, in light of the total set of forces and conditions, to accomplish The Goal, in accordance with the Way.

Accurately estimate each step, and build contingency in at the end. How do we talk about the end date of a project, when end dates are unknown, and projects historically, due to complexity, tend to run over.

Lionsberg Agriculture - most people are becoming aware that our Food Systems globally are becoming hopelessly broken. Large corporations focused on quarterly profit have created marketing machines to push unhealthy processed foods into humanity to enrich their shareholders, while destroying the soil and environment. Lionsberg Agriculture is seeking to develop a mission and values driven agriculture community to develop smart, healthy, high quality foods that are sustainable and regenerative, to ensure that we are optimizing the health and wellbeing of the current generation, while leaving the earth better than we found it for future generations.

The Wise seek to understand God, their Selves, Society, and the nameless Way in which humans and society, in partnership with God and Nature, progressively discover and realize their best and highest state through co-creation with God.

To understand and apply deep Wisdom, Principles, and Values requires continuous Practice and reflection on the Way.

Because we are working towards Perfection, we are never correct. Our models do not need to precisely correct, only directionally and substantially correct to the best of our current understanding. Crucially, this prevents them from being precisely wrong.

Directionally and substantially correct, rather than precisely wrong.

Resolve tensions and disagreements quickly, especially as they relate to Vision, Values, or Direction. The longer deep seated differences are allowed to fester, the more divisive and strained the relationship becomes, and the more difficult it becomes to get the sides to move off their entrenched positions towards a transcendent mutually beneficial solution. At the point that Vision and Values are no longer shared, it is usually best to seek to dissolve the bonds of partnership, and let each party freely operate as they see best, rejoining at a later date if and when Vision and Values realign. Two cannot walk together unless they are aligned and advancing towards the same Vision and Goal.

Partnerships should include a way to exit the partnership contemplated in advance for a fair and clean break, rather than negotiated after things go wrong, tensions are high, and the lives and projects of those involved have been allowed to atrophy. At the point when Vision and Values are no longer shared, it is usually best to dissolve.

Innovate, grow, and reinvest to create true, long term, regenerative Value. All incentives must align.

A trusting team working in harmony towards a shared Vision guided by common Values is able to achieve things that would otherwise be impossible.

Create a non-profit fund for the acquisition and stewardship of the highest quality natural resources we can identify to preserve and protect. These bastions of flourishing and abundant lives are the nodes that can subsequently be expanded to heal and regenerate the Earth.

Dirt is cheap. Topsoil is gold. Create standards and a market.

The cultivation and propagation of native plants to regenerate and rewild developed areas. A phased approach responsibly inviting Nature back into the areas it was pushed out of. Rediscovering how to live in harmony with the beauty, majesty, abundance, and danger of Nature.

Entities contribute a coordination fee, and a fee for the use of the platforms and technology that keep everyone networked together.

Why is there such a diversity in the ideas of what things cost, when each company is bidding and getting work, and generally making their 5% to 15% on it?

Regenerative agriculture - raising funds for acquiring and stewarding high quality agricultural lands in a decentralized way.

Regenerative and transformational community and economy.

After decades of life experience and work, both domestically and internationally on charitable causes, a group has come together around a joint strategic plan that has been many years in development. We are calling it the Elevation Initiative, and we are calling the community that will convene its implementation Lionsberg.

Visual - covering the Earth like floodwaters. When the Knowledge of God covers the Earth like floodwaters, then the lion will lie down with the lamb and peace, abundance, and justice will reign. A entirely renewed world is right behind the veil, closer than we could possibly imagine because it is within us. It is the result of human beings progressing in their individual journeys, finding their place in meaningful community, and working together to transform their lives and their world. Rather than fight wars over the definition of God, we are going to focus on going on a Quest to discover the Truth starting with what we can agree on. That there is a Higher Power, and a Higher Meaning to Life. That there is a spiritual element to us that propels us towards unity through Love. And that one of the most important things is to follow that inner spiritual spark. The Truth is never threatened. If we help people discover their spirituality and earnestly navigate towards the Truth, they will find it. We do not have to worry about protecting our understanding of God. If our understanding is closest to Ultimate Reality, people will find it as they search for God.

Development on one axis will not make us success. We can develop our minds, but if we are physically, spiritually, morally, or economically sick or bankrupt, it will be difficult to prosper. We must be spiritually, intellectually, physically, morally strong. Integrated spiritual, intellectual and physical wellness and development, embracing a journey of continuous elevation on all three fronts. True Religion does not consist of words, but of Spirit and Action in harmony with that which we are seeking, that is beyond all the words we could speak about it.

Something like 9 out of 10 humans have believed in a Higher Power. Many people around the world are feeling frustrated, and like the traditional religious institutions are not doing a good job representing this Higher Power, and guiding humanity on a journey towards Unity through Love, Truth, and Justice.

Yet since there is a Higher Power, we ignore It to our peril.

The timeless Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people, societies, and Nature to flourish in harmony.

Over Time we are moving from less integrated to more integrated, from less perfect to more perfect, both individually and collectively, with new innocent souls being born every day, and old ones dying away, which constantly gives us a chance to start fresh. Within your own body, every year, your body nearly entirely turns over and renews. In the human race, it turns over and renews approximately every 100 years, but it is in a much more dynamic state than that. Therefore, in a very short period of time we will have an entirely new set of humans on Earth, who could have been educated and developed in an entirely different way than any previous group in history. In this way, in a matter of a generation, we could create profound change. It happens not through legislation or wars, but through education and culture.

The New Generation will be educated in what the best and higest potential is, and equipped and empowered with the specific tools, infrastructure and platform required to co-create it. They will learn to navigate together towards Truth, to discern right and wrong, to make wise right long term choices via the inner compass and external tools we provide for them. This will lead to profoundly different results than what we have got in the past, and in the course of 1 to 2 generations we can significantly transform and regenerate the world.

A group of people are coming together to build Lionsberg as a prototype to demonstrate what is possible.

We are systematically examining every aspect of how the organism that we call society functions, and working to build a prototype of a different one. There are three basic aspects - the lionsberg community, economy, and the elevation initiative. The infrastructure, services, support, education, chartiable non-profit activities that are the glue that holds society together. The economy is the means to the end of providing abundant food, resources, meaningful work for a growing community. The Goal is not the maximization of wealth, but creating meaningful work and the necessary resources to advance on our deeper mission of progressively realizing our potential, progressively discovering and becoming the best we can be, progressively realizing the Kingdom of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven. It so happens that there are few more powerful ways to do that through the meaningful work and meaningful relationships we invest in each day. We know that to achieve our best and highest, we must have adequate resources and materials that we secure via the Lionsberg Economy. We know that we must have meaningful relationships and community, adn each be co-operating according to our unique gifts and talents as part of a broader Whole, that we fulfill through the Lionsberg community. And we know that fundamentally our pursuit of Love leads us to lay down our lives in service to God and our fellow humanity. We do this through the Elevation Initiative, which is our joint strategic plan to help every individual, organization, community, and ecosystem develop towards the fullness of their potential and flourish in diverse harmony. Creating profound transformation in the world within 1 to 2 generations by addressing the root causes rather than the symptoms, and thereby ushering in a more loving, just, peaceful, and good society.

The Book of Lionsberg documents a little bit about our history, our understanding of this inflection point in history, and our best understanding of the timeless wisdom, princples, and values that we believe are the foundation upon which individuals and societies can rise and flourish. We also believe they are the only way for humanity to survive and thrive through this crucible, which will see humanity undergo changes unlike any that have been experienced in history before us.

Starting today, every moment is urgent. Time is of the essence. We have been equipped for the first time in history with the tools and technology to forge truly collective consciousness and awareness about the issues facing us in the world, and to forge wise solutions to those problems in a way that can transform humanity and the world. Those same tools are also capable of destroying the world, humanity, and our environment at a rate unlike anything we have seen in the past. New nuclear technologies, artificial intelligence, plasma, industrial waste, and our ability to create are unprecedented and approaching nearly divine abilities. We have immense responsibility over how we use these tools, and what we use our co-creative powers to co-create. For this reason we call our selves co-creators, who in partnership with God and One Another have the potential and power to bring into reality any future we can imagine, unite around, and act on.

this is done through establishing a clear vision, setting our feet on the path, and beginning to climb the mountain of continuous elevation towards our best and highest state. It requires that we climb individually, organizationally, and communally at every fractal level, because collectively we are the sum and synergy of our parts. The collective state of humanity is merely a manifestation of the totality of states of the individuals that compose it. If we as individuals are progressively metamorphosizing and regenerating our Selves, then the organism that is the totality of us, society, will naturally reflect what is on the inside, and all the systems that hold us together will naturally morph to uphold and support the New Thing that is emerging. This is why we cannot go fight the systems, we must simply acknowledge the systems, understand that they exist because we and God have allowed them because of our current states, and that as we transform and renew our selves and co-create better states in partnership with God and One Another, these institutions will be naturally transformed, and everything that is built upon the sand of untruth will naturally fall away as they are tested, and those things that are built on the Rock of God's Wisdom, Truth, Love, and Justice will grow stronger and stronger as we refound our lives work into every more wise, right, true, and good systems and structures.

We are seeking heroes for the grand adventure of co-creating a better world.

Progressively discovering and realizing our best and highest potential, by co-creating a better world.

Rediscovering and applying the timeless wisdom, principles, and values...

Protecting and defending the innocent and vulnerable.

Continuously improving our Selves, each other, society, and our world.

Sins of omission. Sins of comission. What we do not do is just as important as what we do. The good that we know to do, and do not do, misses the mark in the same way.

Nothing in nature is static. Everything is in perpetual motion and transformation, and every day becoming - either stronger and more alive, or weaker and more dead. Beneath this apparent Life and Death is the Ultimate Reality guiding the subsequent transformations of Reality across Time and Space.

Simple Monday questions.

  1. If this was my last week on earth, what would I do.
  2. The most important three things I need to accomplish this week are:
  3. Am I building on the Rock?
  4. Am I building with materials that will last when my work is tested?
  5. Am I building in accordance with the Supreme Architect's Intent and Plans?
  6. Am I doing my best to manage my relationships, in hierarchical order, with integrity according to the Ordo Amoris?
  7. Of all possible uses of Time, Attention, and Energy, what three specific, measurable things could I accomplish this week that would most advance my unique life's mission?

The True God who stands above and transcendent of every name, the Creator of heaven and Earth who existed long before language, does not dwell in temples made with human hands, or propositions uttered by human mouths.

We do not belong to any label or political party or denomination. All of those false disions are what is wrong with our society. We are simply looking to partner with God and One Another, by the Spirit of God, to apply timeless wisdom, principles, and values to our daily lives and to progressively discover and achieve our best and highest potential as individuals, as a community, and as a society, in accordance with the will and intention of God.

The Value is in organizing and creating meaningful work and meaningful relationships that transform our lives and our world.

September 2019

Members get access to everything for free, in exchange for a monthly donation that reflects the Value they are receiving.

The widow's mite.

We all need coaching and accountability. The true coaching and accountability comes from our peers in community. Peer coaching. Learning from one another. Helping one another progress.

Co-creating a better world. By helping individuals, organizations, and communities discover and achieve their best and highest potential.

The co-creation of self-replicating transformational communities around the world. We call these New Dawn Communities. Education, health, vocational training, basic infrastructure like water, sanitation, and energy. Using proven economic community development principles and models to develop follow-on real estate, construction, and economic activity. Profits are reinvested to start the next community, and each new venture remains a part of the growing federation.

First Fridays dinner series. Video shown giving an update. Also posted online. Anyone can host a dinner, play the video, aggregate questions. First Fridays toolkit.

Mike Costache - industry coalitions.

A process of discovering what is Valued and possible, cleaning up the damage from the past, regenerating capacity, and advancing together towards The Goal.

Progressively realize their best and highest potential through a process of continuous elevation rooted in the timeless wisdom, principles, and values that cause people, societies, and ecosystems to flourish.

What are the key drivers of Value? What are the key drivers of cost?

How do we continuously eliminate Waste to liberate resources to create more Value?

The cost of failing to do this is the opportunity cost of the next best thing. The cost of not seeking first the Kingdom is the Kingdom. In order to not arise, unite, and seek first the Kingdom of God, we must sacrifice the Kingdom.

Always seek the highest Value deployment for every resource. The highest Value deployment is, always, the Kingdom.

The next best alternative is always, the Kingdom.

Identifying and creating Profit Centers at the lowest possible level. Every individual, and every team. Tracking positive and negative contributions and changes over time. Annual 360s.

Profit in the Kingdom is multi-dimensional, and not primarily denominated in the fake floating fiat currencies of corrupt empires.

The Culture and The Rules must be widely promoted in general, to prevent their subversion in particular.

New Knowledge is rigorously challenged and validated before it comes into public acceptance and use.

Capital markets theoretically function relatively efficiently because they use the distributed computational capacity of society to measure and reward the creation of value. There is more than monetary value. The monetary system emerged to support the creation of something far more important - a functioning society, and the ability of people to live better and more fulfilling lives. Living better and more fulfilling lives does not come primarily through the proliferation of money - it comes primarily through the betterment of society. The betterment of society occurs by progressively bringing it into every greater harmony with and conformity to the Spirit and Intention of God, represented in the timeless wisdom, principles, and values we treasure.

Lionsberg is setting out to co-create a more accurate Way to measure and allocate Value. The total true Value created for society and the living system, over the long term. For example, we can create economic value by exploiting resources that have no monetary cost, but which deplete the regenerative capacity of the earth and leave it worse for future generations. We can also create economic value by exploiting people and society. Because the damage to people and society is not measured and accounted for, the damaging activity is "profitable". In reality, there is negative Value creation for society as a result of these activities. Measured properly in Kingdom terms, these activities that harm people, society, and the planet are anti-Value, and must be measured and recognized as such.

Coming up with a Way to measure Kingdom Value, that operates for a period of time alongside our Old measures of economic value, so we have a more wise and balanced approach to the accurate co-creation, measurement, and exchange of Value.

Then aligning all human endeavor, including economic, with the Higher Overarching and Uniting Goal of The Kingdom, and the best possible future for all.

If you wouldn't start it again today, shut it down.

It is important that the supporting structure is not the guarantor. Even the largest elements of the ecosystem must be able to die without harming the ecosystem.

When the world shakes, essentially everything will be recognized as bankrupt, because the creation all happened within a fraudulent system. When it is finally recognized that the dollar is worth less, a New System that allows for immediate exchange and functioning will be required.

Undoing the fraud of the last decades will require a new Bretton Woods moment, that cannot be dominated by any tribe or nation.

If we want to avoid a collapse into chaos and hell on earth, we must actually design and build a wise, right, just, good new system proactively in advance of the collapse of the Old.

Because we do not try to claim ownership of the forests, the oceans, the lakes, the seas, and the parks, we can theoretically all take care of them, nurture them, and enjoy them. It is similar with a nation, which serves as a kind of multi-generational commons of strength, resources, stability, and rule of law that its constituents can enjoy.

We think that we want to own everything, because that is how you gain access to resources in the fraudulent game. What we really want is a flourishing and abundant community and environment, life-giving places to live, meaningful work, meaningful relationships, access to the joys, goods, and services we need to flourish, and the knowledge that our future, and or grandchildren's future, is secure. What if the fraudulent and unjust game we are presently playing was not the best way to achieve that?

A section in the schedule for backlog, things waiting in the wings, ideally prepackaged as projects, that we can pull into the program when the Time is right.

We are a society of explorers on an epic adventure into a future which is unknown, but which we can be the co-creators of. We do not just have to travel and see what happens. We can actually consciously co-create our destination by the Way in which we navigate towards it.

A society of explorers on an epic adventure into a future we are co-creating through our thoughts, words, and actions in each moment.

Through of Vision and Ideals, translated into wisely designed priorities, that in turn inform our moment by moment thoughts, words, and actions that we subsequently reap the fruit of.

The Future is like a harvest of the seeds we have sown through what we think, speak, do, and become. This is true individually, it is true for a nation, and it is true for humanity. The Spiritual, natural, and human laws do not regard whether you are acting alone, in a group of 5 or 50, or in a group of 330 million bounded by a line on a map that reflects the outcome of the last war. The principles that are True apply fractally at all levels, because everything is interconnected. We cannot allow one part of our body to remain sick, and hope that our body will be well. It is only when all parts of our body are healed, well, and functioning at their best and highest that we are capable of the heroic feats for which we are destined.

Case study: A center serving those with disabilities. Struggling to serve 700 clients. 70,000 more are in need. A new blank space is needed in order for that to occur. Only 4 of 15 board members would get it, the rest would be scared to death.

A joint venture would be required, that consolidated the best wisdom, knowledge, processes, technology, practices from the leading service providers, aggregated them into a pre-packaged system, and then empowered local instantiations.

My people suffer for lack of knowledge. It is not obvious how to create that whole system, and how to get a center up and running and serving 700 clients. It took decades to figure that out. Now needs to be packaged and expanded as one element of the Kit of Parts that help localities co-create flourishing and abundant life, liberty, and justice for all.

We are all explorers and entrepreneurs on an epic quest towards Destiny.

The Art and Science of human action.

Genuinely seeking Truth and meaning in the best Way we know how. Spiritual transformation, not religious conversion, as the objective.

On a cruise ship or air craft carrier, there are chaplains for different communities of faith, and general sense of respect and sharing of the space.

We want to be able to labor beside all open-minded and sincere seekers of Wisdom and Truth.

The measurement is of our progressive realization of an Ideal that lies eternally beyond our grasp or ability to fathom. Therefore what we measure is improvement. Betterment. Although only God is fully Good, we know directionally and intuitively what better is.

We must start from Where We Are, and see our Current State for what it is.

When it comes to "sales", the goal is actually Relationship Development. Relationships are deepened by understanding the best ways we can genuinely help and serve one another. Selling to someone, in order to induce them to consume something they do not need, and which we know will not help them meet their goals, is unethical. You would not want it done unto you, and neither should you do it unto others. If a business would not like to be sold something that did not meet its needs in the best and most Valuable way, it should not do that to others. We therefore strive towards Relationship Development.

  1. Understanding the various groups we relate to
  2. Understanding what the Highest Value Relationships are
  3. Understanding the unique needs of those relatives
  4. How we can construct world class solutions to genuinely meet the Highest Value Needs of our Highest Value Relationships

We look at Relationship Development along at least three dimensions:

  1. Current and future members of the community
  2. Consultants, trade partners, and external organizations that help us meet needs and deliver solutions
  3. Clients

Continuously improving relationships with each of these constituencies, deeper and more meaningful relationships, with greater value exchanged over time.

The passion, excitement, activation, and ease of sharing of those members already in our community, and the ongoing deepening of those relationships must be a central aim. It takes tremendous effort to find, develop, onboard, and train new participants.

The most likely source of the future people and resources we need are the engaged networks of our engaged community members.

The issue we perceive is not the lack of knowledge conceptually and collectively. Our collective inheritance is tremendous and contains the seeds of all we need to know to co-create heaven on earth. The issue is that we do not do it. That is partly because the knowledge is hidden, and distributed very unevenly and unjustly. We must educate, elevate, and empower humanity, individually and in small teams, organizations, and communities at all levels, to meet the needs and solve the problems at hand, in the context of a broader shared vision, strategy, plan of action, and rules of engagement.

Education and elevation should include learning the basic principles of spirituality, science, technology, society, and ecology, and growing and developing Wisdom through experience to understand how to apply the principles and values to life through a practice. This can be greatly aided by the creation of simple tools that get appropriately more complex at each stage, that bring the right principles and values to bear, in the right proportion, at the right time.

We want to teach people to grow in their ability to understand and intuitively apply the Way, and to understand what parts of their natural tendencies need to be brought forth and accentuated, and what parts need to be reintegrated and realigned in order to achieve The Goal.

There is now a revolution and a regeneration under way, which is continuing to break forth and transform the world.

The Ideas and Imagery of the Kingdom of God.

Progressively replacing destructive ideas and images with more and more True ideas and images.

An empowered decentralized network with strong central resources to draw on. The system designed fractally around common Systems and DNA. A given node of a system has dual responsibilities, one to the local team it is serving, and second to the continuous improvement of the guild or organ system it is tapped into. Most organizations, or organisms, require the same basic systems and substructure to function. Functions of like kind in each organism must be similar enough to the other life forms in order to create interoperability and compatibility. Common DNA, Systems, and Processes. Because the learnings happens at the fringes and not at the center, there is a mechanism for the continuous elevation of each sub-system and the system of systems based on local learning, growth, and responses at the edges. As the learnings are aggregated and moved towards the center, the organism relies on broader and more abstract and generalized principles that hold things together. As it gets out to the edges, finer and finer detail and systems are developed. Because every part of every system at every level fit into something greater than it, the body can send and receive signals and function as a coordinated Whole.

Wisdom. There is a rhythm and seasonality to life in every unique location that must be respected. If you live somewhere it is frozen in the winter and very hot in the summer, we cannot simply set a goal for the year. We must really understand, month by month, season by season, quarter by quarter, over the course of years, what must happen, in what order, in order to progressively realize The Goal.

What other opportunities are their for people in the network when certain domains fluctuate and cycle? How does the body as a whole help individuals and localities adapt to the seasonality and cycles of their domain?

We are removing our false lenses and our false self, and putting on New Lenses and a New Self to see things as they really are, with Wisdom, from the perspective of God.

Placing our feet on the highest pathway of spiritual transformation in partnership with God.

Understand and apply the Way, and then extend and apply the Wisdom, Principles and Truths to every aspect of life and society.

All things work together for Good, for those who Love God, and are called according to His Purpose.

The reinforcing cycles between elevating and transforming our Selves and our Work to be of greater service to God and humanity. Work is the major calling, but not in the sense it was taught to us as employee-consumer-slaves to extractive corporations. We are not destined for wage slavery.

Each day the child grows in strength, capability, and talent, so they can render better service to God and All Creation that surrounds them. A baby channeling joy into the world. A 2 year picking up a spider and walking it outside. The unique gifts and skills of each child. Growing and abounding, destined for free and joyful service to God, Society, and All Creation, not corporate wage slavery.

When non-profit money flows into Lionsberg, there are two choices. One is to immediately channel it to non-profit causes, and thereby disperse it. The other is to wisely leverage it to fuel the growth of the Lionsberg Regenerative Economy, the growth of which strengthens the body for greater and more capable multi-generational service to God and society. This compounds the returns to the community over many years. Create mathematical and visual illustrations of the two courses of action.

The strength is that we are a coordinated body with diverse gifts and skills sets in a variety of areas, co-operating across a variety of for-profit and non-profit domains.

Staying lean, keeping expenses low, constantly eliminating Waste. Valuing earnings at 7x, even though we are not for sale, gives us a rough idea of the economic value of operations.

We all need coaching and accountability, yet we cannot wait for the coaches to emerge, or others to hold us accountable. The true coaching and accountability must come within and from our peers. We therefore engage in a culture of continuous peer coaching and retrospection, learning from one another, and helping one another progress.

Members - get access to everything we do, in exchange for a monthly donation that reflects the value they are receiving from the community.

A key aspect that drives is the creation of self-sustaining and self-replicating transformational communities around the world. We call these (New Dawn Communities).

(New Daw) brings in donations to catalyze economic development in a region around education, healthcare, vocational training, and basic infrastructure like water, sanitation, and clean energy.

We then use proven economic community development principles and models to develop follow-on construction, business, and other economic activity within the Lionsberg System.

These profits are in turn shared with those creating them, and reinvested to start the subsequent community.

The transformational individuals, organizations, and communities formed become part of the growing network effects of the international Lionsberg Community.

First Fridays - Dinner Series - video shown giving a monthly update, posted online with hosting toolkits so that anyone can host a dinner, show the video, field questions, and pull from and feed into FAQs.

First Friday's Toolkit.

Building industry coalitions and advisory circles by Domain.

A Process - of discovering what is possible - ceasing harm - cleaning up the damage of the past - and regenerating and bringing forth the New.

Progressively Discover and Achieve our best and highest potential through a Process of Continuous Elevation.

Based on the Timeless Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people and societies to flourish.

What are the key drivers of Value and Cost - and how do we continuously increase Throughput of Value while eliminating Waste?

Focus on eliminating Waste and increasing Throughput of Value, rather than decreasing Cost.

Our Success is not measured against what we have have accomplished, but what we Should / Could have accomplished had we humbly arisen, united, and collaborated to transform our lives and our world towards the fullness of their potential in concert with the very best partners we could find.

Always seek the Highest Value Deployment for every Resource.

Opportunity Cost.

In order for an Enterprise to best determine how to allocate Resources to create Value, it should be organized into functional Domains, or Value Centers. Value Centers can be created anywhere there is a Good.

Value Centers should be identified and created at the Lowest Optimal Level in accordance with the Principle of Subsidiarity.

If a Value Center cannot be made profitable, it should be sold or closed rather than subsidized.

If a Valued Center is unprofitable, it may be because the Value has not been made visible and known. This often requires that the Value Chain be mapped, and that the Invisible be made Visible, so that those benefitting can reward the Value Center.

Each Co-Worker is a Value Center. Positive Contributions and Negative Contributions should be tracked through the year, with an annual 360 Degree Retrospective to help gauge holistic impact on the System of Systems they are a part of.

The Rules need to be understood and promoted In General, to prevent their subversion and erosion In Particular.

The Rules need to protect and preserve each aspect of The Practice / Way.

  • Theology
  • Philosophy
  • Science
  • Theory
  • Practice

Society should be anchored in Wisdom before than Knowledge, Knowledge before Information, and Information before Data.

New Knowledge should be challenged, tested, and validated before it comes into public acceptance and use.

Markets - theoretically, but not in actuality, function efficiently because they have a shared way to Understand, Measure, and Reward Value.

There is more than Monetary Value. The Monetary System was established to enable and support the creation of something more important, which was a functioning society and the ability of people to live better and more fulfilling lives.

The living of better and more fulfilling lives does not come solely, or even primarily, through the aggregation of Money or Economic Value. It comes through bringing our Society into Harmony with the timeless Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause individuals, families, organizations, communities, and ecosystems to flourish.

We are therefore setting out to create a more accurate System for allocating Value based on the total True Value created for Society and the Planet by Centers of Value over the long term.

For instance, we can create false economic value by exploiting resources that have no cost in the market, but which leave the earth depleted for future generations.

The social and ecological damage of such activities far outweighs the measurable Economic Value rewarded by the Markets, therefore there is not only no True Value Creation, but in fact Negative Value Creation for Society and the Planet. In a Lionsberg System of Value where costs cannot be externalized across SpatioTemporal boundaries, these would be negative on the Balanced Statement of Profit and Loss.

By coming up with a Way to measure Social and Ecological Value that can operate in parallel with the way we measure Economic Value, we could have a more wise and balanced approach to creating the Value we truly seek; therefore aligning the co-creation of Economic Value with the Higher Goal of Co-Creation a flourishing and functioning Society and Planet that continues to get a little better ever day in service of One and All.

It is important that the supporting structure is not a guarantor.

If the Old World requires guarantors for certain functionality to occur, this should be accomplished via secondary series of designated Asset pools; however it is likely that we want to fully liberate our Selves from Guarantor / Surety relationships.

Even our largest organizations and activities need to be able to die without affecting the rest of the ecosystem.

By owning nothing we can gain access to the abundance of All Creation.

Regenerative economy. Services not products. The continuously improving fulfillment of the functional necessities of life at ever higher Quality and ever lower marginal Cost.

Via - Citizen Led Joint Ventures dedicated to this cause, composed of a decentralized array of partners trained in the continuously improving Pattern Language of the Domain.

A section in the schedule for backlog - things waiting in the wings that we can pull in when the time is right.

We are a Society of Explorers on an Epic Adventure into a Future that is Unknown, yet which we can Co-Create.

We do not merely have to Progress into the Unknown and see what befalls us. We can actually Co-Create our Destiny by the Way in which we Progress towards The Goal.

A Future that we are Co-Creating through our Thoughts, Words, and Actions in each moment.

The Practice.

A Future that we are Co-Creating through our Vision and Ideals, and the Way those are translated into wise Plans and Priorities, that in turn inform our moment by moment thoughts, words, and actions, that we reap the fruit of in the subsequent moments.

The Future is a Harvest of the seeds we sow in the Present through our Thoughts, Words, and Actions, and Who We Are Becoming as a result of them.

This is true individually, for a family, for a tribe, for a nation, and for humanity.

The spiritual and natural laws do not regard whether you are acting alone, in a group of 5, or a group of 100 million encompassed by a line on a map that your ancestors waged war to establish. The Principles apply at all fractal levels, because everything is interconnected and interexistent.

We cannot allow a part of our body to remain sick and have the whole body function well. It is only when all parts of the body are healed, elevated, and functioning at their best and highest that we are capable of the heroic and olympic feats for which we are destined.

Christ - as the Supreme Example of the Way.

The Spirit of Christ - as one with the Spirit of God - doing what God would do incarnate in a Space and Time.

Governance... for instance a Center serving 700 disadvantaged clients... when there are 70 Thousand that need to be served in the Region, and 70 Million that need to be served in the world.

A New Blank Space is needed - only 4 of 15 board members at the Center would get it, the rest would be scared to death.

Those who can see need to establish the Citizen Led Joint Venture to address the Whole issue; those need to be stacked up and aligned; and then others simply invited to connect, be empowered, share templates, processes, best practices, cross-pollinate solutions, technology, and knowledge, so that their valuable work can be replicated.

A Pattern Language for each Domain.

A Citizen Led Joint Venture for each Domain.

Interoperability across Domains.

We are all Explorers and Entrepreneurs.

When incentivizing, for instance in sales, incentives should be based not on total sales, but on (something like) sales over opportunity cost.

The Science of Human Action. The Science of Duty.

What if we ran society like a cruise ship... respecting that people of different backgrounds and faiths were assembled for a common journey... not requiring conversion as an entry point... and that we are all committed to seeking Meaning and Truth in the best way we presently and humbly know how.

A Chapel on a cruse ship or air craft carrier, has multiple chaplains that can engage and support the variety of communities of faith.

We must be able to labor alongside all sincere and open minded seekers of Truth.

Measurement against, and Progressive Realization of, an Ideal... not a budget.

We must start from Where We Are, and see our Current State for what it is.

Advancing towards Vision, Intention, and Goal (step 1), we must rigorously analyze and examine (step 2).

This set Point A and Point B - FROM / TO.

The Goal of a business community, when it comes to "sales", is actually relationship development, and understanding how we can best Serve those we relate to, as each element of the community advances towards its unique part of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals.

Selling to someone, in order to induce them to consume something they do not need, that does not help them meet their goals, is unethical.

You would not want it done unto you, so neither should you do it unto others.

If an individual or organization would not like to be sold something that did not meet its needs in the best and most valuable way, that it should not do that to others. Like the movie scene where the Santa at Gimbels refers a woman to a competitors store that could better serve her family.

We therefore strive for Relationship Development, understanding:

  1. The various Constituencies we relate to
  2. Who the High Value Relationships are
  3. What their High Value Needs are
  4. How we can construct a world class service to genuinely meet the Highest Value Needs of our Highest Value Relationships

We look at Relationship Development along at least three dimensions

  1. Current and Future Co-Laborators
  2. Consultants, Trade Partners, and External Organizations that help us Meet Needs and Solve Problems for our High Value Relationships
  3. Clients / End Users

Our goal is to develop Meaningful Relationships with each basic constituency, which are growing deeper, more meaningful, with greater Value Exchange over Time.

The passion, excitement, activation and ease of sharing of Members already in our community... and the ongoing deepening of those relationships... must be a central aim.

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to identify, onboard, and train great Members.

The most likely source of the future people and resources we need are the Engaged Networks of our Engaged Members.

The issue is not a lack of Knowledge at the aggregate level.

Our Collective Inheritance is tremendous and contains everything we need to know to Progressively Realize Heaven on Earth.

The issue is that we do not do it, because the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Practice of the Way is not widely (disseminated).

The Knowledge is hidden.

We must educate, elevate, and empower humanity, individually, familialy, and in small teams, organizaitons, and communities at all levels, to do what is Wise Right and Good for them in that local situation, in the Context of a broader universal Vision, Strategy, Plan, and Rules of Engagement.

Education and Elevation - should consist in the growth and learning of the basic Principles and Values of Spirituality, Philosophy, Society, Science, and Technology - and growing Personal Wisdom and Knowledge through applied experience - the genuine understanding of how to apply the Principles and Values to an increasing series of meaningful challenges, or Quests, undertaken in community.

This can be greatly facilitated through the creation of simple Tools, that get appropriately more complex at each Stage of Development, that bring the right Principles and Values to bear, in the Wise Right Proportion, at the Wise Right Time, as a consequence of their use.

Wisdom, Principles, and Values should be incorporated into Tools, that when used, bring them to bear.

We want to teach people to grow in their ability to intuitively apply the Way, and to understand what aspects of their natural tendencies need to be brought forth and accentuated, and what parts need to honed and integrated in a different way in order to achieve The Goal.

Many times people mistake their flaws, blockers, and blind spots as the reason for their success; not understanding that they are succeeding in spite of them, not because of them.

What got us here, will not get us to where we are going.

There is now a revolution and regeneration under way, which will continue to break forth and transform the world.

Create diagrams of the evolving arc of human religion and ideology; its major figures; across time and around the world.

Create a visual infographic representation of the spread of the various religions and ideologies over time.

Point out that the mechanism of At-One-Ment is not as it is often presented, for in some Way it must deal with the billions of people who never heard about (Christ).

Come up with an approximate mathematical representation of the numbers and percentages of people over time, what their religious views were, and forecast those trends into the future towards the Realization of the Knowledge of God and the Universal Law - where the doers of Justice co-operate according to the Wisdom, Principles, and Values - and where the greedy, violent, exploitative, and oppressive remain outside the walls of the (Divine City).

It is about our own spiritual formation and transformation - to become the kind of people - from whom flow the Quality and fruit of the New World naturally manifests.

it is not about being a good Christian, a good Muslim, or a good Hindu, but rather about the genuine, inner, personal spiritual transformation and journey to bring our Selves into harmony with God and the Way, so that the fruit flowing from our lives resembles the words of the great prophets and teachers who were examples to us.

The selection of the Imagery of the Kingdom of God.

The Culture.

The Values.

The Traditions.

The Rituals.

The Rites.

Progressively replacing destructive Ideas and Images - with more and more True Ideas and Images.

Allowing our False Ideas and Images to die - so that we do not have to.

A way to make visible - the invisible narratives, images, and ideas driving us...

A way to examine them.

A way to upgrade them.

A way to progressively transform and conform them towards The Ideal of God.

A decentralized and empowered network with strong centralized resources to draw on.

Local empowerment, decision making, and progress.

The system is designed fractally around common Systems and DNA - just like Nature or a Body.

A given local system, such as finance, has trifold responsibilities, one to the local team (Integration Domain), one to the 'organ system' it is a part of us (Guild), and ultimately to the Body (Whole).

Every organization must have the same elements present, functionally and fractally. They can draw on the Center, or establish their own local instance, provided that the local instantiation is interoperable with the Whole.

This means common DNA, common Systems, and common Procedures - up to the Minimum Standards of Interoperability.

Because the Learning often happens at the fringes of the organization and not the Center, there are mechanisms for the continuous adaptation and elevation of every system based on the learning, growth, and local responses at the edges.

As Information and Knowledge come towards the Center - the System relies on broad and universal Principles and Values that hold things in balance - as it gets towards the edges - finer and finer details emerge.

Because every part of every system at every level fits in to something greater than it, the body can send and receive information and signals, that enable it to function as a coordinated Whole.

Wisdom - there is a rhythm and seasonality to life in every unique location that must be respected.

If we live somewhere it is frozen in the winter, and hot in the summer, we can't just set a goal for the year. We must really understand, quarter by quarter, month by month, season by season, over the course of years, what must happen, in what order, in order to reach our Goal.

Therefore, we are going to execute on the New Vision and Plan.

When evaluating a project.

  • What are the key drivers of success. ID 3 to 7.

  • Then find the best people to identify what could go wrong with those drivers.

  • Doing something like bowtie risk analysis that bands the risks on each path that feeds the Critical Path.

The Goal is to give everyone and All Creation the opportunity to progressively realize their potential. To discover and become the best and highest we can be in partnership with God and One Another.

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